Thursday, March 31, 2011

Be Open

Hi Everyone! Long time no talk to. :0)

Please forgive my delay, I've had horrible technical issues (computers crashing)... and ultimately needing to take a break – even though I've been working on other things :0). I am back in the world of Social Media and I'm GLAD about it. I've truly missed you all, and have been “loosing it” without my blog (writing and reading your responses). But all is better thanks be to GOD!

During this time “away” I realized that my prayers changed, well my gratitude changed. I found myself being thankful for my NEW understandings, NEW inspirations, NEW innovations, ideas, thoughts, truths, etc. I realized that I may stretch other people's beliefs, understandings, and/or knowings, but mine really wasn't being pressed. Does that make sense? So I asked God that I grow more, see more, feel more, and am given the opportunity to reveal more... to myself. I would never think that my mind would be able to handle anymore expansion, but here I am.

My desire is that we all, wake afresh every morning, open to what this great universe has to offer. There's a song by Richard Smallwood entitled, “Be Open” one of my favorites by him. The words speak about being open to the Spirit, being open to the Word, being open to His Power moving through our lives... powerful song. I had my Mom listen to it many years ago; I cried... she didn't seem very moved. LOL

So that's where this “fast” of sorts has led me... to be open.

It's Thursday... lets bring the end of the week in with a BANG! BOOM!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Computer is down

Hi everyone. Please accept my humble apologies for this week. Due to a minor technical setback I will resume our blogging next week. In the meantime know that I LYL LYS. MUAH have a wonderful week! Megan
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Friday, March 18, 2011

I Breathed! :0)

Well I don't know about ya'll but I impressed myself by not loosing my mind this week. WHEW, You GO Megan! seriously it got pretty dog-gone rough over here for a second and I had to "calm down" (a phrase that I don't particularly care for). I received a text last week, but didn't read it, then decided for some silly reason to read it this week (this technology arghh!). It was of course from a family member who hasn't really checked in (checked on) with me in a very long time. We all know how the story goes, they now (like always) needed something from me. Well it just rubbed me the wrong way, at the wrong time. But I learned a lesson.

We don't chose who we love, but we do chose whether we're going to love them or not. Wait did that make sense? Yes it did. I think we can all attest to having someone or even a few people in our lives that have the ability to work our last nerve. We can all say that, "Yes those closest to us, hurt us the worst." So what in the world do you do? You can't get rid of them, so you accept them. WOW!

I realized for myself that I may upset people all the time but I still want to be accepted and loved... so it's only fair that I give that in return. This person that sent me a text, probably thinks absolutely nothing of it, nor do they realize that I feel it was inconsiderate. It would be out of context to call them and "go off" just like it is out of context for me to allow it to upset me. We must recognize that what hurts us everyone may not be aware of, so we can't blame them for what they don't know. Right? I considered the fact that I've hurt others unbeknownst to me and did not mean them any harm, the same can certainly be said for others. So I did just that... I figured they just didn't realize and are probably having a hard time and a rough week too. So just let it go... and that felt so much better then stomping back and forth in my apartment. :0)

So that's what I did this week, BREATHED! Now off to motivate the babies. Pray for me that I can assist these little miracles into becoming aware of that miracle.

MUAH happy TGIF!!!! Thank you for reading and supporting me. I'm working out hard this weekend, I bet you that. :0) GO!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Same Same Same

"Show thine self approved"-Bible

There is a very small (like 35 page) pamphlet entitled "Gratitude is Key". I've had it for the longest, can't remember where I picked it up along the way, nor do I remember how many times I've read it. As I reread it yesterday I saw something in there that I've never seen before. Of course the overall objective of the book is to help us understand the importance of being thankful, but every now and then the author would throw in, a misplaced thought about thinking for yourself when it comes to God. This really stood out in my head, why? because, this is so common... well not common.

How many of us have witnessed three and four generations of pastors who have pastored the same church that their great-grandfather founded and every time you visit the sanctuary you hear the same sermon that that same great-grandfather preached in the early 1900's? The same context, the same text, the same whoopin, same same same. Because no one is studying for themselves and trying to expand on the magnitude of God.

It is said that every time you read the Bible you find out something else, something new is revealed. The same can be said about our relationship with God. Every time we speak with Him (not to Him... with means we're having a conversation... I like that), we are widening the reflection of Him within us - becoming a brighter light, a more passionate being, a greater self. Believing only what you were taught just because that's how your momma was raised is no longer getting the job done. Hey it's my blog :0)

Step outside the box, this world needs more kindness and compassion and if you ask me the old way is not suppling those needs.

Let's continue to keep Japan in our hearts and pray for protection from this crazy air-born radiation junk!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Greater Later

Due to the enormous amount of pressure from all media outlets, we have been convinced that growing old is a death sentence. The plastic surgery, wrinkle-free skin care cream, anti age mask, hair dyeing - industry makes billions every year, because we've been told that when men grow old they become handsome (as long as they don't go bald), but women just get older.

While thinking about this yesterday, I realized how happy I am at my age. There's no way in the world that I would replace the wisdom I have now, just to be 21 again... especially in this day and age. Maturity is a valuable gift that really can not be replaced and most certainly comes with the wisdom in age. For every grey hair there's a story and a lesson that has brought internal peace, that can not be bought. I remember the days when I would get so upset over little things, making mountains out of moe hills because I lacked the maturity, experience, and age to realize somethings are just not worth the stress.

Growing old is a blessing, let's not rush it, but we should embrace it. Whether you say we're growing old gracefully, the older the berry the sweeter the juice, or whatever the fact is, it gets greater later!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't let fame over shadow your humanity.

My sister called me last night and during that conversation she read to me something that she saw early in the day, which pointed to these tragic events happen on the 11th of these different months (ie. September 11th, March 11th, etc..). I then mentioned to her that a lot of people believe there is some truth in that movie 2012 and how I just don't understand why the industry would put out something so awful. That's not the point of this blog... the point is radical compassion.

I've spoken about this numerous times, so I wont go in great depth again today. But I will say that I don't understand how people can make tasteless jokes, mindless comments, and be just down-right mean in their commentary concerning this catastrophe. Gilbert Gottfried, whom I've always thought was very funny, has been subjected to DBSP, as he was recently fired from one of his jobs for twitting horrible remarks about this event. At what point do we stop being media whores and have some sort of class, dignity, and tact?

I will say this, my heart weeps for those who are too afraid to care. Don't let fame over shadow your humanity. This "I don't give a damn" Charlie Sheen attitude is no longer, and never was funny. Now everyone wants to jump on board because it's making Chuckie millions... but does he sleep well at night? I can't hear nobody!

It's raining here in ATL, so God must be weeping too. (I don't think that, but it sounded good right there.:0)

MUAH! Love on someone like it's the first time, it may be the last time. I hate to be so pessimistic, but it is the truth, right?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Start to Finish!

"Can you be submissive, when you're uninspired?" Bishop Allen

Yesterday I went to the church-house to hear the good word :0). The sermon was about marriage one to another and dedication to one's church. He went into how we should treat one another as Christ treats the church etc... then he made the statement "Can you be submissive, when you're uninspired?" - well I almost fainted! What a powerful question.

While having lunch I was asked what that meant to me and I said, "Steady as she goes. Can you stay the course even when the excitement is gone?" Will you stay in the gym, continue to eat healthy, when you don't see any weight coming off? Will you continue to have a good attitude at work even when you see no one else trying as hard? Will we continue to give our best in all that we do even when the bills keep piling up? Will you stay in your marriage... (outside of abuse of course, cause we don't play that!) The answer is YES YES YES!

We have to stay the course, regardless of what it looks like. That light at the end of the tunnel is still there. The vision that you saw for yourself when you set out to do this great thing, is still very possible. The process is not always the greatest, but we have to ask ourselves, "Did we start to finish?" Absolutely.

It's Monday again, which means we have yet another week to impress ourselves. Oh I liked that! I'm going to impress myself this week. I can't hear nobody!!! I love it.


Friday, March 11, 2011

My Faith

Good Morning!

We were going to discuss waking up with a mind stayed on Jesus today, however, I wanted to share something else that is on my heart... if you don't mind :0)

A project that I'm very proud of (my reel), mainly because I was behind the scenes in the editing room for HOURS working on it, was uploaded on Youtube for all the world to see. I received a wealth of wonderful compliments about it and most of them made me cry with shear joy. Comments like; "You have made the world a better place and we are all better for it. Stay strong, hold tight to who you are and what you stand for girl!!!!! you are lighting up our mother earth with your own inner sunshine! Love ya! Mrssoappeddler 12 hours ago AND "Even with different glasses I'd recognize your smile. You are a beautiful person. I have sent your videos to all my friends. I wish you much success. You are the first person I've seen on the internet that I really think deserves success. That's the last message. Don't want to seem like some nut on the internet...oh wait...:)gfreakj 16 hours ago" How could you keep the tears from rolling when you read something like this? Then I began to weep in compassion for those who left comments questioning my faith. So I figured I would use my voice (blog) to lend some clarity. :0)

I am a person who lives a Christ-centered life based on my understandings of LOVE and the knowings of what LOVE is. While I worship in church every weekend, I still find it necessary, for me, to meditate (quieting the mind, body, and soul) every morning. Because, it grounds me and reconnects me daily to the Vine. In addition, yes I read and believe in the Bible, I also have read many literatures and began studying the foundational workings of a wider belief system which has not replaced or displaced my Biblical Morale. It (the widening) has only nudged me closer to an all-inclusive love for others, no matter what color, creed, or religious standings. I have developed a sense of compassion that I've never known before, a sense of peace and joy never yet experienced, and I am happy and proud of who I have become.

So yes, I love the Lord, He heard my cry. So yes, the time I spend one-on-one with Him is heavily serious every morning. And yes, I am not ashamed of who or whose I am.

You who read my blog and support me all over the world confirm God's love for me (my faith) and I thank you. I hope that my life journey (as it continues to unfold) blesses, encourages, sustains, and simply makes you smile. When you think of me, my prayer is that you laugh, not wonder... that you grin, not frown... that you see a reflection of your own joy in my smile.

It's Friday and I'm glad about it! I LYL LYS! MUAH... Thank YOU!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

You are Your Work Experience

There are some of us that hate going to work every morning... I mean literally dread getting out of bed because the thought alone makes us sick. There is someone there or a group of people that you don't get along with, that don't get along with you and are simply making your work experience... crap!

This blog is going to make some people upset, but what am I here for if not to make you think, right? :0) I'm not sure what it is about "work" that causes so much drama, but whatever it is, it takes two. Remember what we put out is usually what we get, and as we know this also pertains to our thoughts. So if the first thought in our head is how much we hate our job or those particular persons at it, I can promise you that your day will be just as awful as you claim. (Side note: We must stop waking up in stress. We'll talk about this tomorrow). Hold thoughts of gratitude when you rise, start your day off in the midst of love ("Woke up with my mind stayed on Jesus", remember that song?). When we do this we set the tone for our day. This attitude of "Lord please help me to "deal" with these *&^%$^&* folks"... is not a mind of compassion, it is calling that same attitude back to you.

I know that we get frustrated and say we don't care, but the reality is that we do. We turn enemies into allies when we stop being the victim. ohhhh weeeee that was serious! Let's read that again. No one is out to get you and no one is thinking about you that much... those are your thoughts (negativity) that are coming back to you. See what I mean? Of course you're not proclaiming bad things, but your undertone for all is not conducive to what you really want.

You want a better work experience? Then you know what to do, so just get to it.

I know you know I love you, but we need a little push every now and then, right? This has been straight-talk with MLM :0)

You ALL ROCK! I know I didn't post yesterday, but I was so busy and didn't want to force a word.

Let's finish this week out on TOP! MUAH!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Consciously Digest

So it's Nutrition Awareness Month. Well I think it should be every month... but let's not shout on the blog. LOL I do however want to briefly say that I strongly believe nutrition is an overall way of life and a lifestyle that we live. Diets don't work as we know, short cuts don't work as we know, and simply doing nothing is self-destructive. The same goes for our emotional health.

Let's keep it short and sweet today. Don't take short cuts when it comes to you. What you feed your body is just as important as what you feed your mind (television, music, literature, etc.). What you digest mentally weighs just as heavily on your physical well-being as that box of cookies in the kitchen.

Here's something I say to persons who ask me for a "booster" when it pertains to their health & fitness (loosing weight)... "Keep it Old School! Go back to the basics." Exercise and Eat Right.... PERIOD. (oh sorry I said we weren't going to yell :0) It worked for our grandparents it'll work for us. Let's consciously digest.

MUAH! Happy Tuesday Peoples! I'm on my way to the gym right now. :0) Make it count!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Remember Your Heart?

I grew up under the "impress others" era. Because of my family's "standing" in the religious community, we were looked at as the elite, if you will. So just about everything I did and everyone's actions were held under a bright and extremely hot spot light - we were the "Jones". Well as I grew, and became even more outspoken then I am now, (can you believe that?), I began to step outside of the need for other's approval and embraced myself... so I thought. I was actually just being rebellious.

It is one thing to stand up for yourself, declaring to never again base your actions on someone's preconceived reaction (wow that was good), it is yet another to go completely against your own conscience. WOW when I started writing this, this was not what I was going to say... oh well WORK OUT SPIRIT! :0)

Through all my radical hairstyles, tattoos (which I want more, thank you very much), straightforwardness, and self-eagerness I can honestly say I am more myself when just being myself, then when I'm trying to prove I am myself. Nothing external makes me who or what I am, my ME is in the action I take based on the knowings of my conscious and spiritual mind. You follow?

So...even as adults we can be rebellious little hard-headed children who don't listen. When was the last time you did something that totally went against the fabric of who you really are? We tell our children this all the time..."Don't allow peer-pressure to make you do something you don't want to." - But adults do it almost everyday.... all day!

It's ok, we're grown now and are no longer running for prom queen. You remember your heart... now listen to it. :0) It's rough out there in the world at times and struggling to simply be you makes it even harder. Let's not prove, let's just BE.

So this week is going to be HUGE, let's claim it! DONE

MUAH, Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

4 Things

Charlie Sheen is all over the media right now for his “outrageous” remarks as they pertain to everything from his excessive drug use, the former network that housed his popular show, to his astonishing sex life. While I am, as are most people, amused at his current tyrants I am even more amazed at the level a person will allow themselves to drift once they’ve let go of their focus.

This man was the highest paid actor in the industry for years, and I’m sure this was a goal he set for himself. However, as the good book says, “a people without a vision will perish”. We all know that money isn’t everything. We can also agree that money changes things (ie. lifestyle, mindset, energy, even beliefs… that’s why I know it’s better to know “knowing vs. believing).

Of course I’m not at liberty to divulge into Mr. Sheen’s past, because I don’t know him, but I will tell you a couple of things I’ve learned from these unfolding events;
1. Stay true to yourself. I’ve been saying this all along, but when you’re making 5 million a week you and the person making the deposits can began to merge.
2. Stay humble. Everything is a gift (reciprocity). I’m simply blessed to be a blessing PERIOD.
3. For Jesus’ sake, stay off the drugs! “Put the crack-pipe down, Sir”~WMLM
4. Keep The Focus. My passion is to aid people with their overall health (mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing). That is what drives me… and it is that that will leave a stamp on the lives of generations to come. Charlie may be known as the highest paid actor, but perhaps not much else.

Some of us are workaholics who don’t have anytime for their families much less themselves. Some of us are working hard towards a promotion, some are trying to start a company, some of us are just tying to make ends meet… While striving towards these worthy goals simply remember, 2 ½ Men.

It’s almost over people…. Friday will be here before we know it. MUAH! Fight the good fight. LOL :0)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blessed to be a Blessing

This is from a blog I wrote the day Michael Jackson died; I feel it apropos to mention some of it again; “It isn’t ironic that my last blog talked about having NO REGRETS. With so many people dieing all around us, we should love and love today…”~MLM

In the midst of so many wonderful, touching, and heartfelt emails, a person wrote me expressing how the recent death of her grandfather dramatically affected her, and that my videos have been the one thing that makes her smile. As much as I believe in “tooting your own horn” this is not my reason for sharing this :0). My reason is to simply say this; You never know how wonderful you are until you’re wonderfully YOU! My purest expression of self has influenced more people then I could have ever known or hoped for, and it is that that makes me “Blessed to be a Blessing.”~MLM

I think it’s ok to Love. Sounds crazy to say it that way, but I think people really fight that concept... I know I did. I had an issue with loving myself, which spelled into loving others. The idea of accepting myself was quite difficult because I didn’t feel accepted by others… we could go on, right?

So my bottom line for today is; have no regrets, be yourself, and LOVE everybody… trust me, you’re blessing somebody!
HUMP DAY! HUMP TO IT! LOL Oh that was funny to me. Guess you had to be here. I don’t care if ya’ll think I’m corny. LOL I still love ya! MUAH

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stitches Mean You’re Healing

Last year a friend of mine dropped a glass while washing the dishes and badly cut her hand. After wrapping it up, she realized it wasn’t going to stop bleeding and went to the hospital. The cut was very deep and required a few stitches (I was there and I took pictures. ;0) Fortunately she was not in any pain and no major arteries were cut.

However, her healing process wasn’t so easy. She experienced pain, was limited in her movements, and spent most of her time concerned about how “ugly” the scar was going to be. After the required time, the stitches came out, the scar went away, and her hand was back to normal.

The point of this story is this; Open wounds become infected and don’t heal… go get some stitches. When we realize a situation is not going to stop bleeding on its own, or an emotional wound is not something small but a very deep cut, the only way to ensure proper healing is to stitch it up. They hurt and aren’t the best thing to look at, and can leave scars, but they expedite what could be a life-time lesion.

We all have had something in our lives that caused us to cry, right? We all have an on-going story… but how will yours end? Will it be an encouraging word urging someone to move forward, or a depressing story of someone who never experienced real joy?

It is a BEAUTIFUL DAY here in ATL…. WOWzers! Let’s make it count!