Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today's Joy

I’ve been granted the great privlege of assiting people in their journey of greater health, weightloss, emotional-eating control, and overall SELF-achievment! The ride just begun and I must say I’m joyously looking forward to the journey ahead.

I said to the Universe, “Universe I want to be a Professional/ Personal Trainer. I want to bring truth and power, deligence and disciplince, encouragement and compassion to those in need of nutrientous and fitness counsel… and BOOM the windows of heaven bust forth at the seams pouring out blessings that room to receive them is becoming scarce.

What a joy to be in the midst of blessing someone else (others) while being blessed! What a joy to reflect to others the love of Truth, Inspiration and Worthiness, while seeing that same reflection in their tears of accomplishment. What a joy to finally be ME!

I’m writing in my blog today because I’m ready. I’m writing because I’m FREE. I’m writing because I want YOU TO BE in the midst of joy, unshakled and dangling by the branches of Freedom’s root.

So to you all I’m saying GET IN SHAPE. Do whatever you need to do to change your potential into reality. Make it HAPPEN TODAY!