Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pat Yourself

It's been awhile, but I'm glad to be back... (blogging) Hi to all of my fellow bloggers and bloggees. :0)

So I spoke with someone about being too hard on themselves yesterday and it really helped them to understand how self-punishment just spirals into more self-neglect. It's one thing to be focused, it is something else to be so hard on yourself that you can't improve. I think as we live we should always take the time out to congratulate ourselves on the good job we've done so far. Gratitude is key, right?

Think about when we were kids. We always did better when our parents were proud of us, when they nurtured and praised us... I really don't think it changes just because we grow up.

Today... this week, pat yourself on the back – I'm sure you deserve it. I know I do. :0)

LYL LYS! Happy Tuesday MUAH

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

God Bless Our World

Osama is dead... and the praise goes up. I will probable loose some people with this post, but what do I always say? “It's my blog... and I say what I want.”
I don't mind going on record as saying that I am a little-taken-a-back by the shear joy that is being felt by so many about the death of another human being (perhaps some feel he wasn't human). I am not speaking of the gross tragedities that were endured by so many millions of Americans and the LOSS OF SO MANY soldiers and many innocent people because of this person's influence, I am simply talking about the pure hatred of another person... period. This brought about concern for me.

I wrote a comment on my FB page pertaining to President Obama and Donald Trump and before I could push “share” I received comments about the great importance of Osama's death and how that should take persistence over my whole page. I've also watched (via the media) how “mean”, sorry that's the only word I could come up with, we have become. I will stress this again, I am not condoning his acts, I am just worried that we (the people) have become so hardened that we are no longer holding-up the foundations on which this nation was built.

Let me say this, I am happy at the results, however I am holding good energy in my heart for our nation AND our world as a whole. The bottom line is that we ALL live on this planet! I know there is much hatred all around, but it shouldn't come from us.

I would say sorry for this post, but that would not be in truth... so I will just say, hopefully you have read some of my earlier blogs and know where I'm coming from.