Monday, May 4, 2009

What are you WORTH?

Life itself is not as simplistic as we once believed. The fairytales with knight and shinning armored men haven’t once shown their faces and my castle is an apartment. Life has proven to be a journey full of experiences, trails and triumphs based on your outlook, intake and realistic view.

So I ask, what is your interpretation? What is your viewpoint on life? Moreover what is your self worth? Most of us would answer that; yes we know who we are and therefore what we’re worth. We all try to have a positive outlook on life, regardless of the circumstances. We all try to “make” ourselves feel better about our daily lives. But how much better would you feel about yourself if you stepped outside of the chaos every-so-often?

Today, I went to a Thai spa. Purchased a full body-scrub, went and got a facial and a mani-pedi. Not that my finances could afford such and extravagant adventure, I just came to the realization that I deserved it. Then I said to myself… IT’S TERRIBLE WHEN I HAVE TO CONVENCE MYSELF THAT I “DESERVE” SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS SELF MAINTENANCE!

How much are you keeping from yourself because you don’t think you deserve it? How much time do you deprive yourself of because someone else needs it more then you? How many morals have you bent to glorify someone else’s pleasures?

I challenge you to discover YOU. To take some time out for you! Read, meditate, and spend quiet time away from the cares of the world and CARE ABOUT YOU!