Monday, April 26, 2010


Hello WORLD!,

My goodness, where have you been? I'm sorry it was I that was lost in the delusions of life's mysteries, its turmoils and unadvised eventful journeys... for this I say, "I apologize". I apologize LIFE, because I'm never sorry. You've granted me the blessing of knowing, the knowledge of wisdom, the blessing of simply being, so why would I apologize to the life of which I breathe? Why would I doubt the certainty that has been given, the assurance that has been assured? I won’t, I never will again… for I AM the blessed peace withstanding, the running over, the agape’s expression, I am the joy of that which I dream… I am its evolution…. Am I not?

I’ve always said, “It is my reality that counts”… therefore my joy, my hopes, my dreams are actualized through me… Yep, the same goes for you too.

I learned to grieve today. I cried for reasons I was unsure. I released myself to the feelings internal without inhabitation or judgment. I actually released myself into my feeling. NO, I did not evolve into a Buddha, but I did realize that it’s ok. It’s ok to feel, to be ME. WOW… I’m 32 and just now being me…. Completely.