Friday, October 29, 2010

Birds of a Feather.

A female preacher once said, "If you want to fly with the eagles, you must stop walking with the pigeons." WOW! Who's the pigeon in your life? We all have or have had someone/something in our lives holding us back... keeping us from our greatest potential. It is time to try out our wings. Fly high into your imagination, grasp your wildest dreams into the clutches of your hand, and count your blessings.

You're worth more then just the noise you make on a brick roof-top.

Think about it.....

Freedom to be...


Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm coming out

Do you hold your religion above God? Wait now, think about that before you answer. What I'm asking is, do you do things during the week that the people at your church don't know about? Why Megan what do you mean? God knows what we do everyday and if it's about God then why do we stop when we go to church? Seems to me that our religion is being held at a higher standard then our personal relationship with He who we're going to worship.

Im coming out of that hypocritical way of living. Being in the closet does not hide you from you. Whatever that closet contains, set it free!

Freedom to be...
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DE-Stress your life

Most don’t really believe in DE-STRESS’ing…. I’m a firm believer of it. If it’s causing you grief, learn the lesson from the experience and move on. Learning the lesson is the hardest thing, especially if you’re not open to that lesson being about a personal flaw… in your character. But when we are open to it, we can begin the DE-stress journey.

For those of us that need lessons over and over again (hard-headed like me), we take ourselves through unnecessary pain and grief, because we are simply being stubborn. Take it from me, give up whatever makes you cry… those are not tears of joy.


Free to be…

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I've Moved OUT...

My dear childhood friend (Jeri Ann Austin) sang this song and Good Sam many many years ago and it always stuck with me. "I've moved out to a brand new life". The Bible tels us to work while it's day, so whatever you're waiting on, I suggest you wait NOT!

Moving to a new state has really given me a better perspective on taking care of business, my love ones, and MYSELF.

Move out to your brand new life today, don't wait for him, her, that, them, or even your children to go to college.... MOVE NOW! Don't be comfortable in your discomfort, it will become your NORMAL!