Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Expand Your Mind

I am committed to doing, being and becoming a better person, not only as I inner act with others, my physical body being better and healthy, or even my Spiritual life, I want to be better in my mind. What the heck does that mean? LOL I just love when folks ask me that. I mean READING and learning. When we were young(ER), we went to school, mostly because we had to, but we were constantly exercising our mind muscle and expanding our knowledge about things that we didn’t know and didn’t understand, until we figured it out and moved onto the next grade. Once we graduated and achieved the goals set before us, most of us just stopped right there, unless we are required to take classes for the companies we work for. When was the last time you read a book and finished it? A book about something you know nothing about, or about something you’d be interested in learning about? I’m shamed to say it’s been way too long for me. I recently read a book that I’d read before, so that doesn’t count. ☹ I am committed and I hope you will commit with me, to reading two to three books a month. Now that’s either a book every week and a half, OR a book every two weeks. This we can and should do. There is knowledge out there and without it we perish, that’s what Moses said not me. Those of you who are parents invite your kids to do this with you. Start your own FAMILY BOOK CLUB and discuss what you’ve read in a forum, have cheese and crackers, tea and crumpets… make life an experience. So now that I’ve opened my big mouth (LOL) I’m going to pick up a book right now! LYL LYS

Monday, September 17, 2012

Negative People

Hey hey now! So I wrote a comment on my twitter/FB about negative people. It’s a shame that the first day back to blogging we have to speak on this, but hey let’s get it out of the way now and move on. You know I’ve been doing these youtube videos (youtube: McGloverful for a minute now and have learned that people will actually go to MY facebook page, MY youtube channel and take the time to leave negative comments! At first I would try to respond and clarify things, I’ve even been brought to tears about something someone thought I said. Oh but then! I realized that not only do people have the right to be as negative as they want, but they also have the right to harass you. You say, what?! I say yep, it’s true. So what can we do about this, you ask? Recognize, remove, and release. Recognize who these people are, not just on fb, twitter, or social media… but in your life. Remove yourself from their presence, which can also be translated as remove them from your presence. Finally, release the stress of knowing them. I’m sure this is an ancient Chinese secret or an Egyptian philosophy that Iylana Vanzant found deep in a book when she said, “You have to teach people how to treat you.” Well I say for some people, class is over it is now time for you to go the “special class” and get the attention that you need, I’m no longer willing to go over the ABC’s of basic respect for other human beings. It’s Monday, I may not write every day but I’m here. Love and MISS You my readers. LYL LYS

Friday, March 30, 2012

Love Will Save The Day

“Don’t panic when you hit the danger zone, what you need is a change of heart… When you’re feeling down and out, Love will save the day.”

Oh YES! I Love this song! My cousin called me yesterday evening to bring me up to speed on a long drawn out foolishness that someone else is causing. OMG folk and they self-made drama! So it’s really too much to go into here on the blog, but the bottom line is that this person who is supposed to be family, is just full of what I can only explain as pain, grief and a very low self esteem. Nevertheless, I found myself telling my older cousin, “Don’t worry, the Good always wins in the end.” And that’s what I’m telling you!

See I think it’s about You and You alone. When you go to sleep at night do you rest well? When you’re around those pure Spirited children, do you enjoy their innocent joy? When you’re in the presence of the wise elderly, are you comforted by their knowledge? That’s what counts, that’s the Love in You. That’s the Good. We can not fret over what others are trying to do, because LOVE WILL SAVE THE DAY! Sing Whitney!

Love You! Megan

Thinking About You

Place the ball in their court. Whitney Houston told him look, “I keep thinking about you boy, so tell me what you gonna do…” I Love It! We’ve all heard the saying, “A closed mouth don’t get feed”, right? Ok well then open your mouth and speak the things that you want to experience in your life.

I tell my clients all the time not only to envision what you see yourself as (weight wise), but also say it aloud. Affirm it! There is life and death in the power of the tongue, so use that power to your advantage. I learned this lesson, from many years of mistakes (finally learned it argh)… you would not believe how long it took for me to actually say, “I need a hug”. Those four simple words would give me a headache and I’d break out in sweats (LOL)! Because I didn’t want to be that vulnerable, but Baby let me tell you, it sure did help when I did.

Affirming is the second step to manifesting. Speak that job into existence, that love, that fun, those vacations…etc. Use Your Power and Macgic

Let’s Go! Megan

Love Is A Contact Sport

Ok the best players in any league, I don’t care if it’s football, basketball, or boxing… they will tell you that they spend countless hours studying their opponent. Now Love is not to be a competition or a battle, but in this song Whitney is saying that it’s a sport…a contact sport. You must get involved!

Stop playing love from the sidelines. Keeping things to yourself, trying so desperately to keep this “image” up and hiding your true identity. Get ugly with it, play some defense and serious offense. Get your hands wet and even dirty! Give it all you got.

Learn who you’re playing this game with (game in a good way), and have FUN.

Go Team!


Like I Never Left

“I want you to love me like I never left…” We’ve all made mistakes and we certainly have all felt the pain that a mistake can sometimes bring… but how many of us have learned the lessons from our mistakes? Relationships, most of them are between two people, and so much depends on just these two. In order to have a relationship that is worth anything, you must have; communication, trust, freedom to be (you), compassion, and FORGIVENESS. That’s what this song reminds me of.

It does hurt when someone calls you out your name, when you’ve been disrespected and played. AND you all know I don’t fool around with folk being hurt unnecessarily, however there are times when we need to forgive people for their slip-ups, because God knows we have our own.

But this is a 2-way street. When you’re wrong APOLOGIZE and ask for forgiveness. Oh boy do we all have some pride… big-chested-onery-folk. ☺ Let us put that aside and be gentle and kind, because that’s really all we want in return… We all want to be Loved like before… like we never left.

MUAH, Megan

Nothin’ But Love

Jill Scott said it best, “Hater’s, Hate on Me!”. She’s not asking for hate to come her way, rather she’s saying, “I’m doing awesome things with my life, I’m successful, prosperous and happy… and those that hate, don’t want that for anyone…” I paraphrase in my own words of course. ☺ That’s what WH is saying here. I’ve got nothing but Love for those who support me and those who don’t. For those who have given to me and those who have selfishly taken – I have nothing but Love for ya.

I recently had someone leave a ugly comment on my FaceBook Fan Page (Megan McGlover Fan Page), about the Trayvon Martin video response I uploaded. I realized while reading it, that opinions are like our waste outlet system (LOL like that don’t You?)… everyone has one. But it’s not just the opinion, it’s the process I’m either going to take that comment through or not! I chose to simply ignore it, because I must be on the right path if someone’s upset.

So to you who have someone or someones bothering you… keep going. Smile and bask in the Favor that is on Your Life.