Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanks Giving Regrets

Thanks Giving is a holiday that commemorates the awesome things we’ve overcome together, the victories we’ve won, and the collection of smiles shared with family and friends over a long table of food and treats… but somehow this day is always ruined by the feeling we get on Black Friday. No it’s not because of the hustle and bustle of the crazy shopping, or even the clean-up detail after everyone is gone, it’s the guilt from eating too much and having so many leftovers that we don’t want to waste. I call this, “Thanks Giving Regrets”.

I often write about treating ourselves with kindness and that works during the rest of the year, but around the holidays, all self-love goes flying out the door and we began a “I hate myself” campaign all over again. Notwithstanding the fact that New Years (another joyful holiday) is peeking around the corner, and we realize we are more overweight and farther away from our last year’s resolution then we were two years ago! – now comes the depression. We just feel defeated, worn-out, and hopeless… isn’t this true?
Well that all stops now!

“There’s no time like the present”. This wonderful quote or statement rather, reminds us of the second, third and, 100th chances that we have to re-choose. We have the right to change our minds, to begin the process that we swore we would 11 months ago, to reignite that spark from 5 years ago… we can began again now. So stop worrying and feeling so blue, Thanks Giving is the time to celebrate and enjoy… Let’s be grateful we can start again.

Here are some helpful tips:
• Be Thankful on Thanks Giving Day and Beyond. It is a wonderful holiday so enjoy it.

• Find a charity (Churches, Schools, Organizations, etc) that give food to those in greater need. This relieves the pressure to continue eating pass the holiday.

• Begin a Menu Calendar and make better choices. Don’t make it a big deal just make a different decision.

• Exercise Daily. Get some form of exercise in everyday… it will make you feel better about yourself.

By: Megan McGlover