Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanks Giving Regrets

Thanks Giving is a holiday that commemorates the awesome things we’ve overcome together, the victories we’ve won, and the collection of smiles shared with family and friends over a long table of food and treats… but somehow this day is always ruined by the feeling we get on Black Friday. No it’s not because of the hustle and bustle of the crazy shopping, or even the clean-up detail after everyone is gone, it’s the guilt from eating too much and having so many leftovers that we don’t want to waste. I call this, “Thanks Giving Regrets”.

I often write about treating ourselves with kindness and that works during the rest of the year, but around the holidays, all self-love goes flying out the door and we began a “I hate myself” campaign all over again. Notwithstanding the fact that New Years (another joyful holiday) is peeking around the corner, and we realize we are more overweight and farther away from our last year’s resolution then we were two years ago! – now comes the depression. We just feel defeated, worn-out, and hopeless… isn’t this true?
Well that all stops now!

“There’s no time like the present”. This wonderful quote or statement rather, reminds us of the second, third and, 100th chances that we have to re-choose. We have the right to change our minds, to begin the process that we swore we would 11 months ago, to reignite that spark from 5 years ago… we can began again now. So stop worrying and feeling so blue, Thanks Giving is the time to celebrate and enjoy… Let’s be grateful we can start again.

Here are some helpful tips:
• Be Thankful on Thanks Giving Day and Beyond. It is a wonderful holiday so enjoy it.

• Find a charity (Churches, Schools, Organizations, etc) that give food to those in greater need. This relieves the pressure to continue eating pass the holiday.

• Begin a Menu Calendar and make better choices. Don’t make it a big deal just make a different decision.

• Exercise Daily. Get some form of exercise in everyday… it will make you feel better about yourself.

By: Megan McGlover

Monday, August 15, 2011

When Will Your Enoch Come?

First of all, how was your week last week? Did you make it MEAN SOMETHING? I hope so. Mine was very productive and for that I'm overjoyed. So let's get into today's blog.

Sometimes things must die in order for the replacement to come. This was the topic of yesterday's sermon given by the Bishop. He began with the text: Gen. 4:25 and 26 where Adam knew Eve and begat Seth and he begat Enoch... and it was then that people began to praise. (I paraphrased) I had never heard or even thought of the insight that was laid out so clearly about these simple two verses. He went on to teach us that the name Seth actually means “replacement”. He was born to replace Abel and through him (the process of), came the entirety of blessing(s) – Enoch. WOWzers that was powerful.

So I'm the little birdie who has come to whisper this in your ear... Let it go. Let it die. We hold on to things, people, situations that we just swear are good for us... and for a time perhaps they were. Then when we loose that which we held so dear, we take forever to let go of the grief. NOW, I'm not one to rush the grieving process (we're not talking about actual death here fyi), but we can sometimes find ourselves in a revolving slump and never push ourselves back into the world of happenstance(s). When we do that our Seth is never born and our Enoch never comes.

This week let us work on allowing that which should die, go. Let us work on releasing the grief that we've been holding onto for so long... this is the only way our Miracle(s) will be birthed.

Jill Scott says it this way (listen to the words):


Monday, August 8, 2011

“No man can run from his own story”

... This blog may hurt a little bit.

We've all heard the sayings, “Where ever you go, there you are again.” And, “You can't hide from your own shadow.” etc... But I have never heard it said quite this way, “No man can run from his own story.” That really struck a different cord in me. Not just because it presents a different way of saying “Stop hiding from yourself” but because it gives ownership to the Writer of that story.. You & Me! It brings the attention back to the author and takes it off of the characters (within and throughout the story). It also encourages us to remember that we can change and rearrange that which we don't like... in our story. Now here comes the pain...

How many of us are still living last year's.... and the years before story? How many of us still have not lost the 50 lbs we promised ourselves we would loose at the beginning of this year? How many of us are still in those loveless relationships, gossipy friendships, unbearable workplaces, and dysfunctional mindsets that we were so determined to rid ourselves of? How many of us are hiding from, running away – just trying so desperately to get out of our story? We have seen it time and time again, that the longer we wait... the longer we wait.

I had an incredible revelation of this very thing yesterday. I realized I now write the remaining chapters of my story AND (this is the “new” part that I got) I can and will BASE them off of whatever I choose. Therefore I no longer have to use the previous (past) experience(s) to be the foundation... I can build a new one. WOW that was an amazing change in my life... that just started yesterday :0)

So to all of You out there who are saying, “Wow it's the 8th month in the year and I haven't changed jack!”... You're right, you haven't. BUT YOU CAN! Just get up and do it. It's never too late, because it's always right now.

HAPPY MONDAY... let's make this week mean something!
LYL LYS, Megan

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lies and Fairytales

There is a difference between lyinging to yourself and “hoping” for something that you're working towards. So when our mothers (not mine LOL) told us about the white-an-shinning armor that would come and sweep us off our feet they really meant that to become our reality... they really wanted that for us. Now the trick is that some of us are Cinderella and some of us are the Step-sisters. I'm sorry but my BLOG is the TRUTH. Some of us have done the work to acquire; peace, joy, love, eternal happiness, fun, and commitment... and simply some of us have been to scared to do the work. Let's remember that Cinderella had an enormous amount of growing to do. She had to develop patience, kindness, compassion, consideration, and LOVE... she had to go through the process. So do we.

See her sisters did not want to make themselves better... they wanted to follow in the foot-steps of their mother's lack... her selfish aspirations, and self-empowered dethronement. (wow that was deep). They didn't want to go through the pain to receive the gain. NOW let's be mindful that I don't really believe in pain... WOW THAT IS RADICAL... I believe in lessons. I believe in the learning. “Make a decision and then make that decision right” We learn when we grow... we learn because we're growing... we growing because we're learning.

Lies come about by happenstance.... fairytales come from practical acceptance.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Stop Forcing the Note

Yesterday I watched a show called “Sunday's Best”- a gospel version of American Idol. After a contestant sang a song that was clearly out of his range, one of the judges (whom he sounded exactly alike) made this comment about his rendition; “Make people believe that you can stay up there, don't prove that you can't.” - Donnie McClurkin. The comment was about this guy's singing ability or lack there of... however I want to “stretch it” as I often do... “Stop wearing your emotions on your shoulders.” Stop proving to people (family, friends, “enemies-if you want to call them that, co-workers, etc) that you can not handle what they already assumed you couldn't.

Now I've never been one to suggest that we hide the way we feel, or shun away from our true selves, however, I will say that there are MANY times that we should stop for just a second and recognize that our emotions are based on so many other historic happenings, therefore causing the current situation to be much more grandiose then it really is. Especially us as women, we tend to forget our focus at times allowing our every thought to be shown on our faces and eventually come out of our mouths at times when it shouldn't and in ways that “tells on us.” Sometimes we don't need “haters”... we hate on ourselves by telling on ourselves.

This week I hope we all can prove that we can handle anything that comes our way with grace and class. Make them believe you can sing... stop forcing the note.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Peace You Can't Buy

My level of gratitude and appreciation leaped to new heights when I realized I have peace. Then when I became aware that peace is not just a feeling but a way of being.... my praise evolved into pure worship and dance. I suppose this is why I stress so heavily; “Be yourself.... Deal with the issues... Feel Joy.... Don't get hung up on the little things....etc” - these topics and victories over them bring about a peace that can not be explained... a peace that we should all attain.

When I heard of the news that Amy Winehouse was found dead in her hotel room yesterday, my heart cried. The music that she produced by that awesome voice was simply good music, (something we don't have much of these days). But although I was hurt, I was so relieved for her. Sounds crazy but listen, that girl (lady) was awfully afraid to live true life, and she had absolutely no peace.

So it is important, so very important, that we continue to seek our truth, our purpose, our destiny. It is important that we take care of our feelings, our perspectives, and our hearts. Because when we don't... it's simply sad.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

PC to a MAC

My dearest friend just purchased her first MACBOOK PRO!!!!!! YAY! Right... NOPE! All of you who jumped for joy were dead wrong, why? Because she couldn't transfer her music! OMG! This is one of the best machines (computers) that you can buy and you're upset because you can't transfer (readily) some music that's already on your ipod? WAIT.... ok so you can't hear music., at this moment .. Sometime Joy takes time.


#1We hang onto the past....way too much. I know this is a stretch but let's look at it slightly.
With the new operating system (new relationship, new job, new education, new computer (mac), new understanding, new awareness) you DO have the ability to transfer your music (joy, happiness, evolved peace, AND ALL), however it will take a little extra work. BUT once you do it, (LIFE) is much easier, much more secure, and much LOUDER. :0)

#2, ALL SHOULD NOT TRANSFER! Yep I said that and I meant every word. :0) Have you ever heard, “some things (people, places, and even things) are here for a reason, a season, and a lifetime? Same goes with change. Some changes are here to hurtle you into the movement of life.... some will remind you constantly of the JOY you once felt... and some go until Love fades.... which it never does.

As you make the exchange between hope and despair... between hope and faith.... between eternal joy and temporary ridiculousness.... remember YOU HAVE A CHOICEl

I LYL, LYS..... MUAH, Megan

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Beautiful Surprise

Who remembers the rapid heartbeat, HUGE smile, and the beads of joy rolling down your face... as you walked through the door of your surprised birthday party? Or better yet, who remembers the day you walked into your master suit and found the person you love has placed rose petals all over the room... OH better still, who remembers the moment they experienced peace... true peace?

I'm sure when we review the thoughts that we had as children, we had no idea that as adults we would talk, think or even live as we do. We never envisioned such stress, misunderstanding, unpaid bills, and emotional unpleasantries. We hoped, if nothing else, that we would evolve into the fairy tales of “LaLa Land”... living happily ever after. However it seems like the moment that book closed, so did that fantastic resolve. BUT we can still anticipate the surprise.

See a surprise is something we don't know is coming. Well we can always feel it, someone always hints about it... sometimes people slip up and tell us of the surprise. But still, we're not completely sure, we just stay open to the idea.

I think that as we've gotten older we've outgrown the element of surprise; the blessing in the miracle, the hope in the faith. We've become too serious, too jaded, and way too controlling. Loosening up, live free, and relax... there might be a crowd of people on the other side and you don't want them to see you frowning.

The best gifts come as surprises... beautiful surprises, but we have to be open to receive them or they'll never be revealed.

Happy HUMP Evening! MUAH

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Feel Good

I wonder why we do things that don't feel right to us... so often. Let that sink in for a minute. It seems like we are forever being self-tortured, self-taunted, and self-misused. Think about it; we eat things that we know made us sick the last time, but we're going to go ahead and eat it because of blah blah blah... or we don't really like the person we're dating but because blah blah blah... or we hang out with people that are not on the same vibrational wavelength, or we don't like going to church or perhaps that particular church but we go because blah blah blah... the list could go on, right? So why do we continue to punish ourselves? I think it's because we're afraid of change, we're afraid of conflict, and we're afraid of freedom.

Speaking on the phone today with my BFF :0), we realized something; life is kinda like a closet which is usually packed full of stuff! With no room for anything else............. well that anything else is the blessing. So don't pack your closet full of stuff that you don't want, stuff that doesn't make you feel good, it leaves no room.

Make the decision today to be HAPPY, and to FEEL Joy.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Stand for You

Today I spoke in front of the Council of Commerce at the Atlanta Georgia City Hall, and am completely honored at the distinguished opportunity. I will say however that it was thee topic in which I was monopolized (I think I made that up :0) by, with, and/or beholden to is what made it all worth the while. As I went into a wonderful simplistic building in the downtown area of Atlanta, I felt the ambience of Truth, Progression, and Affirmative Action in my very bosom... I knew that I was doing the right thing. Rushed through security, then upstairs to sign-in as a speaker, then directed to my seat... the hustle, the bustle... felt too over-rated for someone like me – but then I thought of the cause.

So my thought for today is this... when you're in your purpose Glory comes. WOW let me say that again. When you're in purpose, living within your destiny, Glory, Praise, and Recognition comes, even when you don't want or feel that you deserve it. BE YOU... If you have heard nothing else from my blogs, if nothing else has stirred your Spirit, please remember these words.... BE YOU!

It is you that will fulfill the hopes and dreams of a masses you could never account for. It is YOU that will transform the thoughts of despair and guilt, fear and hopelessness into confidence and structured power! It is YOU the you that you're not sure about that will transcend a world of discouragement... it is YOU that we're waiting for.

TODAY BE YOU! STAND for YOU! Stand FOR YOU! Stand for You!

I LYL, I LYS..... Megan

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


“Judge not, less you be judged” - Bible

Now we got that outta the way here's my take. LOL J/K I am actually more sympathetic to this issue then most may think. As most of the world may already know, Bishop Eddie Long was accused of mis-using his pastoral position and having contact of a sexual nature with 4 particular young men. Although it did not go to trail and Long denied the accusations, a settlement of $25 Million dollars was reached yesterday. As you may know by now, if you have been reading my blogs, I don't really enjoy speaking on the person directly, I try to look at the situation in a way that we can all get a lesson out of it. You know what I mean?

So let's talk about the closet. We've heard the saying, “What's in the closet will always come to light” and “Your skeletons will one day come out of the closet”... and so on. But we never really talk about the closet itself. This dark, usually very small, tight, uncomfortable, unforgiving box that holds what others and we deem as our most shameful secrets is in and of itself the shame that we try so desperately to hide. Shame (the closet), tells us daily that we don't deserve to be loved, that we will never be good enough, that we are forever “doomed”, that we are just so far off the mark. This shame keeps us from our true self, keeps us from our loved ones, and keeps us locked in the closet.

The closet to me is like a cult. It is usually a group of people who are so miserable within themselves that they will basically believe anything as long as it takes the pressure off the real issue. Instead of taking the time out to massage the soul that is You, they choose to drink the koolaid. So in the cases of these officials (Wiener, Schwartzneggar), pastors, and persons in leadership who are constantly stepping all over the principles and morals of marriage and these standards they “hold in such great esteem”, they rather force us in the closet with them instead of coming out and helping others come out as well.

It is not about your sexual preference or whether you cheat on your taxes, your diet, or you're a closet-eater... this is about LOVING YOU. Whoever you are, whatever your desires, whatever your issues you deserve to be loved and that love must first start with you. It has been said and is true, “People will treat you according to how you treat yourself.” Now I'm not saying tell all your business, I'm a private person, however I am saying deal with who you are... baggage and all... then embrace yourself. Because whatever you want to change you can, but Honey you can't do it while you're in the closet – there's simply not enough room.

It's Tuesday “and I'm feeling good.” - Jennifer Hudson


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Endings

This week is a week of NEW Endings. We've heard time and time again about New Beginnings, right? Of course... but how can we start anew when we're still “fooling-around” with the old? As you know, my birthday was Sunday (June 5th) and I realized I am able to move forward only by leaving behind that which is no longer apart of my life journey.

Now certainly we can carry baggage around as long as we'd like, God is not going to stop us, however when we do this it gets harder and harder to go through the new doors of opportunity... and perhaps one day we wont make it through at all. Some things in our lives are just no longer of any use to us; whether it be things, people, jobs, past emotionally justifications (uh oh)... whatever it is, its purpose has come and gone and is no longer servicing our destiny which awaits us.

So as I look towards the future, I pray you'll all join me in looking towards your's as well – then look in your suitcase and make sure you have what you need, because it cost when you overpack.

Let Go of the Old. Let's make this week ROCK! I'll be back in the “A” soon. :0)


Friday, June 3, 2011

Take a Step Towards Your Fear

The other side of fear is a beautiful place. Full of calming peace and gentle smiles. Surrounded by a wonderful sense of self. The grass is greener on the other side of that nightmare called fear.

This lack of self-worth, self-empowerment, self-KNOWING or fear, is the main reason, I believe, we don't excel in the areas we so passionately and desperately want to succeed in. For example, I've spoken to many of you about weight loss and the trails that come along with it. In some of these conversations I've heard a strong undertone of fear... fear that they will never loose the weight... for various reasons: they physically don't think they can; they've tried before; the addiction to food... etc etc. All of the reasons are wrapped up in this mind-controlling fright of thee “I can't” syndrome.

Take it from me, the first step to getting to that other side is TAKE A STEP. Whether it's weight, anxiety, crowded places, flying.... whatever it is, you must take a step towards that fear. Sounds crazy but it's the truth. As you began to step towards it, you will grow in yourself, (kinda like growing in God)... you become a stronger and more confident person. As you get bigger the fear becomes smaller and smaller until it no longer exist. You will find yourself hoovering over whatever it was that was holding you back... and in that moment you will experience real victory.

So don't be afraid of that bully... GET IN THE GYM. Workout your mind, build muscles in you Spirit, cardio the heck out of your confidence, (LOL I like that), push-up your self-esteem... eventually that bully will be afraid of you. :0)

LYL LYS! TGIF! I'm in Cali so thankful for that too. MUAH, Megan

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pat Yourself

It's been awhile, but I'm glad to be back... (blogging) Hi to all of my fellow bloggers and bloggees. :0)

So I spoke with someone about being too hard on themselves yesterday and it really helped them to understand how self-punishment just spirals into more self-neglect. It's one thing to be focused, it is something else to be so hard on yourself that you can't improve. I think as we live we should always take the time out to congratulate ourselves on the good job we've done so far. Gratitude is key, right?

Think about when we were kids. We always did better when our parents were proud of us, when they nurtured and praised us... I really don't think it changes just because we grow up.

Today... this week, pat yourself on the back – I'm sure you deserve it. I know I do. :0)

LYL LYS! Happy Tuesday MUAH

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

God Bless Our World

Osama is dead... and the praise goes up. I will probable loose some people with this post, but what do I always say? “It's my blog... and I say what I want.”
I don't mind going on record as saying that I am a little-taken-a-back by the shear joy that is being felt by so many about the death of another human being (perhaps some feel he wasn't human). I am not speaking of the gross tragedities that were endured by so many millions of Americans and the LOSS OF SO MANY soldiers and many innocent people because of this person's influence, I am simply talking about the pure hatred of another person... period. This brought about concern for me.

I wrote a comment on my FB page pertaining to President Obama and Donald Trump and before I could push “share” I received comments about the great importance of Osama's death and how that should take persistence over my whole page. I've also watched (via the media) how “mean”, sorry that's the only word I could come up with, we have become. I will stress this again, I am not condoning his acts, I am just worried that we (the people) have become so hardened that we are no longer holding-up the foundations on which this nation was built.

Let me say this, I am happy at the results, however I am holding good energy in my heart for our nation AND our world as a whole. The bottom line is that we ALL live on this planet! I know there is much hatred all around, but it shouldn't come from us.

I would say sorry for this post, but that would not be in truth... so I will just say, hopefully you have read some of my earlier blogs and know where I'm coming from.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't Shut Out Change

So in the midst of being completely frustrated with this unpredictable weather, I realized that this weather is LIFE. Yes we are in-charge of our own destiny, but can we really predict the weather? Do we know when we'll need an umbrella or sunscreen (not here in ATL, that's for sure)... all we can do is know that at some point we will be outside in the thick of it.

Life presents this same understanding, does it not? The trick is we must learn to dance in the rain and embrace the thunder. Once we do that, storms become the reason behind the Spring. Being from California, I've never endured a season with this much going on, however it has left me with a wonderful experience in change. After the turmoil there is nothing left but your perception, and how you perceive a flood depends on the size of your boat.

My windows are open enjoying the breeze... don't shut out change.

Happy Hump Day! MUAH, Megan

Friday, April 15, 2011

It WILL Pass

I emailed this to a FB friend yesterday “Keep your head in the exercise (lol I like that) It reminds me when someone says, "Keep your head in the books"... keep it in the focus, keep it in the workout, keep it in the JOY! You have gotten this far by consistency, not by weekly ups and downs!”

I can say this from experience, sometimes life is hard, uncertain, backwards, and just a roller-coaster. But this too shall pass, it always does and it is that that keeps us going. For example, in the midst of an anxiety attack a person can feel like they're about to die, literally... but if they can just relax and KNOW that they are not going to die and remember that the last time they had an attack it felt just as bad... and suddenly ... it passed... the feeling went away as quickly as it came. The same can be sad about the daily, weekly, monthly ups and downs we go through. It will pass! Not that it makes it any easier, it just makes you more focused. I have to tell myself often, “Bigger Picture, Megan...Bigger Picture!”

So that's my word for today :0) Keep me lifted up in prayer and positive energy, please. I'm working on major projects over here and it is overwhelming... in a good way.

LYL LYS, I can't hear nobody! TGIF!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Bend Don't Break

“Be flexible with your methods not your mission.” - The Good Bishop. Is this not one the most wonderful things you've ever heard? I found it Earth moving! See your mission, your destiny is not up for compromise. This is our purpose – that thing that makes you You, that thing that makes your confidence appear almost cocky... because you're just that sure. It (that thing) is not up for discussion. This is why it is so important that we take the time out to find out what our purpose is. Most of us already know, perhaps out of fear we don't DO, but we have a pretty good idea of what God has placed on our heart(s). But without knowing for sure, we stand the risk of flexibility altering our destiny.

How we go about living within our purpose is our method, and that as the Bishop said yesterday, simply shows maturity. We must recognize that our ways are not the only way, and change brings progress. I'm sure that it is not our destiny to be stubborn. LOL So the road that we take, the car we've been placed in to travel that road, may need some adjustment or tune-ups however, that final destination at the end of this road trip should not be compromised by a popularity contest.

That really did wonders for my Spirit yesterday, I hope it has blessed you too. It's MONDAY and this week will be quite busy for us all, BUT we can handle it! BOOM!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Keep It High

Remember when we were children and the things we did were because we wanted to... because of what we felt? Of course at that age we did not realize the purity of our action(s), we just did... we simply just did what we felt. Because of life, those days are pretty much over, we no longer just do, we usually think about everything beforehand. Now I'm not saying that's a bad thing, what I am saying is this; When we were children we did things based on our highest intention. (I'm not talking about those bad kids. LOL Seriously there really isn't any “bad” kids). I realized this last evening.

I found myself being insulted, which is not easy, by what someone was throwing in my face. That's not the point though. Here it is: I actually found myself wanting to succeed even more to throw that in their face. WRONG INTENT! I had to sit back and say, “Wait just one minute, chick!” See we've gotten this far in life because of the objectives, the reasons, the purest ideals... those initial passions. Not from jealousy, ill-mannered frustrations, and mis-guided anger.

It is not up to me to proof someone else's wrong... it is up to me to see why it upset me so much and to keep my energy at its highest good. I'm only responsible for myself.

TGIF! I'm doing my hair peoples...that's an all day thing. :0)

Have a blessed weekend LYL LYS!!!! MUAH, Megan

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Accept the Impossible

The good Bishop said something (well he said a lot of somethings) on Sunday that blew my dreads back. He said with confidence, “The things that God does in your life will be so BIG, that it's going to frighten you!” Well without giving all the details, I ended up on the floor that day, completely overwhelmed by that confirmation.

Just a few days prior I wrote here on the blog about NEW-ness. Being grateful for the newness of mind, understandings, peace, etc... I decided that what I see as being a wonderful, majestic life, is just the very tip of what is already Universally predestined... we just have to get out of our own way and allow God to have our backs. Don't allow fear of the unknown to hold you back from that pure greatness that is already YOU!

I've said aloud, “God I am grateful for what I don't even know, I just know You got m back.”

Today, is the day we no longer define our blessings by fear – Today we accept the impossible!

LYL LYS Tomorrow is FRIDAY, so let's ride today out with a smile. :0)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Worth Your Hope

Have you ever shared a dream with someone? I mean an aspiration, a vision, something that you want to accomplish... That you've wanted in your life, and to say it nicely they were completely uninterested. While you're almost in tears because of the pure joy you feel just by speaking on this dream, they are watching tv, or starring off into the distance.

Regardless of how strongly we feel about something, someone else's reaction can dim our shinning star... If we allow it. I just want to share two points: 1. Gaurd your passion. Everyone is not your "best Judy" and may not have the ability to support or encourage you. 2. Don't let anything make you doubt your dream. If its worth having... Its worth your hope. Don't give up and don't back down.

I made it through a crazy storm last night! So I'm ready for the glory that lies within this day... I hope you are too. MUAH!

Happy Tuesday LYL LYS
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Monday, April 4, 2011


Did I get caught up?! I think so, for just a brief moment. “Stoopid News” - one of the segments in my news broadcast on youtube, is a very funny and popular segment which brings attention to the “non-smart” :0) things that we can sometimes do and the consequences that follow. But that's the point, it brings attention to the negative. I realized this when I was receiving sooooo many emails pertaining to stoopid news and the “bad” things that people are doing, that I had to step back and take a prophetic look at this. Don't get me wrong they made my life easier by doing the research for me (I really don't enjoy watching the news AT ALL). However, I felt that I was asking people (subliminally) to LOOK for the negative. I would certainly prefer that people LOOK FOR THE POSITIVE. So on Saturday night I decided to add a “GOOD NEWS” segment to my broadcast on WMLM- we must always have balance. Because there are children that watch my youtube videos, I don't want them thinking that the only way to get on my show (by name) or be in the news, is to do something really ignorant. Gotta think about the babies.

What are we really doing with the influence that we have? Are we trying to make the world a better place? Or are we just going with whatever “fits”? I want to do my best at being my best. Ooooowweeeee I like that. I think I'll say it again. I want to do my best at being my best... I want to be proud of me. So let's think about the affect we have on people we may never meet; co-workers that live in other states, persons that read our blogs, people we talk to on the phone... etc. We may not have this on our minds 24-7, but our energy affects just about everyone we come in contact with one way or another... let's make it a good experience for them. :0)

This is a BIG WEEK! So fill it with confidence, high energy, focus, and discipline.

LYL LYS! Happy Monday!

Friday, April 1, 2011

"Don't Freak Out"

We made it once again to another Friday! This morning (April fools day, a day I really enjoy... I love the jokes) I remembered the words balance and patience.

Sometimes we get caught up in the process and forget to enjoy the journey, smell the flowers, admire the scenery. I know that I'm a bit of a "right now" person... When something needs to get done, let's get it done. I've learned that yes thid is an affective attitude but it lacks a sense of graceful acceptance. As I've said to myself before, this is a journey called life... Lifelong. It is best travelled while smiling.

So all of us have "stuff" we're working on (work, school, family, health, and self etc), however we can not rush time we can only embrace it.

Today, while I crack jokes, that's what I'm going to do... Get done what I need to and not freak out about the rest... All in due time.

MUAH "TGIF, I can't hear nobody thank God that it is Friday!"
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Be Open

Hi Everyone! Long time no talk to. :0)

Please forgive my delay, I've had horrible technical issues (computers crashing)... and ultimately needing to take a break – even though I've been working on other things :0). I am back in the world of Social Media and I'm GLAD about it. I've truly missed you all, and have been “loosing it” without my blog (writing and reading your responses). But all is better thanks be to GOD!

During this time “away” I realized that my prayers changed, well my gratitude changed. I found myself being thankful for my NEW understandings, NEW inspirations, NEW innovations, ideas, thoughts, truths, etc. I realized that I may stretch other people's beliefs, understandings, and/or knowings, but mine really wasn't being pressed. Does that make sense? So I asked God that I grow more, see more, feel more, and am given the opportunity to reveal more... to myself. I would never think that my mind would be able to handle anymore expansion, but here I am.

My desire is that we all, wake afresh every morning, open to what this great universe has to offer. There's a song by Richard Smallwood entitled, “Be Open” one of my favorites by him. The words speak about being open to the Spirit, being open to the Word, being open to His Power moving through our lives... powerful song. I had my Mom listen to it many years ago; I cried... she didn't seem very moved. LOL

So that's where this “fast” of sorts has led me... to be open.

It's Thursday... lets bring the end of the week in with a BANG! BOOM!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Computer is down

Hi everyone. Please accept my humble apologies for this week. Due to a minor technical setback I will resume our blogging next week. In the meantime know that I LYL LYS. MUAH have a wonderful week! Megan
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Friday, March 18, 2011

I Breathed! :0)

Well I don't know about ya'll but I impressed myself by not loosing my mind this week. WHEW, You GO Megan! seriously it got pretty dog-gone rough over here for a second and I had to "calm down" (a phrase that I don't particularly care for). I received a text last week, but didn't read it, then decided for some silly reason to read it this week (this technology arghh!). It was of course from a family member who hasn't really checked in (checked on) with me in a very long time. We all know how the story goes, they now (like always) needed something from me. Well it just rubbed me the wrong way, at the wrong time. But I learned a lesson.

We don't chose who we love, but we do chose whether we're going to love them or not. Wait did that make sense? Yes it did. I think we can all attest to having someone or even a few people in our lives that have the ability to work our last nerve. We can all say that, "Yes those closest to us, hurt us the worst." So what in the world do you do? You can't get rid of them, so you accept them. WOW!

I realized for myself that I may upset people all the time but I still want to be accepted and loved... so it's only fair that I give that in return. This person that sent me a text, probably thinks absolutely nothing of it, nor do they realize that I feel it was inconsiderate. It would be out of context to call them and "go off" just like it is out of context for me to allow it to upset me. We must recognize that what hurts us everyone may not be aware of, so we can't blame them for what they don't know. Right? I considered the fact that I've hurt others unbeknownst to me and did not mean them any harm, the same can certainly be said for others. So I did just that... I figured they just didn't realize and are probably having a hard time and a rough week too. So just let it go... and that felt so much better then stomping back and forth in my apartment. :0)

So that's what I did this week, BREATHED! Now off to motivate the babies. Pray for me that I can assist these little miracles into becoming aware of that miracle.

MUAH happy TGIF!!!! Thank you for reading and supporting me. I'm working out hard this weekend, I bet you that. :0) GO!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Same Same Same

"Show thine self approved"-Bible

There is a very small (like 35 page) pamphlet entitled "Gratitude is Key". I've had it for the longest, can't remember where I picked it up along the way, nor do I remember how many times I've read it. As I reread it yesterday I saw something in there that I've never seen before. Of course the overall objective of the book is to help us understand the importance of being thankful, but every now and then the author would throw in, a misplaced thought about thinking for yourself when it comes to God. This really stood out in my head, why? because, this is so common... well not common.

How many of us have witnessed three and four generations of pastors who have pastored the same church that their great-grandfather founded and every time you visit the sanctuary you hear the same sermon that that same great-grandfather preached in the early 1900's? The same context, the same text, the same whoopin, same same same. Because no one is studying for themselves and trying to expand on the magnitude of God.

It is said that every time you read the Bible you find out something else, something new is revealed. The same can be said about our relationship with God. Every time we speak with Him (not to Him... with means we're having a conversation... I like that), we are widening the reflection of Him within us - becoming a brighter light, a more passionate being, a greater self. Believing only what you were taught just because that's how your momma was raised is no longer getting the job done. Hey it's my blog :0)

Step outside the box, this world needs more kindness and compassion and if you ask me the old way is not suppling those needs.

Let's continue to keep Japan in our hearts and pray for protection from this crazy air-born radiation junk!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Greater Later

Due to the enormous amount of pressure from all media outlets, we have been convinced that growing old is a death sentence. The plastic surgery, wrinkle-free skin care cream, anti age mask, hair dyeing - industry makes billions every year, because we've been told that when men grow old they become handsome (as long as they don't go bald), but women just get older.

While thinking about this yesterday, I realized how happy I am at my age. There's no way in the world that I would replace the wisdom I have now, just to be 21 again... especially in this day and age. Maturity is a valuable gift that really can not be replaced and most certainly comes with the wisdom in age. For every grey hair there's a story and a lesson that has brought internal peace, that can not be bought. I remember the days when I would get so upset over little things, making mountains out of moe hills because I lacked the maturity, experience, and age to realize somethings are just not worth the stress.

Growing old is a blessing, let's not rush it, but we should embrace it. Whether you say we're growing old gracefully, the older the berry the sweeter the juice, or whatever the fact is, it gets greater later!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't let fame over shadow your humanity.

My sister called me last night and during that conversation she read to me something that she saw early in the day, which pointed to these tragic events happen on the 11th of these different months (ie. September 11th, March 11th, etc..). I then mentioned to her that a lot of people believe there is some truth in that movie 2012 and how I just don't understand why the industry would put out something so awful. That's not the point of this blog... the point is radical compassion.

I've spoken about this numerous times, so I wont go in great depth again today. But I will say that I don't understand how people can make tasteless jokes, mindless comments, and be just down-right mean in their commentary concerning this catastrophe. Gilbert Gottfried, whom I've always thought was very funny, has been subjected to DBSP, as he was recently fired from one of his jobs for twitting horrible remarks about this event. At what point do we stop being media whores and have some sort of class, dignity, and tact?

I will say this, my heart weeps for those who are too afraid to care. Don't let fame over shadow your humanity. This "I don't give a damn" Charlie Sheen attitude is no longer, and never was funny. Now everyone wants to jump on board because it's making Chuckie millions... but does he sleep well at night? I can't hear nobody!

It's raining here in ATL, so God must be weeping too. (I don't think that, but it sounded good right there.:0)

MUAH! Love on someone like it's the first time, it may be the last time. I hate to be so pessimistic, but it is the truth, right?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Start to Finish!

"Can you be submissive, when you're uninspired?" Bishop Allen

Yesterday I went to the church-house to hear the good word :0). The sermon was about marriage one to another and dedication to one's church. He went into how we should treat one another as Christ treats the church etc... then he made the statement "Can you be submissive, when you're uninspired?" - well I almost fainted! What a powerful question.

While having lunch I was asked what that meant to me and I said, "Steady as she goes. Can you stay the course even when the excitement is gone?" Will you stay in the gym, continue to eat healthy, when you don't see any weight coming off? Will you continue to have a good attitude at work even when you see no one else trying as hard? Will we continue to give our best in all that we do even when the bills keep piling up? Will you stay in your marriage... (outside of abuse of course, cause we don't play that!) The answer is YES YES YES!

We have to stay the course, regardless of what it looks like. That light at the end of the tunnel is still there. The vision that you saw for yourself when you set out to do this great thing, is still very possible. The process is not always the greatest, but we have to ask ourselves, "Did we start to finish?" Absolutely.

It's Monday again, which means we have yet another week to impress ourselves. Oh I liked that! I'm going to impress myself this week. I can't hear nobody!!! I love it.


Friday, March 11, 2011

My Faith

Good Morning!

We were going to discuss waking up with a mind stayed on Jesus today, however, I wanted to share something else that is on my heart... if you don't mind :0)

A project that I'm very proud of (my reel), mainly because I was behind the scenes in the editing room for HOURS working on it, was uploaded on Youtube for all the world to see. I received a wealth of wonderful compliments about it and most of them made me cry with shear joy. Comments like; "You have made the world a better place and we are all better for it. Stay strong, hold tight to who you are and what you stand for girl!!!!! you are lighting up our mother earth with your own inner sunshine! Love ya! Mrssoappeddler 12 hours ago AND "Even with different glasses I'd recognize your smile. You are a beautiful person. I have sent your videos to all my friends. I wish you much success. You are the first person I've seen on the internet that I really think deserves success. That's the last message. Don't want to seem like some nut on the internet...oh wait...:)gfreakj 16 hours ago" How could you keep the tears from rolling when you read something like this? Then I began to weep in compassion for those who left comments questioning my faith. So I figured I would use my voice (blog) to lend some clarity. :0)

I am a person who lives a Christ-centered life based on my understandings of LOVE and the knowings of what LOVE is. While I worship in church every weekend, I still find it necessary, for me, to meditate (quieting the mind, body, and soul) every morning. Because, it grounds me and reconnects me daily to the Vine. In addition, yes I read and believe in the Bible, I also have read many literatures and began studying the foundational workings of a wider belief system which has not replaced or displaced my Biblical Morale. It (the widening) has only nudged me closer to an all-inclusive love for others, no matter what color, creed, or religious standings. I have developed a sense of compassion that I've never known before, a sense of peace and joy never yet experienced, and I am happy and proud of who I have become.

So yes, I love the Lord, He heard my cry. So yes, the time I spend one-on-one with Him is heavily serious every morning. And yes, I am not ashamed of who or whose I am.

You who read my blog and support me all over the world confirm God's love for me (my faith) and I thank you. I hope that my life journey (as it continues to unfold) blesses, encourages, sustains, and simply makes you smile. When you think of me, my prayer is that you laugh, not wonder... that you grin, not frown... that you see a reflection of your own joy in my smile.

It's Friday and I'm glad about it! I LYL LYS! MUAH... Thank YOU!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

You are Your Work Experience

There are some of us that hate going to work every morning... I mean literally dread getting out of bed because the thought alone makes us sick. There is someone there or a group of people that you don't get along with, that don't get along with you and are simply making your work experience... crap!

This blog is going to make some people upset, but what am I here for if not to make you think, right? :0) I'm not sure what it is about "work" that causes so much drama, but whatever it is, it takes two. Remember what we put out is usually what we get, and as we know this also pertains to our thoughts. So if the first thought in our head is how much we hate our job or those particular persons at it, I can promise you that your day will be just as awful as you claim. (Side note: We must stop waking up in stress. We'll talk about this tomorrow). Hold thoughts of gratitude when you rise, start your day off in the midst of love ("Woke up with my mind stayed on Jesus", remember that song?). When we do this we set the tone for our day. This attitude of "Lord please help me to "deal" with these *&^%$^&* folks"... is not a mind of compassion, it is calling that same attitude back to you.

I know that we get frustrated and say we don't care, but the reality is that we do. We turn enemies into allies when we stop being the victim. ohhhh weeeee that was serious! Let's read that again. No one is out to get you and no one is thinking about you that much... those are your thoughts (negativity) that are coming back to you. See what I mean? Of course you're not proclaiming bad things, but your undertone for all is not conducive to what you really want.

You want a better work experience? Then you know what to do, so just get to it.

I know you know I love you, but we need a little push every now and then, right? This has been straight-talk with MLM :0)

You ALL ROCK! I know I didn't post yesterday, but I was so busy and didn't want to force a word.

Let's finish this week out on TOP! MUAH!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Consciously Digest

So it's Nutrition Awareness Month. Well I think it should be every month... but let's not shout on the blog. LOL I do however want to briefly say that I strongly believe nutrition is an overall way of life and a lifestyle that we live. Diets don't work as we know, short cuts don't work as we know, and simply doing nothing is self-destructive. The same goes for our emotional health.

Let's keep it short and sweet today. Don't take short cuts when it comes to you. What you feed your body is just as important as what you feed your mind (television, music, literature, etc.). What you digest mentally weighs just as heavily on your physical well-being as that box of cookies in the kitchen.

Here's something I say to persons who ask me for a "booster" when it pertains to their health & fitness (loosing weight)... "Keep it Old School! Go back to the basics." Exercise and Eat Right.... PERIOD. (oh sorry I said we weren't going to yell :0) It worked for our grandparents it'll work for us. Let's consciously digest.

MUAH! Happy Tuesday Peoples! I'm on my way to the gym right now. :0) Make it count!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Remember Your Heart?

I grew up under the "impress others" era. Because of my family's "standing" in the religious community, we were looked at as the elite, if you will. So just about everything I did and everyone's actions were held under a bright and extremely hot spot light - we were the "Jones". Well as I grew, and became even more outspoken then I am now, (can you believe that?), I began to step outside of the need for other's approval and embraced myself... so I thought. I was actually just being rebellious.

It is one thing to stand up for yourself, declaring to never again base your actions on someone's preconceived reaction (wow that was good), it is yet another to go completely against your own conscience. WOW when I started writing this, this was not what I was going to say... oh well WORK OUT SPIRIT! :0)

Through all my radical hairstyles, tattoos (which I want more, thank you very much), straightforwardness, and self-eagerness I can honestly say I am more myself when just being myself, then when I'm trying to prove I am myself. Nothing external makes me who or what I am, my ME is in the action I take based on the knowings of my conscious and spiritual mind. You follow?

So...even as adults we can be rebellious little hard-headed children who don't listen. When was the last time you did something that totally went against the fabric of who you really are? We tell our children this all the time..."Don't allow peer-pressure to make you do something you don't want to." - But adults do it almost everyday.... all day!

It's ok, we're grown now and are no longer running for prom queen. You remember your heart... now listen to it. :0) It's rough out there in the world at times and struggling to simply be you makes it even harder. Let's not prove, let's just BE.

So this week is going to be HUGE, let's claim it! DONE

MUAH, Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

4 Things

Charlie Sheen is all over the media right now for his “outrageous” remarks as they pertain to everything from his excessive drug use, the former network that housed his popular show, to his astonishing sex life. While I am, as are most people, amused at his current tyrants I am even more amazed at the level a person will allow themselves to drift once they’ve let go of their focus.

This man was the highest paid actor in the industry for years, and I’m sure this was a goal he set for himself. However, as the good book says, “a people without a vision will perish”. We all know that money isn’t everything. We can also agree that money changes things (ie. lifestyle, mindset, energy, even beliefs… that’s why I know it’s better to know “knowing vs. believing).

Of course I’m not at liberty to divulge into Mr. Sheen’s past, because I don’t know him, but I will tell you a couple of things I’ve learned from these unfolding events;
1. Stay true to yourself. I’ve been saying this all along, but when you’re making 5 million a week you and the person making the deposits can began to merge.
2. Stay humble. Everything is a gift (reciprocity). I’m simply blessed to be a blessing PERIOD.
3. For Jesus’ sake, stay off the drugs! “Put the crack-pipe down, Sir”~WMLM
4. Keep The Focus. My passion is to aid people with their overall health (mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing). That is what drives me… and it is that that will leave a stamp on the lives of generations to come. Charlie may be known as the highest paid actor, but perhaps not much else.

Some of us are workaholics who don’t have anytime for their families much less themselves. Some of us are working hard towards a promotion, some are trying to start a company, some of us are just tying to make ends meet… While striving towards these worthy goals simply remember, 2 ½ Men.

It’s almost over people…. Friday will be here before we know it. MUAH! Fight the good fight. LOL :0)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blessed to be a Blessing

This is from a blog I wrote the day Michael Jackson died; I feel it apropos to mention some of it again; “It isn’t ironic that my last blog talked about having NO REGRETS. With so many people dieing all around us, we should love and love today…”~MLM

In the midst of so many wonderful, touching, and heartfelt emails, a person wrote me expressing how the recent death of her grandfather dramatically affected her, and that my videos have been the one thing that makes her smile. As much as I believe in “tooting your own horn” this is not my reason for sharing this :0). My reason is to simply say this; You never know how wonderful you are until you’re wonderfully YOU! My purest expression of self has influenced more people then I could have ever known or hoped for, and it is that that makes me “Blessed to be a Blessing.”~MLM

I think it’s ok to Love. Sounds crazy to say it that way, but I think people really fight that concept... I know I did. I had an issue with loving myself, which spelled into loving others. The idea of accepting myself was quite difficult because I didn’t feel accepted by others… we could go on, right?

So my bottom line for today is; have no regrets, be yourself, and LOVE everybody… trust me, you’re blessing somebody!
HUMP DAY! HUMP TO IT! LOL Oh that was funny to me. Guess you had to be here. I don’t care if ya’ll think I’m corny. LOL I still love ya! MUAH

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stitches Mean You’re Healing

Last year a friend of mine dropped a glass while washing the dishes and badly cut her hand. After wrapping it up, she realized it wasn’t going to stop bleeding and went to the hospital. The cut was very deep and required a few stitches (I was there and I took pictures. ;0) Fortunately she was not in any pain and no major arteries were cut.

However, her healing process wasn’t so easy. She experienced pain, was limited in her movements, and spent most of her time concerned about how “ugly” the scar was going to be. After the required time, the stitches came out, the scar went away, and her hand was back to normal.

The point of this story is this; Open wounds become infected and don’t heal… go get some stitches. When we realize a situation is not going to stop bleeding on its own, or an emotional wound is not something small but a very deep cut, the only way to ensure proper healing is to stitch it up. They hurt and aren’t the best thing to look at, and can leave scars, but they expedite what could be a life-time lesion.

We all have had something in our lives that caused us to cry, right? We all have an on-going story… but how will yours end? Will it be an encouraging word urging someone to move forward, or a depressing story of someone who never experienced real joy?

It is a BEAUTIFUL DAY here in ATL…. WOWzers! Let’s make it count!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Give Yourself a Break!

Good Monday Morning!
Tell me what ya’ll think about this; I’m sensitive about “beating myself up” and others who do the same (to themselves). I believe it stems from not feeling the “approval” I wanted in my younger years. Let me explain. We all know that we are our worst critic, and that critique in our heads can become debilitating if not carefully watched. It is one thing to call forth the best in us, yet another to be down-right mean when we haven’t accomplished what we think we should have in the time-frame we set for that accomplishment. For example, some want to become kinder people. In the midst of them trying to become just that, they slip up and say something really rude to a co-worker…then say something even worse to themselves because “OMG, I’m trying to be a nicer person!”

It seems to me the more we beat ourselves up for not being who or what we “ought” to be, the more we’re exactly what we don’t want to be. SO STOP IT! Ok, so you want to loose weight, you’ve made the decision to do so but haven’t gone to the gym yet. Yes, that’s not the goal, but the more you make yourself feel bad about not going to the gym, the closer you get to the donuts and further away from the dumb-bells.

Give yourself a break! Geesh! Aunty O says, “When you know better you do better” I say, “When you feel better, you’ll do more.” Today is a new day, so start afresh… yesterday is gone, but by-golly today has “only just begun.”

Last week was great! (heck we made it through didn’t we?) So it gets greater later, right? Well this week is later! :0) DO IT BIG!!!!!!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Learn not Relearn.

How is it possible that even though you know something, you still end up doing the other thing or not doing what you know? LOL I just confused myself. Ok let me explain. I talk about lessons often mainly because I try to make every experience a learned lessons… that way I don’t have to come back to it again! However, it doesn’t always work that way.

As I was thinking about this in particular, I realized that lessons are something you didn’t know before… something new that you are learning, therefore trying to recognize the lesson rather the see the lesson (as it is revealed) are two very important and different things.

Here’s my thought on it. If you can recognize the lesson in something that’s constantly showing up in your life, the critical aspect of that lesson is not being learned, because it keeps showing up. The critical aspect of it is not something you already know – it’s got to be a concept or revelation that you haven’t tapped into yet. So switch it up. Go into this cycle (lesson) with complete submission, humility, and integrity and watch the exposure of new truths arise.

The point is to learn, not relearn. Before we knew that 2+2=4… we had no idea… then we found out that 1+1+1+1 = 4 and 5-1=4… and so forth. Stay open to new ideas.

TGIF, can you believe it’s Friday already? I’m glad for it, but whew “funny how times flies…”

MUAH have a GREAT Weekend. We sunny over here in ATL!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Clarity is Protection

Let’s peggy-back on yesterday’s blog, shall we? :0) So yesterday we remembered to keep in mind the things that make us tick, ensuring we know these things, we then remain connected to the Living Vine. Let’s look a little more deeply into those around us. I will tread softly here, but sometimes things need to be clear, right? Ok here we go :0).

The same amount of power and energy that each of us have, others have too. What I mean by that is, we must be careful of not only our intentions, but the intentions of those around us…because they too have the capability to actualize their thoughts. Let’s go further. Let’s say you want to loose weight, so in the midst of your excitement you tell a few people. Perhaps one of these persons doesn’t like themselves, which reflects on the “real” way they feel about you (subconsciously of course)… and it seems like every time you’re around them you gain weight! (i.e. their negative attitude towards your progress, their sly comments, their overall distaste for the positive direction you’re moving in. and etc.) This cheapens the whole idea of, “I’m doing this for me” concept.

Now we’re not mind-readers so how can we know? Good question, Megan. The only thing that I can think of is being clear. Seek clarity from God and stick with it! Don’t sway back and forth based on what someone else thinks is good for you…which is based on what they’re not even doing for their own Spiritual growth. (Come on Somebody!)
Be careful what you share and with whom, sometimes the statement, “I can show you better then I can tell you.” is the best protection against someone else’s intentions.

Let’s move forward in what we know if best for us… that will really be best for us ALL.

It’s Thursday over here… What day is it over there? Cause I’m celebrating TGIF tomorrow, regardless. :0) MUAH

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Self-preservation vs. Selfishness

Self-preservation is not selfishness. I realized the other day that there are certain routines and rituals that I do daily and when these things aren’t done, I’m just not right. I’m simply off kilter when I don’t fulfill what has become obligation(s) to my Spirit and for my Spirit. For example, I must pray and meditate every morning BEFORE I begin my day, or in my mind (and we know that perspective is your reality), my day is not right. I honestly feel like I’ve missed out on a revelation, or a good word from God when I don’t do this.

Here’s the key to today’s “note”… Everyone close to you (i.e. family, close friends, etc.) need to know how much you respect yourself and what makes you tick or what makes your soul complete… then they will as well. Some may say, “I think it’s awfully selfish that you need an hour away from me, (or the babies whatever) for yourself.” I’m here to tell you, IT IS NOT. Whatever it is that you do, whether it’s a long bath, a long walk, or mani-pedi(s), whatever it is, that is your thing and it grounds your focus. It has been proven that the human body/mind needs no less then 15 minutes a day of “shut down”, of calm, or dare I say, PEACE to properly function. It is not selfish to demand what helps you help everyone else – the trick is you have to know what that is, first – then you can express it properly to others.

Life is a journey yes, but it does not have to be a torturous hike through constant rough terrain. Let’s connect to that Living Vine, daily.

Have an AWESOME Wednesday! MUAH, Megan

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Better not Bitter

Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh she’s just bitter.”? Most likely we’ve all heard it somewhere or have said it ourselves. Bitter is usually referred to as someone who is now jealous of someone else’s current situation OR a person who is very deeply affected by something that happened to them (or their involvement therein). Usually when someone is bitter, they feel like they “lost-out” or got the short end of the stick in the deal. Right? A bitter person is not the easiest person to be around and usually stays on the pity-pot.

But glory for the Better! Better comes in when we realize that because of what we went through… because of… we are a better vessel, a better influence, and a better witness of change. When we can see the human revolution evolving by way of these events that may not always be the “ideal” in our minds, we then obtain the better. Being overly confident, being more attractive then the new girlfriend or husband is not the better… being able to say, “I’m better not bitter” is not the better. The better is the lesson; and the lesson is the internal growth that is applied to all things YOU. (I’m talking so good today!;0)

So we’re better because we know the greater purpose is our destiny in which we are already predestined to reach.

I’m going to read this one again tomorrow! LOL

Hey happy Tuesday, welcome back to work some of you!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Stare It Down

Fear is a beast! OMG, what would the world be like without it? As a noun fear means, “a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.”

When we think of fear most of us think of something scary, (i.e. a movie, murders, accidents, etc…) But the fear I’m talking about is this part of the definition, “whether the threat is real or imagined.” We’ve talked about anxiety and how the mind (if not controlled) can trick you… the fear I’m talking about today are those crippling voices in our heads that say, “I can’t”.

It is no secret that my life has taken a turn BY a directional change that I would have never assumed (Youtube)… I say by a turn, because motivating and speaking to people about health was always in the plans. So in the midst of this great and marvelous change (change because it’s going faster then I ever thought it would), fear creeps up every now-and-again speaking words of doubt and separation, causing nervousness, restlessness, and sometimes just being uncomfortable. What I have found out about this beast is that I’m so much stronger then I once thought. Dr. Shelia says this in her motivational cd, “When we’re about to step into our greatness, fear shows up… but we must face our fears and live from the potential within.” (paraphrase)

Therefore I say this to myself and all of us who are on the verge of a victorious reunion with our destiny, “Stare that beast in the face and slay it with your strength.” God has not and will not put more on us then we can bear… but the flip side to that is He’s blowing our minds by proving to us that we can bear so much more then we thought, right?! WOW!

It’s a holiday… but it’s still Monday for most of us :0) Let’s make this week BIG!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Backward

Seasons come and go, this we know, but we become complacent when it snows. We are not bears, we are beings created to create wonderment and yes, create our own joy. I’ve noticed that some of us like to wait until Spring to begin a new adventure or start on something we hope to accomplish. For example, you have a new year resolution to take better care of yourself. You start that first week with great ambition, then it gets too cold, or like me, you’re snowed in. So you stop, repeating to yourself, “I’ll get back on the wagon when I can comfortably go outside.” So two-three weeks pass and you still haven’t gotten back into your rhythm… then you say, “I’ll start back in Spring, it will be so pretty then.” Hogwash!
That company that you want to open, that project that you need to finish, that charity work, that conversation you need to have, those papers you need to file… can and should get done, when? Right today.

We make our happiness, we develop and explore our own joy. So when you don’t “feel” like doing something (that you should do), change your energy. Envision how sexy you want to look in your beach attire THIS YEAR, and work hard to get it… You will not get your summer body by summer if you start in the spring. Sorry

Similar to anxiety these feelings of lack come and then they always go! So don’t let those five or ten minutes take you completely off track… it takes a lot more energy to start all-over-again.

A little birdie told me today is FRIDAY! Is this true? I’m doing my Friday dance. MUAH Have an amazing weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Listen to them

As I was speaking this morning at the Freedom Middle School… I realized just how much our kids need us- not just to take care of them, but to show them (by example), talk with them, respect them, and LISTEN to them. They watch our every move just to see how much integrity we have. They want us to be honest about what’s going on in our lives (not that you tell your kids everything), and reflect how we really feel.

See children can sense when something isn’t right, regardless of how much we try to mask it – they know and they can feel it. So the more we try to hide it the less they trust us. This is why, I’ll say it again, it’s so important to take the time out to nurture ourselves, because when we’re not right, nothing is. We can be more attentive to the needs of others when our needs have been met – or at the very least, acknowledged.
We are the babies first Life Coaches :0). I believe the only way to guide them is not by always telling them what to do, but by showing them how to do it. I noticed there were quite a few kids there that were overweight. This is what’s going on in this country so I wasn’t surprised. But this is one of those examples I’m speaking of. We must show our kids a better way of living, by the choices they see us making.

I had a blast today!

Love ya’ll MUAH

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Work Through It

There is a process for just about everything in life. So let’s get used to the work. Even now I have realized that things (career, relationships, weight concerns, etc..) take A LOT of work, sweat, and yes tears (release and joy).

The hidden treasure is well worth the focus manifested into tangible reality, so stick to it. We’ve all heard that things worth anything, are worth the wait… and the work. The issue is we sometimes give up right before the victory. Will Smith and his wife Jada, were on Aunty O’s show last year and I recall Will saying something to this effect, “The victory comes right at the verge of failure.” He went on to say that he will never loose because, “No one will out work me.” Now that’s some focus.

May I propose something here (to myself as well)…. YOU WORK FOR YOU! Regardless of your current employment situation; your talents, gifts, purpose, destiny is your job. Work it full-time ! Give to your Spirit that which you would expect from your employees (as the boss). Commit to yourself; sign your own confidentiality agreement; have a mission statement, a demographics (people you want to be around), set goals, and strategize a way to accomplish them… even if it’s acquiring a better relationship with a loved one. Whatever it is as the famous Rupaul says, “You Betta Work!”

Stay focused on what’s important… You are IMPORTANT… That importance takes work. Right? Ok so let’s get to it. Those of us that need to exercise, you know what I’m about to say…. GO! No excuses.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hope for Others

So how was yesterday? Mine was great. I spoke with the young lady and we have an appointment today. :0)

She mentioned some things to me in our conversation that not only hurt my heart, but made me a little angry. She lives in a home with her family and doesn’t seem to have any support. How much easier would things (life) be if we would support one another. The bottom line is that we’re in this together and the more we give the more we receive. Basic stuff right? Not so much.

For many more reasons then I’d like to go over, some of us can have a “crabs in the bucket” mentality, (misery loves company syndrome) - which does nothing but place negative energy in and throughout our own existence. Remembering to attract to ourselves that which we desire for ourselves, is incorporated with the unconditional hope for others. You can not only wish for self-good – I don’t think it works that way. LOL
If one member of the household is miserable… everyone is. This is why I’m a firm believer of Moms taking time out for themselves… when their not happy NO ONE IS! People hear me.

Today let’s support someone’s efforts to better themselves. Better yet let’s help someone that’s not even asking.

It’s been a busy day already…ALREADY! :0) and I’m grateful. Happy Tuesday Folks, MUAH

Monday, February 14, 2011


Ok so we’ve arrived at a beautiful day that can to some be dreadful. This day some say is yet another political holiday for the masses to make money off of us, while this may be true, the same can be said about Christmas, right? So we have to remember the reason for the season. What’s the reason? LOVE. Simple and Sweet. “Love, Sweet Love”… as Anita Baker would say.

I like to think of today as more then just romantic love, one to another, but a universal love for all. I decided yesterday, while in church that I was going to spend some time today (either on the phone or in person) with someone that may not have anyone to speak to or be with. And behold someone walked down the aisle of the church yesterday, who I hope I can help. (she has extreme weight concerns)… I’m looking forward to being her valentines today.

It’s important that every now and again we view Love in it’s purest form, remembering that God is just that… Love. As those created in that same image, perhaps we can begin a movement of Love on Feb.14th, that travels throughout the remainder of the year to every heart and soul that needs a true reflection of God in US!

I hope that YOU are enjoying this magnificent day… the wonderful words, comments, prayers, and support that I’ve received from you all has been the BEST Valentines Present EVER! Thank YOU! MUAH, Megan McGlover

Happy Monday… :0)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Knowing vs. Believing

The story is longer then the importance of the point… so I’ll get right to it. Someone once told me, “The difference between you and I is you believe and I know.” As I sat there saying to myself, “You don’t know me!”… my Spirit began to reveal the prophetic-ness of that statement. The conversation was a combination of many different topics that spread over a four hour period - from why we do what we do, to where we’re going based on where we’ve been. But this stuck in my head and is something I’ve shared with others (my friends)… like you.

We have been taught to believe in things; i.e. hope, our dreams, our religion, our relationships, ourselves… and of course, God. Belief is a strong feeling based on past revelations examined and taught through the interpretation of lessons. (ooooweeeee that was deep). It is the underpinning of just about everything that we do, have done, and will do – this belief however leaves room for happenstance. However when we know something, no space is left, the cup is full and running over. When you know your spouse, those whom you have a relationship with, when you know what is (not what you believe), there is an unbelievable condition of tangible trust and faith (God’s love for us). This condition is never replaced… it comes with every thought and experience. For example believing in God and knowing in God are two different things. Believing in yourself and knowing yourself are two different things based on action. A belief can be changed, a knowing can only be proven.

So, knowing that I am that I am, and believing that I will soon become that through (whatever it takes to become that I am that I am etc…) … are the difference between, action (I will) and thought (I’ll try).

When we know God and know that all things work for the good, there is no doubt or hope that things will work out… because we KNOW God (not His thoughts or plans necessarily)… but we KNOW that we KNOW – that’s the best way I can say it. Same goes for knowing ourselves, not just believing in ourselves. See what I mean?

Perhaps I should write a little book on this. This is deep stuff… well I think. :0) Let me know what you think.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome in the Positive

It’s one thing to be cautious, it is yet another to be down-right pessimistic. I can say that because I once suffered from that same self-inflicted worrisomeness. Surely we should not jump feet first into every situation that we approach or are approached with, but we should however have an underlined sense of successful comfort; this confidence that ALL things work for the good, and that ALL things will be added unto us… Right?

Wouldn’t that thought pattern make this journey we call life much easier? Try it. Think back to something that happened just yesterday… before it happened what was your thought? What about during and then after? Did you have that split second of extreme doubt that almost made you nervous? Then after whatever happened we found it to be a very small thing or no-thing at all. I like to think of these moments as quick spurts of anxiety… that we can control. Many books teach this… “what you’ve learned can be unlearned.” Having fearful and negative thoughts have been a condition of ours for just about our whole adult life, but we can and WILL change it.

I’ve found that the joy of positive thinking is simply more fun and a lot less stressful. Tomorrow remind me to write about the difference between KNOWING and Believing… WHEW powerful stuff.

So our challenge… I don’t like that, our VICTORY is to change our initial ideas (PRE) of things… ALL things. Welcome in your positive, not the negative. CALL it to You.

LUL, LUS! MUAH, Megan Oh wait a minute is today Thursday… See I told you guys, and you thought it was soooo awful Monday morning. :0)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Union With

This has been the topic of conversation several times this week… A personal relationship with God. Is it a coincidence? I think not. We have approached a time in this world where our very souls are thirsty for the Living Vine. Our Spirits are looking to return to their truest destiny (Ephesians), and our minds, our minds are seeking for the simplest clarity.

We see the world and how much Love is missing. We recognize its need for a better way, a better solution, peace… but what about us? Do we recognize that same need within? AND do we believe we will ever achieve it? Being raised under very strict beliefs of fear, I didn’t develop my understanding of the Loving God until a few years ago. I was so afraid of this Being that I ran away rather then toward… that distance caused me much grief and aloofness. Through much studying (of what may be considered “off-color”) literature I realized Who & What we are in union with the living God. Yes I said in UNION WITH.

I said this before and I feel it need re-mention; “When we realize we’re related to God…” all else becomes, all else. Let that roam through your mind today, it might may cause you to see things differently.

I love the love within us. It’s Wednesday, so talk to God because He really does care…about YOU! Hump Day….. GO!!!! MUAH

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stop the Cycles

A wonderful supporter and friend of mine said this on his FB post, (I'm summarizing), "Make today the first day to end the cycles... come into a new being." POWERFUL! Let today be the day that you say, "no more" to generational curses (if you believe in curses), "no more" to ongoing internal turmoil, "no more" to mistreating yourself because you're used to the way it feels... "NO MORE" to the relentless selfishness and greed that ruled in our lives and the lives of those closest to us!

Today we begin anew. Those horrible thought patterns, those rediculous notions, self amputations must stop TODAY! You are in control of the rest of your life, as soon as you accept that responsibility. I realized a while back that I was afraid of change. I wanted it desperately, but was so unsure of what that change would be and how it would feel that I constantly sabotaged my own growth. Well finally pain's consistency became overwhelming and I jumped head-first into the unknown space of change. While I have no regrets, NO REGRETS, I would be lieing if I said it wasn't challenging and downright hard at times. BUT it is extremely PEACEFUL! Without change there is no progress... so let's move forward, shall we?

It's mid-day, so most of us have already been faced with ARGH (LOL)... so take a breath and breathe - it's almost over. MUAH!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Don't Ignore It

We're simply too busy to worry about every little thing that takes place in our lives. We can not stress over a comment, remark, or negative gesture thrown our way. Who has time to divulge their childhood for present life reflection? Who has the time to inquire about themselves?

The fact of the matter is whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we are affected by every little thing. Our childhood experiences do weigh heavily on our current relationships and interactions... and we do hold on to things. As humans we have a unique memory and those memories become thoughts and those thoughts are mirrored in our lives. These thoughts are triggered by similarities and feelings from our past (that haven't been worked out). So while we think we're doing the right things by ignoring an issue, we really just making a bigger problem later. You see what I mean?

When you deal with something head-on, right away, you keep that paper cut from turning into an infectious (never healing) wound. Don't toss your emotions to the side, acknowledge them and treat them so that they don't fester. Take that time to filter through your childhood and see how you've been affected, so that you can be a better (adult) you. There's no better time then the present.

Happy Monday People! MUAH
It's going to be a GREAT week.

Friday, February 4, 2011

This will be simple and sweet…

Love on yourself like you just found the person of your dreams and they are wining and dining you like the royalty you are. Imagine you have come and swept yourself off your feet, saved you from a day of issues, and caressed your very woes with a gentle hand of confidence. Hug yourself passionately as if reuniting in the airport from a long absence. Massage you thoughts, like a gentle whisper of kindness from your truest love during a rough day’s work. Congratulate yourself for making it through yet another long week, by expressing aloud how proud you are of you…

Love on yourself, experience Love at its finest hour, its most precious interpretation.

Some of us have had quite a few ups and downs (emotionally) this week… now it’s time to relax, for just a moment and recognize that jewel deep in the midst of our very existence.

It is in fact Friday and tomorrow is the weekend! So get up, stretch it out and SHOUT! :0)
MUAH Oh and go… Steelers or wait Packers… Oh that’s it go Super Bowl COMMERCIALS! LOL

Thursday, February 3, 2011

IT’s Purpose

In my opinion to accept something is to acknowledge IT and appreciate IT for what it is. It doesn’t mean you “agree” with it, but you can see IT’s reason, grasp the experience and arrive at a greater self from IT’s existence.

IT can be anything; a person (friend or foe, lover, spouse), a job, drama, personal issues (weight, attitude, mindset)… the list goes on. These ITS are in our lives for reasons. But if we’re constantly fighting against IT because we don’t agree, don’t want to be rational, don’t feel the need to stop and listen… we will never find out IT’s purpose in our lives – therefore never at peace.

Ok let me say it this way. For example you have a friend who is drama-filled 99% of the time. She has 99 problems and common sense is not one of them. BUT you remain her friend. There is a reason (universal reason) for this. It could be a number of things; 1. You are developing patience. 2. There is a level of drama in your life that she reflects. 3. There is a lesson in it for her (from you). 4. God is punishing you. LOLOLOL (seriously I don’t believe in this at all!). Instead of being overwhelmed by the current situations we’re in, we should accept them in the arms of energetic love which transforms the whole reception process. (let’s read that again… Oh I liked that :0) Once we let go of our defensive mechanisms, we can then see things multi-dimensionally (I think I just made that word up, but you get me, right?) ALL of this however does not mean that we don’t make changes to better our lives! But how can we make change without knowing what or why we’re changing in the first place? DEEP!

I think this is one of the definitions of God looks at the heart. He sees things from every possible angle – like the lesson before the trail.

Oh it feels good this morning…. Is it because it’s Thursday!?! Come on now!

Good Morning and “Oh Happy Day” MUAH!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tithe Yourself

Someone told me this awhile ago and it always stuck with me… “Pay yourself a tithe”. When I first began personal trainer (getting paid for it, that is), a friend on mine that I really looked up to said, “Girl, give yourself 20% of everything you make.” My first thought was “It’s all mine anyhow.” But then it sunk in. Once it did, I found myself with $200 and $300 dollars in a jar not realizing it was accumulating so much. I must honestly say, I’ve strayed away from this wonderful concept… BUT I’m getting back to it. :0)

So what does this have to do with it being a cold and wet Wednesday? Glad you asked. Two things: 1. I feel it very important to HONOR ourselves. It seems to me that we are not praising ourselves, yes I said Praising… ourselves enough. Do we really realize who we are? I think not. We are literally walking miracles (think about that)… there will never be and has never been another YOU. 2. This “tithe money” is only for you! Not the kids, the bills, the whatever (yes even in this recession). This money is for an hour massage, a mani-pedi, a session with your therapist, an acupuncture session… the things that we all need to keep us aligned with our purpose.

This tithe is to help the temple of God function at its highest level. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Start today, even if it’s just $1. Set aside for your praise and worship. I know I’m stretching the perimeters of our minds… but just go with me here.

MUAH! It's HUMP DAY … let’s push through! :0)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don’t Hide

This came to me in the middle of the night and I’m so happy I remembered it this morning. YEPPEE!

Do you notice that when we feel bad about ourselves we begin to withdraw? When we see ourselves as “less then” to a degree, we retreat into our caves. When we have a hint of depression, we run further into that dark place… Well STOP IT!

I’ve noticed that through the ages of time, disappointment has gone from an opportunity to make things better, to a complete death sentence. What do I mean? For example, if someone is overweight they are not included, they are taught to feel less then, and society makes sure that they are so discouraged that trying to loose weight is worse then staying overweight… Therefore these persons continue to isolate themselves further and further away.

Unfortunately we can not change our society overnight, but we CAN and WILL change our minds individually. If you have these thoughts about yourself change them. If you wear braces, are overweight, have acne, wear glasses, are single at age 40… whatever it is that makes you an INDIVDUAL…. Embrace it. Embrace YOU! Once you begin to love yourself, you can see who you really are and make changes as YOU SEE FIT.

Just my thoughts… MUAH, Be careful out there it’s getting icky!

Monday, January 31, 2011

What You Hear

“Don’t believe everything you hear.” Easier said then done, right? Don’t we have the tendency to over-hear sometimes? Even when we know the source is not the most reputable one, we still hold on to tid-bits of “gossipy” information.

Taking what we hear with a grain of salt is not only wise, but healthy in many ways. When we misinterpret and/or grasp on to words, (we al know that words are extremely powerful whether positive or negative) just like food, it is digested into our physique and can cause chemical reactions. For example, when someone gets really upset, their blood pressure rises, they may began to sweat, hipper ventilate, shake…etc – this all from something someone said to or about them.

So what am I saying? Don’t digest everything you hear. Listen intently for the good, but taking everything in, is not always the healthiest choice.

It’s Monday and we WILL have an AWESOME week! MUAH

Friday, January 28, 2011

Obviously Compassionate

Obviously Compassionate
We’ve talked about having compassion for others and how you never know what someone is going through. But that is more internal then anything, right? What I mean by that is, compassion is usually something that we think about in our heads… but what about the things that we say. For example, someone may not be on your level at finding the good (what we talked about yesterday) in everything. Therefore when speaking to you, who is able to find the good, may feel resentful or beneath your spiritual accomplishments. The point I’m trying to make is be obviously compassionate to others spiritual plain(s).

There’s nothing worse then someone who is trying to help, stabbing you in the face with their overbearing sense of self. (LOL) Read that again, that was good. Love is gentle and kind, not trying to prove a point. Love accepts, respects, and uplifts. Love is Love.

It is Friday!... O yeah, it’s Friday. LOVE this weekend and tell me about the Joy on Monday. MUAH

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Find the Good.

Anyone over the age of 2 years old knows that we don’t always get what we want, things don’t always go our way, and life is not always a bowl of cherries. As adults we can look back over our lives and reflect on some real hardships and disappointments through our journey thus far. We recognize that in the grand scheme of things we are all creations that create and have the power to change and redirect with the power of our perception(s).
But what about those times when you’re smack-dead in the middle of crap? Yep, crap! The good bishop always says that each of us need a friend that we can just vent too… you all are that friend to me. :0) But really what do you do?

You find the good. LOL that whole paragraph and that’s all I have to say… I crack myself up. But that’s really it, you must find the good. If we believe in a all-powerful God who created us in His image, our lives and that journey within always has good in it somewhere… because the Creator is only good… Am I right? Yes I am. :0)

FIND THE GOOD in whatever it is – capitalize on it, transform it, learn from it, and KNOW it.

BOOM! Have a awesome day… you’re looking for the good right? MUAH

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Affirm It!

I was wondering if you think it’s silly to write the words, “I am Beautiful” on the bathroom mirror. Or, place post-it notes throughout your house saying, I’m successful, I am prosperous…” How many of us really understand the power of affirmation? Affirmation is like driving a car, (just go with me here LOL). If you’re driving in the wrong direction, you simply turn – you may have to make several turns and u-turns, perhaps even drive into a parking lot and get your bearings, but eventually you’re back on track. So when you get up in the morning feeling not your best, go into the bathroom and see a note “I am beautiful” you’ve made a turn in your mind, by affirming that which is true in your reality. WOW that was deep.

Does this work in every aspect of life? I’d like to think so. Try telling yourself you WILL have a good day and then sit back and watch. The day’s activities may be no different then they were before, however you mindset has been altered to perceive everything in a more positive way. You know what I mean?

Last night before going to bed I certainly didn’t feel my best… then I realized I have the power to change this. I began affirming. Well when I got up this morning, I felt the same way :0) BUT I just began changing my thought patterns. ARGH it’s a journey, right? But we’re in it together.

So let’s think on those things which are good! MUAH

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good Vibrations

I think about perception and the energy we send out into the universe. I’m a firm believer that our thoughts attract and shape our reality. So briefly today think about what you’re thinking about. Notice how it makes you feel. Notice where the thought is coming from and why you’re thinking that way. Are these thoughts bringing us closer to the good that we know we are… and the good that we expect from God?

I’ve mentioned before that this is similar to the Buddhist explanation of meditation – conscious thought. Being aware of that which transfers in your mind.
Today let’s try it, feel what you’re thinking, and if it doesn’t feel good (that is that your feelings have proper foundation) then change your thought – change your vibration.

Happy Tuesday! MUAH

Monday, January 24, 2011


Don’t give up. We’ve heard the saying, “do it anyhow”… even when you don’t want to do something, if you know it’s something you should do… do it anyhow. Practice makes perfect, so perfectly practice. There will be things that come up to try and distract you from accomplishing your dreams. Notice it, recognize it, and tackle it – but keep going.

Life is a journey that persists on the perception of our minds. When we know the root of something, we can take it with a grain of salt, apply it in a positive way and forge towards the mark of the high calling. That high calling is our true-self, our true nature, that which we are called to be in the first place.

So don’t give up, because when you do, you’re giving up on You!

MUAH, happy Monday

Friday, January 21, 2011

Comfort Zone

Ok so we already know that we need to be comfortable with ourselves in order for us to be comfortable anywhere, right? Of course. But I was thinking the other day, how often we find ourselves in a situation or place that we’re not comfortable in. For example, we tell our teenage girls (and boys), don’t let anyone force you into having sex before you ready… but then they see us being forced to do things we don’t want to do all the time. We have friends that aren’t really our friends, we stay in abusive relationships, we mistreat our bodies (health wise), we complain about work, time, God, the list goes on and on… The mirror we’re presenting isn’t very clear.

Comfort is a choice, so get comfortable. It is not your destiny to be miserable, I promise.

TGIF! Have a RADICAL weekend. MUAH (see you Monday)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Feelings without Foundations

Don’t be to concerned with how you feel, move in what you know. Wait, but what do we know? That’s the tricky part, right? It seems like we get entangled in what we feel, but our feelings aren’t really based on the knowledge of what we know, and what we know isn’t grounded… Therefore our emotions (that we’re reacting off of) are not thorough, and sometimes simply misunderstood, mistaken, and misinterpreted all together.

What if we took the time out to find out (study) what we believe, get to know ourselves better. What would be unveiled if we got to know the simple things like what we really want in life. What happens when we become really honest with ourselves… (not questions but statements)

I hope we all take the time today to sit with our Spirit and get to know the basis of our emotions and feelings. Some are deep and will take time, but we start where? By making a choice – that’s the first step to ANYTHING.

MUAH, I love ya! And it’s 4:00AM :0)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wasted T’s

A friend of mine said, “Potential means you’re not doing anything now.”- NL Hamilton. When I heard this I nearly collapsed! We all have potential but what are we doing with it? Each one of us possesses a gift(s), that we are not taping into, using or developing. We are wasting our time, talent, and treasures.

I believe passion drives the soul, it gets you up in the morning, it transforms the negative into the positive because we are focused on the goal, not the strife. Faith (God’s love for us) invested deeply into that which we are passionate about will evolutionalize the very core of your world. When you thrust forward in confidence and courage, you can’t loose.

Let’s see our potential as tangible reality, not something we could be.

I believe in your belief in YOU.

MUAH! Are you having a good day? You should be :0)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What’s Attractive to You?

I wonder how upset people will be with me after this statement? (LOL)… What percentage of the drama in our lives is our fault? How much of the negative that we receive has to do with the negative we put out? What do you mean Megan? We are attracting to us whether we are conscious of it or not, what we feel, think, believe, perceive, and so forth is sending energetic signals. When we begin to change the inner most thought processes of our minds we will inevitably change the outer realms of our realities. For example, all of us have encountered that one someone at work that just burns the last nerve we have left, right? So when you get up in the morning that person is on your mind, “Now I got to go deal with this so and so…” In the car, we’re thinking about this person, getting our coffee or tea… and God forbid if the person walks pass us, the feeling of pure negative energy comes all over our presence. You are attracting that negative to you, because you have given your energy to it. It must be reversed. If and when you think about this person, think GOOD thoughts… “they will be nice today… I pray for their journey, their joy, their peace… I love this person.” It sounds crazy, but it WORKS!

This same thought process should be adopted with all things: bills, family, friends, intimate relationships. Let’s try it today, if nothing else, I promise YOU will feel much better.

MUAH, Happy Tuesday People!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Yesterday the good Bishop said, “God does not give us vision with out provision.” We all have dreams and great hopes for our lives, right? But do you believe it is possible? Some of us want to loose weight, be a doctor, finish school, have a good marriage… but do we believe in it so much that we actually TAKE THE STEPS TOWARD ITS FULFILLMENT? I think that we have a tendency to wait for a miraculous Earth shaking jump start to our success – in the meantime we waste precious opportunities. When we take the first step towards manifesting our dreams, we alert the Universe to our beliefs, that YES I want this and believe I shall have it.

A dream is simply a vision waiting to be accepted, affected and, actualized. So whatever it is that You want for You start today and go GET IT! One step at a time.

Happy MLK Day! Dr. King I love you and appreciate all that you’ve done for human kind. Megan McGlover

MUAH Hey, have an awesome day!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Do You Trust You?

I have yet another question… LOL I’m on a role. Do people influence you more then you influence them? What I mean by this is, when you have a thought particularly about yourself or something you’re going through, do you hold to that or allow other people’s perceptions change how and what you think about yourself?

I told someone this week, “The reason why your confused right now is because you have become detached from your Spirit and can not recognize your own voice.” This goes back to spending time alone, being honest with yourself and God and dealing directly with YOURSELF.

Someone once told me that I needed to learn to trust myself. I thought it was crazy at first, then I realized what they meant. 1. Do I have my best interest at heart? 2. Am I clear about my purpose and making decisions based on that purpose? 3. Do I honor and respect myself… treating myself as if in a relationship with myself? (that’s a deep one, think about it) 4. Would I place myself in harms way?

These questions sound crazy right? But they are serious. Once you trust yourself you will believe not only in yourself…. But you will BELIEVE YOU!

Take a moment and answer those questions let’s see what we accomplish this weekend. MUAH!

Blessed to be a Blessing :0)