Sunday, July 24, 2011

Peace You Can't Buy

My level of gratitude and appreciation leaped to new heights when I realized I have peace. Then when I became aware that peace is not just a feeling but a way of being.... my praise evolved into pure worship and dance. I suppose this is why I stress so heavily; “Be yourself.... Deal with the issues... Feel Joy.... Don't get hung up on the little things....etc” - these topics and victories over them bring about a peace that can not be explained... a peace that we should all attain.

When I heard of the news that Amy Winehouse was found dead in her hotel room yesterday, my heart cried. The music that she produced by that awesome voice was simply good music, (something we don't have much of these days). But although I was hurt, I was so relieved for her. Sounds crazy but listen, that girl (lady) was awfully afraid to live true life, and she had absolutely no peace.

So it is important, so very important, that we continue to seek our truth, our purpose, our destiny. It is important that we take care of our feelings, our perspectives, and our hearts. Because when we don't... it's simply sad.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

PC to a MAC

My dearest friend just purchased her first MACBOOK PRO!!!!!! YAY! Right... NOPE! All of you who jumped for joy were dead wrong, why? Because she couldn't transfer her music! OMG! This is one of the best machines (computers) that you can buy and you're upset because you can't transfer (readily) some music that's already on your ipod? WAIT.... ok so you can't hear music., at this moment .. Sometime Joy takes time.


#1We hang onto the past....way too much. I know this is a stretch but let's look at it slightly.
With the new operating system (new relationship, new job, new education, new computer (mac), new understanding, new awareness) you DO have the ability to transfer your music (joy, happiness, evolved peace, AND ALL), however it will take a little extra work. BUT once you do it, (LIFE) is much easier, much more secure, and much LOUDER. :0)

#2, ALL SHOULD NOT TRANSFER! Yep I said that and I meant every word. :0) Have you ever heard, “some things (people, places, and even things) are here for a reason, a season, and a lifetime? Same goes with change. Some changes are here to hurtle you into the movement of life.... some will remind you constantly of the JOY you once felt... and some go until Love fades.... which it never does.

As you make the exchange between hope and despair... between hope and faith.... between eternal joy and temporary ridiculousness.... remember YOU HAVE A CHOICEl

I LYL, LYS..... MUAH, Megan

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Beautiful Surprise

Who remembers the rapid heartbeat, HUGE smile, and the beads of joy rolling down your face... as you walked through the door of your surprised birthday party? Or better yet, who remembers the day you walked into your master suit and found the person you love has placed rose petals all over the room... OH better still, who remembers the moment they experienced peace... true peace?

I'm sure when we review the thoughts that we had as children, we had no idea that as adults we would talk, think or even live as we do. We never envisioned such stress, misunderstanding, unpaid bills, and emotional unpleasantries. We hoped, if nothing else, that we would evolve into the fairy tales of “LaLa Land”... living happily ever after. However it seems like the moment that book closed, so did that fantastic resolve. BUT we can still anticipate the surprise.

See a surprise is something we don't know is coming. Well we can always feel it, someone always hints about it... sometimes people slip up and tell us of the surprise. But still, we're not completely sure, we just stay open to the idea.

I think that as we've gotten older we've outgrown the element of surprise; the blessing in the miracle, the hope in the faith. We've become too serious, too jaded, and way too controlling. Loosening up, live free, and relax... there might be a crowd of people on the other side and you don't want them to see you frowning.

The best gifts come as surprises... beautiful surprises, but we have to be open to receive them or they'll never be revealed.

Happy HUMP Evening! MUAH

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Feel Good

I wonder why we do things that don't feel right to us... so often. Let that sink in for a minute. It seems like we are forever being self-tortured, self-taunted, and self-misused. Think about it; we eat things that we know made us sick the last time, but we're going to go ahead and eat it because of blah blah blah... or we don't really like the person we're dating but because blah blah blah... or we hang out with people that are not on the same vibrational wavelength, or we don't like going to church or perhaps that particular church but we go because blah blah blah... the list could go on, right? So why do we continue to punish ourselves? I think it's because we're afraid of change, we're afraid of conflict, and we're afraid of freedom.

Speaking on the phone today with my BFF :0), we realized something; life is kinda like a closet which is usually packed full of stuff! With no room for anything else............. well that anything else is the blessing. So don't pack your closet full of stuff that you don't want, stuff that doesn't make you feel good, it leaves no room.

Make the decision today to be HAPPY, and to FEEL Joy.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Stand for You

Today I spoke in front of the Council of Commerce at the Atlanta Georgia City Hall, and am completely honored at the distinguished opportunity. I will say however that it was thee topic in which I was monopolized (I think I made that up :0) by, with, and/or beholden to is what made it all worth the while. As I went into a wonderful simplistic building in the downtown area of Atlanta, I felt the ambience of Truth, Progression, and Affirmative Action in my very bosom... I knew that I was doing the right thing. Rushed through security, then upstairs to sign-in as a speaker, then directed to my seat... the hustle, the bustle... felt too over-rated for someone like me – but then I thought of the cause.

So my thought for today is this... when you're in your purpose Glory comes. WOW let me say that again. When you're in purpose, living within your destiny, Glory, Praise, and Recognition comes, even when you don't want or feel that you deserve it. BE YOU... If you have heard nothing else from my blogs, if nothing else has stirred your Spirit, please remember these words.... BE YOU!

It is you that will fulfill the hopes and dreams of a masses you could never account for. It is YOU that will transform the thoughts of despair and guilt, fear and hopelessness into confidence and structured power! It is YOU the you that you're not sure about that will transcend a world of discouragement... it is YOU that we're waiting for.

TODAY BE YOU! STAND for YOU! Stand FOR YOU! Stand for You!

I LYL, I LYS..... Megan