Friday, March 30, 2012

Love Will Save The Day

“Don’t panic when you hit the danger zone, what you need is a change of heart… When you’re feeling down and out, Love will save the day.”

Oh YES! I Love this song! My cousin called me yesterday evening to bring me up to speed on a long drawn out foolishness that someone else is causing. OMG folk and they self-made drama! So it’s really too much to go into here on the blog, but the bottom line is that this person who is supposed to be family, is just full of what I can only explain as pain, grief and a very low self esteem. Nevertheless, I found myself telling my older cousin, “Don’t worry, the Good always wins in the end.” And that’s what I’m telling you!

See I think it’s about You and You alone. When you go to sleep at night do you rest well? When you’re around those pure Spirited children, do you enjoy their innocent joy? When you’re in the presence of the wise elderly, are you comforted by their knowledge? That’s what counts, that’s the Love in You. That’s the Good. We can not fret over what others are trying to do, because LOVE WILL SAVE THE DAY! Sing Whitney!

Love You! Megan

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