Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't Shut Out Change

So in the midst of being completely frustrated with this unpredictable weather, I realized that this weather is LIFE. Yes we are in-charge of our own destiny, but can we really predict the weather? Do we know when we'll need an umbrella or sunscreen (not here in ATL, that's for sure)... all we can do is know that at some point we will be outside in the thick of it.

Life presents this same understanding, does it not? The trick is we must learn to dance in the rain and embrace the thunder. Once we do that, storms become the reason behind the Spring. Being from California, I've never endured a season with this much going on, however it has left me with a wonderful experience in change. After the turmoil there is nothing left but your perception, and how you perceive a flood depends on the size of your boat.

My windows are open enjoying the breeze... don't shut out change.

Happy Hump Day! MUAH, Megan

Friday, April 15, 2011

It WILL Pass

I emailed this to a FB friend yesterday “Keep your head in the exercise (lol I like that) It reminds me when someone says, "Keep your head in the books"... keep it in the focus, keep it in the workout, keep it in the JOY! You have gotten this far by consistency, not by weekly ups and downs!”

I can say this from experience, sometimes life is hard, uncertain, backwards, and just a roller-coaster. But this too shall pass, it always does and it is that that keeps us going. For example, in the midst of an anxiety attack a person can feel like they're about to die, literally... but if they can just relax and KNOW that they are not going to die and remember that the last time they had an attack it felt just as bad... and suddenly ... it passed... the feeling went away as quickly as it came. The same can be sad about the daily, weekly, monthly ups and downs we go through. It will pass! Not that it makes it any easier, it just makes you more focused. I have to tell myself often, “Bigger Picture, Megan...Bigger Picture!”

So that's my word for today :0) Keep me lifted up in prayer and positive energy, please. I'm working on major projects over here and it is overwhelming... in a good way.

LYL LYS, I can't hear nobody! TGIF!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Bend Don't Break

“Be flexible with your methods not your mission.” - The Good Bishop. Is this not one the most wonderful things you've ever heard? I found it Earth moving! See your mission, your destiny is not up for compromise. This is our purpose – that thing that makes you You, that thing that makes your confidence appear almost cocky... because you're just that sure. It (that thing) is not up for discussion. This is why it is so important that we take the time out to find out what our purpose is. Most of us already know, perhaps out of fear we don't DO, but we have a pretty good idea of what God has placed on our heart(s). But without knowing for sure, we stand the risk of flexibility altering our destiny.

How we go about living within our purpose is our method, and that as the Bishop said yesterday, simply shows maturity. We must recognize that our ways are not the only way, and change brings progress. I'm sure that it is not our destiny to be stubborn. LOL So the road that we take, the car we've been placed in to travel that road, may need some adjustment or tune-ups however, that final destination at the end of this road trip should not be compromised by a popularity contest.

That really did wonders for my Spirit yesterday, I hope it has blessed you too. It's MONDAY and this week will be quite busy for us all, BUT we can handle it! BOOM!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Keep It High

Remember when we were children and the things we did were because we wanted to... because of what we felt? Of course at that age we did not realize the purity of our action(s), we just did... we simply just did what we felt. Because of life, those days are pretty much over, we no longer just do, we usually think about everything beforehand. Now I'm not saying that's a bad thing, what I am saying is this; When we were children we did things based on our highest intention. (I'm not talking about those bad kids. LOL Seriously there really isn't any “bad” kids). I realized this last evening.

I found myself being insulted, which is not easy, by what someone was throwing in my face. That's not the point though. Here it is: I actually found myself wanting to succeed even more to throw that in their face. WRONG INTENT! I had to sit back and say, “Wait just one minute, chick!” See we've gotten this far in life because of the objectives, the reasons, the purest ideals... those initial passions. Not from jealousy, ill-mannered frustrations, and mis-guided anger.

It is not up to me to proof someone else's wrong... it is up to me to see why it upset me so much and to keep my energy at its highest good. I'm only responsible for myself.

TGIF! I'm doing my hair peoples...that's an all day thing. :0)

Have a blessed weekend LYL LYS!!!! MUAH, Megan

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Accept the Impossible

The good Bishop said something (well he said a lot of somethings) on Sunday that blew my dreads back. He said with confidence, “The things that God does in your life will be so BIG, that it's going to frighten you!” Well without giving all the details, I ended up on the floor that day, completely overwhelmed by that confirmation.

Just a few days prior I wrote here on the blog about NEW-ness. Being grateful for the newness of mind, understandings, peace, etc... I decided that what I see as being a wonderful, majestic life, is just the very tip of what is already Universally predestined... we just have to get out of our own way and allow God to have our backs. Don't allow fear of the unknown to hold you back from that pure greatness that is already YOU!

I've said aloud, “God I am grateful for what I don't even know, I just know You got m back.”

Today, is the day we no longer define our blessings by fear – Today we accept the impossible!

LYL LYS Tomorrow is FRIDAY, so let's ride today out with a smile. :0)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Worth Your Hope

Have you ever shared a dream with someone? I mean an aspiration, a vision, something that you want to accomplish... That you've wanted in your life, and to say it nicely they were completely uninterested. While you're almost in tears because of the pure joy you feel just by speaking on this dream, they are watching tv, or starring off into the distance.

Regardless of how strongly we feel about something, someone else's reaction can dim our shinning star... If we allow it. I just want to share two points: 1. Gaurd your passion. Everyone is not your "best Judy" and may not have the ability to support or encourage you. 2. Don't let anything make you doubt your dream. If its worth having... Its worth your hope. Don't give up and don't back down.

I made it through a crazy storm last night! So I'm ready for the glory that lies within this day... I hope you are too. MUAH!

Happy Tuesday LYL LYS
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Monday, April 4, 2011


Did I get caught up?! I think so, for just a brief moment. “Stoopid News” - one of the segments in my news broadcast on youtube, is a very funny and popular segment which brings attention to the “non-smart” :0) things that we can sometimes do and the consequences that follow. But that's the point, it brings attention to the negative. I realized this when I was receiving sooooo many emails pertaining to stoopid news and the “bad” things that people are doing, that I had to step back and take a prophetic look at this. Don't get me wrong they made my life easier by doing the research for me (I really don't enjoy watching the news AT ALL). However, I felt that I was asking people (subliminally) to LOOK for the negative. I would certainly prefer that people LOOK FOR THE POSITIVE. So on Saturday night I decided to add a “GOOD NEWS” segment to my broadcast on WMLM- we must always have balance. Because there are children that watch my youtube videos, I don't want them thinking that the only way to get on my show (by name) or be in the news, is to do something really ignorant. Gotta think about the babies.

What are we really doing with the influence that we have? Are we trying to make the world a better place? Or are we just going with whatever “fits”? I want to do my best at being my best. Ooooowweeeee I like that. I think I'll say it again. I want to do my best at being my best... I want to be proud of me. So let's think about the affect we have on people we may never meet; co-workers that live in other states, persons that read our blogs, people we talk to on the phone... etc. We may not have this on our minds 24-7, but our energy affects just about everyone we come in contact with one way or another... let's make it a good experience for them. :0)

This is a BIG WEEK! So fill it with confidence, high energy, focus, and discipline.

LYL LYS! Happy Monday!

Friday, April 1, 2011

"Don't Freak Out"

We made it once again to another Friday! This morning (April fools day, a day I really enjoy... I love the jokes) I remembered the words balance and patience.

Sometimes we get caught up in the process and forget to enjoy the journey, smell the flowers, admire the scenery. I know that I'm a bit of a "right now" person... When something needs to get done, let's get it done. I've learned that yes thid is an affective attitude but it lacks a sense of graceful acceptance. As I've said to myself before, this is a journey called life... Lifelong. It is best travelled while smiling.

So all of us have "stuff" we're working on (work, school, family, health, and self etc), however we can not rush time we can only embrace it.

Today, while I crack jokes, that's what I'm going to do... Get done what I need to and not freak out about the rest... All in due time.

MUAH "TGIF, I can't hear nobody thank God that it is Friday!"
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