Thursday, March 19, 2009

Terrorists living among us

I’ve written about this before, obviously it needs to be shared again. The gang violence in this country has spread to monstrous and uncontrollable proportions. I was in the gym today and an AfriCAN American woman asked me if I shop at Wal-Mart. I responded “not really”. She continued, “well if you know of anyone that does, tell them not to go there tonight because there will be a gang affiliation at a Wal-Mart. They plan on shooting three women.” I thanked her for sharing and proceeded to text my friends and family. Shortly there after I received a text of my own warning me of the same followishness.

We are now living in a communistic freedom-less country! When you can’t do something as simple as go to Wal-Mart, the grocery store or 7-11 for Pete’s sake, you must realize that China may be clearer on their ideals then we. It is more then just the drug war and the pregnant teens, the fatherless children and the ware-fare numbers… it is now a civil neglect, a terroristical approach upon our freedom! Gangs, if that’s what you want to call them, are killing our children, our babies, our mothers, fathers, fianc├ęs and friends. They are keeping us from enjoying the liberties that our ancestors fought for. They are simply, terrorists.

I was completely against the hanging of Saddam Hussain. You may ask why?... Well firstly, he did absolutely nothing to us as a country except, not allowing us to invade the Opium Fields….that’s another blog….and Secondly, he had in complete control the irrationalism that we desperately and monetarily are trying to seek and destroy.

If anyone should be hanged, not that I am for it, it should be the ignorant pissents that herd over our youth as they try to achieve a mandatory educational status. The maggots that manipulate our young girls into Sex-ting, and horrible acts of philanthropy by the school lockers. The locusts that would prevent me from going to a store, when I already don’t have the money to spend in the first place, thanks to this recession-depression.

SHAME on the persons who are allowing this to persist, because they need an excuse or an easy way to continue the drug flow in this country and pack their pockets with trillions of dollars at our expense!

Solution: Put every known gang member in an interment camp, (like they did the Vietnamese, who by the way did nothing wrong!), with guns, knives and drugs….and the last one standing, give him an award, “the greatest gang-member in the USA”.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Comfortably Rich

Oprah Winfrey, my Aunty “O”, as I like to call her, had the mogul Tyler Perry on her Friday LIVE show today. I don’t know when, except for the nomination of our President Obama, and the constant amazement of his wife Mrs. 1st Lady Michelle, that I have felt so proud of the heritage in which my cell make up is made of.

Oprah divulged a story or gift rather, that Tyler gave to her and her long time friend Gale. But before that, she mentioned that he told her that for his fortieth birthday he was purchasing an ISLAND! Moving on, yes there’s more… Oprah shared, what was to me, a very inspiring story about how Mr. Perry sent both her and Gale two bentleys, one each, as Christmas' gifts a couple of years back.

Now you maybe saying to yourselves, this is about money, but no no no! This is about the comfort of having money! Tyler Perry was once homeless, Oprah, “Aunty O”, was molested and rapped at a young age, and now they are exchanging BENTELY’S. This is a momentous occasion, not just for me but for the young people that think drug sales, prostitution and rap music are the only ways to conquer dreams. This has stated loud and clear, that through education, consistency and a love for all mankind anything is possible.

Thank You, both Oprah and Tyler for such a wonderful awakening and gift. See you both soon.
Donald Trump isn't the only one that can throw around Bentleys. HA HA


I received a phone call around 10:30pm last night from a faithful supporter of Walter Moore, about a radio broadcast from Kevin James, who announced that there are about 46,000 votes that still have not been counted in the Mayor election that just passed this last Tuesday.
I called Karen, the city controller this morning, and asked her how they plan to count these votes, being that they so conveniently are from the district that Walter Moore is most popular in. Her response was, “we are in what is called an Election Canvas and have until March 24th, by law, to get these votes accounted for and in. There are about 24,000 votes by mail and 12,000 provisional ballets that will be tallied up by that time. Once this is counted, the numbers will change.” Well, well, well… looks like the fat lady hasn’t even walked up to the mic.

I don’t have to regurgitate the personal feelings, or lack of, that I have for Mayor Antonio V., so I wont, but I would surely hope that everyone calls, writes and marches against these kinds of “slip ups”. How is it possible in this day and age, with all the vast technology at our finger-tips, that a simple 46,000 votes would take another 21 days to count?

All we need is a RUN-OFF. Make Antonio V. debate with Walter Moore, since he declined all his invitations to do so during the election. Let’s see if he can even articulate his ignorance in front of intelligent voters.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

OcotoMOM Drama

I find it very interesting that a woman holding up the very foundation of the Anti-abortion methodologies is not being fully supported by the same people that bomb abortion clinics, shoot at the doctors and wave flags titled “Baby Killer”. It is incredible, how when your pockets are being touched, by what you may consider paying taxes for too many children, will change even the strongest of views.

She has stated, “They were living beings and I did not want them to die”, that sounds to me like a slogan, better yet, a commercial for the Anti-baby Killers, but they are no where to be found. They haven’t sent in thousands of dollars in support, no powdered milk, not a diaper, a blanket, not even a call.

So while we’re trying to figure out how “stable” the OcotoMom is, and whether or not she deserves to raise the children she bore, irrational radicals who stand up for insanity are sitting by watching the torture.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reeclection of a Criminal

L. A. Mayor Reelection

Well yesterday around 11:00pm, the Los Angeles community lost yet another 4 years to greed and ignorance. Unfortunately Antonio V. was reelected into office so that he may continue his vengeance on this city, state and country.

It was astonishing to see how many people were unaware that yesterday was an election day, and how naive they were to the grave importance it held.

We must not continue this vague way of living, this apathetic way that we simply don’t get involved, this distain for responsibility. We have allowed the same man who has no regard for the lower income of this city, no respect for persons who’s bank accounts don’t compete, no concern of any kind for the families who have lost love ones to constant gang violence by persons who have numerous arrest on record and are here illegally and a mayor who has proven that education for not only himself, but our children doesn’t hold a thumbnail to the monies stuffed in his back pocket.

I am saddened at the thought of what we will endure in the four years to come and can only hope no more children are shot, no more schools are closed and no more high-rise – underground living facilities are built in a city with its foundation on a earthquake fault line!