Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tiger Woods

I want to say what I feel without sounding or even being completely racist... is that possible?... for me? Well we'll see wont we?

I'm not sure what it'll take for Black men to realize that when it comes to stability and a "good standing", it is the BLACK WOMAN that has your back.

I think I'll leave it there. Or should I prove what I mean?

I've been upset....

Oprah Winfrey announced that she's going off the air next year, and it has not set well with me at all. I can not tell you how many persons have told me, "Girl, I've got to finish my book so I can get on the show before she goes off the air", and so many other comments. But for me, Aunty "O" leaving the air, hurts... I can't say it any other way. She means a lot to the "balance" of this Country and the intelligence (the fact that we have it) to the African American people. I am pained to see her go.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

When Hamburgers Cause Sickness, Paralysis, and Death

This was sent to me, by my good friend Cyril Grosse. PLEASE READ!

When Hamburgers Cause Sickness, Paralysis, and Death

Posted by: Dr. Mercola October 22 2009 4,507 views
An investigative piece in the New York Times, written by Michael Moss, looked at the plight of Stephanie Smith, a young dance instructor left comatose, near death and now paralyzed from eating a single Cargill hamburger contaminated with E. coli.
Of course, a “single hamburger” can include meat from hundreds of animals. Hamburger meat is often composed of various grades of meat from different parts of cows and even from different slaughterhouses. These cuts of meat are particularly vulnerable to E. coli contamination, but there is no federal requirement for grinders to test their ingredients for the pathogen.The particular strain of E. coli that infected Smith, known as E. coli O157:H7, is virulent, deadly, persistent and endemic in industrial beef. This year alone almost half a million pounds of E. coli infected ground beef have been recalled nationwide -- and that doesn’t include 800,000 pounds of Cargill beef recalled for contamination with antibiotic-resistant salmonella.Sources:
Grist October 5, 2009
New York Times October 3, 2009

Dr. Mercola's Comments:
If you are still on the fence, wondering if you should make the switch to organic, grass-fed beef from a local farm -- instead of the mass-produced variety you can get at your local supermarket -- this New York Times article may finally convince you of the wisdom of making that choice.
You may remember the E. coli outbreak in 1994 at Jack in the Box restaurants, during which four children died? After that outbreak, federal official banned meat companies and grocers from selling ground beef tainted with an especially virulent strain of E. coli known as O157:H7.
But the strain is still showing up in ground beef. So far in 2009, almost half a million pounds of E.coli-infected ground beef have been recalled across the United States. This summer alone beef was recalled from close to 3,000 grocery stores in 41 states.
This may sound excessive, but when you delve deeper into the world of the commercial meat industry, it becomes clear that eating much of it is like playing a game of Russian Roulette with your health.
Ground beef, for instance, is typically an amalgam of meat from different cows, from different slaughterhouses. So one burger could have come from hundreds of animals and different parts of the world.
Despite this, there is no federal requirement for meat grinders to test their ingredients for E.coli prior to selling them. And most retailers do not test either.
In fact, American Foodservice, which grinds 365 million pounds of hamburger a year, had to stop testing trimmings 10 years ago because slaughterhouses did not want to sell to them!
One retailer that does test their trimmings for E. coli before grinding is Costco, and according to The New York Times, Tyson will not supply them because they don’t want their product tested.
Who is Looking Out for the Safety of Your Meat Supply?
In August 2008, the USDA issued a guideline urging meat processors to test their ingredients before grinding. But the guideline is only optional and has been met with criticism from the meat industry.
As the New York Times reported, Dr. Kenneth Petersen, an assistant administrator with the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, said they could mandate testing, but they had to first consider its impact on the companies, and not just you, the consumer. Dr. Petersen told The New York Times:
“I have to look at the entire industry, not just what is best for public health.”
So that gives you an idea of how safe your food supply truly is.
Often, there is no testing whatsoever going on to determine whether disease-causing organisms have contaminated meat.
On survey mentioned in the article, conducted by the Agriculture Department, found that out of 2,000 plants, half did not test their finished ground beef for E.coli, and only 6 percent tested incoming ingredients at least four times a year.
If you are not yet familiar with the conventional practices that go on in factory farm beef warehouses, as a matter of course, then listen up. These are places where animals are raised in filthy overcrowded conditions, and are pumped full of hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals while being fed animal byproducts and pesticide-laced grains.
For an insider look at this flawed system, read Michael Pollan’s expose from 2002; it remains one of the best overviews of what is wrong with the way beef is raised in the United States.
Is There a Safer Way to Get Your Meat?
Yes, there is. Your best bet is always to purchase your beef directly from a trusted rancher whose farming practices you’re familiar with. Supporting local farmers and ranchers can go a long way toward improving the entire food system, and more importantly, your personal health.
Buying your beef directly from the farm is an even better option than getting it from upscale, natural health markets like Whole Foods, as even these stores have had meat recalls in recent months.
Next, you will want to find and purchase grass-fed and finished beef, ideally. Grass-finished beef has a minimal risk of contamination compared to grain-fed beef due to the difference instomach pH in the two diets.
Grain diets create a much higher level of acidity in the animal’s stomach, which the E.coli bacteria need to survive. And grass-finished animals live in clean grass pastures where higher levels of sanitation greatly reduce the risk as well.
While I realize that not everyone has access to small farmers, food from local sources is increasing in popularity and is becoming much easier to come by. For an excellent list of sustainable agricultural groups in your area, please see Promoting Sustainable Agriculture -- this page is filled with resources for high-quality produce and meats in your area.
Also, there are a number of grass-fed beef ranchers in the United States that offer safe, high-quality meats.Related Links:
Discover How Your Beef is Really Raised
USDA Orders Largest Meat Recall in U.S. History
Why Purchasing Meat at Whole Foods May be a Risky Proposition

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Don’t let your children get a compliment from someone else, that they should’ve received from you.

In the same episode that I wrote about earlier, a different woman sharing her abusive experience, said “in contrast to what I was used to hearing from my mother, that I was clumsy, ugly, stupid and not smart. My father looked me in my eyes and said, “you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life.”

The level of desperation that a child seeks for approval is staggering. So you who are parents better recognize that a child will get that attention and love from someone, somewhere.

Why at the age of 20 is this woman for the first time hearing that she is beautiful, from this degusting pervert!? For God’s sake how many of us, long to be loved. How many of our children are longing to be approved!?

Mackenzie Phillips on OPRAH

Mackenzie Phillips in reappearing on the Oprah Show today, and as I sit and watch I must say I am grateful that I don’t feel her pain. If you have not seen or know her story, she was sexually abused by her father from an early age until early adulthood. The story is very deep and horrifying. Today, many other women are sharing their similar experiences of abuse.

Something struck me as I’m watching. Mackenzie said, “my father introduced me to drugs at a very young age, and I now realize that he was “grooming” me for some type of inappropriate behavior.” This is major! Is someone grooming you? Is someone grooming your children? Are you being or have you been brain-washed? Are you children protected, are they safe?

These questions are scary and they hurt. But I will tell you this… You should not be upset to STAND UP FOR YOURSELF and YOUR CHILDREN! Stand up and say “no”. Stand up and say NO MORE, I am taking back my life, even now! And DO IT!

If you child is “tugging” on the pants leg of her father, if your son is begging for attention from his mother. PAY ATTENTION! Speak to your children, be there for your family! Ask these important questions and answer them truthfully.

People are still being abused every day and we can’t continue to turn a deaf ear to the cries of our family and friends.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Why Isn't It God's Will?

To My Readers,

I must apologize for not posting anything for a couple of months, I've been studying for school, moving and a host of "life". But I have something I'd like to ask you all:

Why do you think it isn't God's Will?

WOW, after all this time I come back atcha with this! ;0)

I have been placed on a Women’s Prayer email list, where women place their prayer request and/or Praise Reports. Recently I read a prayer request that asked for healing… if it’s God’s will. I found that very interesting. Now I’m a strictly-raised Christian, so I’ve heard this a number of times, but for some reason it struck me today. Who is God?... Let me rephrase, What is God? He is Love, right? He wants and desires the best for us, so why do we ask for something to be His Will? “Things that make you go, hmmmm”

The masses preach about God being our Father, the father we never had. So would your father want you to have cancer and not be healed from it? Would he want you to suffer with a man that is no good, beating you and stealing from you every sense of confidence you can muster up day to day? Would your father want you to neglect yourself, harm yourself and mistreat your children? I think not.

My mother told me a story a while ago that says: When we get to Heaven there will be a large room full of presents, we will ask God what are these and why didn’t I get them on Earth when I needed them? He will answer, “because you weren’t ready to receive them.”

Think about this today, tomorrow and whenever you “ask” God for something. Why wouldn’t He want you to have whatever it is that you need? 1. Do you really need it? 2. Are you ready to receive it? 3. Are you praising Him in advance for what He’s already done before the asking?

O my, we have much work to do.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I am even more proud then I can stand!... The media is broadcasting the memorial service for Michael Jackson, as I write, it has not yet started. Nevertheless, the processional has.
I have never seen the LAPD so focused, organized and together. I have never seen in my life time, a BLACK MAN, an African American man honored in the way he should be. I am proud! I am excited! I am a fan.

As the processional begins, there are 6, yes… count’em SIX black ROLLS ROYCE’S and a fleet of Bentleys and Range Rovers, trucks etc., that are totting this remarkable black family to the Staples Center.

The media is complaining that this city can not afford this type of police presence, and to them I say… “figure it out!” As much money you and I pay in taxes, which by the way recently went up another quarter percent, as much money we pay for in fees, in dues etc…. This city can and should figure it out! This man, Michael Jackson has given more then anyone, even as much as his life!

As I’ve written before about Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry…. This is another Proud Black Moment for me.

Six Rolls Royce’s! YES

Friday, June 26, 2009


It isn’t ironic that my last blog talked about having NO REGRETS. With so many people dieing all around us, we should love and love today. Now the world is feeling a sense of lose, of pain, of this eerie thing we call grief. We feel this way for a man that some say “they grew up with Michael” others say, “if it were not for his music…” and others even as far as, “I feel like I’ve lost a brother.”

So what do we take from this? So much can be said; 1. Stop being mean one to another. 2. We never really know what someone is going through. 3. Death, no matter how expected, is always a sudden shock (Farrah Faucett) 4. Pictures aren’t always worth anything…. The list could go on. But my words are these:

I miss you Michael and I know you’re somewhere that cameras can not flash, people can not harm and words are not heard. You can dance now, you can sing as loudly as you like, you can simply be you.

Love and do it TODAY.

Monday, June 15, 2009

No Regrets!

In the last five months I have either known or knew of, through my family members of seventeen (17) people that have died. Let me say it another way... 17 people have died within five months all within a very close-net-circle! None through gang violence or a shooting or some act of violence, thank God. But because of elderliness or health issues (cancer of course). I am going to write something on cancer soon... just gotta let the anger settle first.

So what does this mean? Most are saying God is soon to return, some say that God is taking His saints so that they will not have to endure what is to come, and the list could go on and on I'm sure. But to me, not that I exclude the other reasons, 17 people dieing within five months says to me, don't waste time. Not the usual, "don't waste your life" speech. This is different. What I'm saying is tell your family members, friends, lovers whomever that YOU LOVE THEM.

I cringe to think of how many family members, (sisters, daughters, mothers, sons, brothers, husbands, wives) of the deceased, are unable to breathe because they didn't express their love and forgiveness with them.

Have no regrets. Don't allow pride to get a hold of your tongue and ego to tie your arms behind your back. Show that you care. Don't wait until the funeral and fall out all over the casket, screaming about how much you didn’t get to say. Because regardless of what you believe about the after-life, I think we can all agree that at that point they can't hear, nor will you get the satisfaction of being heard.

Don't waste another minute... Love and LOVE NOW!

Monday, May 4, 2009

What are you WORTH?

Life itself is not as simplistic as we once believed. The fairytales with knight and shinning armored men haven’t once shown their faces and my castle is an apartment. Life has proven to be a journey full of experiences, trails and triumphs based on your outlook, intake and realistic view.

So I ask, what is your interpretation? What is your viewpoint on life? Moreover what is your self worth? Most of us would answer that; yes we know who we are and therefore what we’re worth. We all try to have a positive outlook on life, regardless of the circumstances. We all try to “make” ourselves feel better about our daily lives. But how much better would you feel about yourself if you stepped outside of the chaos every-so-often?

Today, I went to a Thai spa. Purchased a full body-scrub, went and got a facial and a mani-pedi. Not that my finances could afford such and extravagant adventure, I just came to the realization that I deserved it. Then I said to myself… IT’S TERRIBLE WHEN I HAVE TO CONVENCE MYSELF THAT I “DESERVE” SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS SELF MAINTENANCE!

How much are you keeping from yourself because you don’t think you deserve it? How much time do you deprive yourself of because someone else needs it more then you? How many morals have you bent to glorify someone else’s pleasures?

I challenge you to discover YOU. To take some time out for you! Read, meditate, and spend quiet time away from the cares of the world and CARE ABOUT YOU!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Cowboys and Indians

The Bible tells us that children are a gift from God... but I thank God I don’t have any! This is harsh, right? Not when you live in Los Angeles and everyday, or at least every other week, there is a shooting at or nearby a school. What is the problem?!?! Our children are in the middle of a war without enlisting. Not only is the government making unreasonable budget cuts from the public school programs, not only are the schools overpopulated with children with questionable origins, but now we are overthrown with gang violence that doesn’t consist of logical gang concepts.

Gangs used to fight over territory, then it was “colors”, then drugs, well that was always the foundational reason, then it was race (African Americans vs. Mexicans), and now there is no rhyme or reason, they are literally playing Cowboys and Indians! At any moment any of us can be caught in the crossfire. I’m strongly considering joining, I need some protection, this is getting crazy.

If you have children, they are a blessing from God, cherish them, protect them…..overdo your parenting. They need it! We need it!

Wasting Money…for no reason!

“If our coffee was any more expensive, you’d have to wait in line.”

I was in a 7-11 and read this quote from the coffee cups used for their coffee. Not only is it a good marketing quote, but more so it speaks volumes to the programming that we have undergone in this country. If we’re not spending money, ridiculous amounts of it, then it’s not worth it, or we are worth so much more, like a $4.00 cup of coffee when you can get it for $1.25.

Why do we feel this way? Well we can easily conclude that the media contributes greatly to these illusions of unfathomable wealth. We are in a recession and stretch to great lengths to buy Nikes for our children, scarfs from Bloomingdale’s and $4.00 coffee! We must realize and change the way we think. Stop comparing ourselves to the Jones, when the Jones have lost their money in the stock markets, their homes to foreclosure and are at 7-11 buying their morning cup of joe!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009



Why don’t you think you need it? Ohhhh, it’s only for “crazy people”. That’s right I forgot you felt that way. Well this just in… YOU ARE CRAZY, if you don’t think you need therapy.

Most of us have come from troubled homes; verbal and physical abuse, fatherless, motherless, drug and alcohol influences, battery, you’re the “dark” one in the family or the “light” one… and lets not go into sexual abuse. The list could go on and on as I’m sure you would agree. So, if you think these issues are not oozing into you daily life and relationships with others you have been more bamboozled then when the Plymouth Rock fell on us.

Life is a complex journey by itself and must be handled with intelligence and forethought. The wounds that we all have are not healed, simply covered with layers and layers of excuses and distraction. The root of what we feel is not cured, just sustained and not very well maintained.

The next time you have an argument with your love one, you yell at your children instead of talking to them, you complain about a person at work that you just can’t stand, you curse the driver in front of you… take a minute to consider, really consider what you’re feeling at the time, in your heart. I’m sure it will be a striking pain in your chest that you can’t explain. Your head may hurt or your stomach is somehow in knots. This is because the source of your anger, grief and short-temperedness has not been handled and resolved.

Therapy, life-coaching and counseling is not for crazy people, it’s for people conscious enough to know they need it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Terrorists living among us

I’ve written about this before, obviously it needs to be shared again. The gang violence in this country has spread to monstrous and uncontrollable proportions. I was in the gym today and an AfriCAN American woman asked me if I shop at Wal-Mart. I responded “not really”. She continued, “well if you know of anyone that does, tell them not to go there tonight because there will be a gang affiliation at a Wal-Mart. They plan on shooting three women.” I thanked her for sharing and proceeded to text my friends and family. Shortly there after I received a text of my own warning me of the same followishness.

We are now living in a communistic freedom-less country! When you can’t do something as simple as go to Wal-Mart, the grocery store or 7-11 for Pete’s sake, you must realize that China may be clearer on their ideals then we. It is more then just the drug war and the pregnant teens, the fatherless children and the ware-fare numbers… it is now a civil neglect, a terroristical approach upon our freedom! Gangs, if that’s what you want to call them, are killing our children, our babies, our mothers, fathers, fianc├ęs and friends. They are keeping us from enjoying the liberties that our ancestors fought for. They are simply, terrorists.

I was completely against the hanging of Saddam Hussain. You may ask why?... Well firstly, he did absolutely nothing to us as a country except, not allowing us to invade the Opium Fields….that’s another blog….and Secondly, he had in complete control the irrationalism that we desperately and monetarily are trying to seek and destroy.

If anyone should be hanged, not that I am for it, it should be the ignorant pissents that herd over our youth as they try to achieve a mandatory educational status. The maggots that manipulate our young girls into Sex-ting, and horrible acts of philanthropy by the school lockers. The locusts that would prevent me from going to a store, when I already don’t have the money to spend in the first place, thanks to this recession-depression.

SHAME on the persons who are allowing this to persist, because they need an excuse or an easy way to continue the drug flow in this country and pack their pockets with trillions of dollars at our expense!

Solution: Put every known gang member in an interment camp, (like they did the Vietnamese, who by the way did nothing wrong!), with guns, knives and drugs….and the last one standing, give him an award, “the greatest gang-member in the USA”.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Comfortably Rich

Oprah Winfrey, my Aunty “O”, as I like to call her, had the mogul Tyler Perry on her Friday LIVE show today. I don’t know when, except for the nomination of our President Obama, and the constant amazement of his wife Mrs. 1st Lady Michelle, that I have felt so proud of the heritage in which my cell make up is made of.

Oprah divulged a story or gift rather, that Tyler gave to her and her long time friend Gale. But before that, she mentioned that he told her that for his fortieth birthday he was purchasing an ISLAND! Moving on, yes there’s more… Oprah shared, what was to me, a very inspiring story about how Mr. Perry sent both her and Gale two bentleys, one each, as Christmas' gifts a couple of years back.

Now you maybe saying to yourselves, this is about money, but no no no! This is about the comfort of having money! Tyler Perry was once homeless, Oprah, “Aunty O”, was molested and rapped at a young age, and now they are exchanging BENTELY’S. This is a momentous occasion, not just for me but for the young people that think drug sales, prostitution and rap music are the only ways to conquer dreams. This has stated loud and clear, that through education, consistency and a love for all mankind anything is possible.

Thank You, both Oprah and Tyler for such a wonderful awakening and gift. See you both soon.
Donald Trump isn't the only one that can throw around Bentleys. HA HA


I received a phone call around 10:30pm last night from a faithful supporter of Walter Moore, about a radio broadcast from Kevin James, who announced that there are about 46,000 votes that still have not been counted in the Mayor election that just passed this last Tuesday.
I called Karen, the city controller this morning, and asked her how they plan to count these votes, being that they so conveniently are from the district that Walter Moore is most popular in. Her response was, “we are in what is called an Election Canvas and have until March 24th, by law, to get these votes accounted for and in. There are about 24,000 votes by mail and 12,000 provisional ballets that will be tallied up by that time. Once this is counted, the numbers will change.” Well, well, well… looks like the fat lady hasn’t even walked up to the mic.

I don’t have to regurgitate the personal feelings, or lack of, that I have for Mayor Antonio V., so I wont, but I would surely hope that everyone calls, writes and marches against these kinds of “slip ups”. How is it possible in this day and age, with all the vast technology at our finger-tips, that a simple 46,000 votes would take another 21 days to count?

All we need is a RUN-OFF. Make Antonio V. debate with Walter Moore, since he declined all his invitations to do so during the election. Let’s see if he can even articulate his ignorance in front of intelligent voters.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

OcotoMOM Drama

I find it very interesting that a woman holding up the very foundation of the Anti-abortion methodologies is not being fully supported by the same people that bomb abortion clinics, shoot at the doctors and wave flags titled “Baby Killer”. It is incredible, how when your pockets are being touched, by what you may consider paying taxes for too many children, will change even the strongest of views.

She has stated, “They were living beings and I did not want them to die”, that sounds to me like a slogan, better yet, a commercial for the Anti-baby Killers, but they are no where to be found. They haven’t sent in thousands of dollars in support, no powdered milk, not a diaper, a blanket, not even a call.

So while we’re trying to figure out how “stable” the OcotoMom is, and whether or not she deserves to raise the children she bore, irrational radicals who stand up for insanity are sitting by watching the torture.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reeclection of a Criminal

L. A. Mayor Reelection

Well yesterday around 11:00pm, the Los Angeles community lost yet another 4 years to greed and ignorance. Unfortunately Antonio V. was reelected into office so that he may continue his vengeance on this city, state and country.

It was astonishing to see how many people were unaware that yesterday was an election day, and how naive they were to the grave importance it held.

We must not continue this vague way of living, this apathetic way that we simply don’t get involved, this distain for responsibility. We have allowed the same man who has no regard for the lower income of this city, no respect for persons who’s bank accounts don’t compete, no concern of any kind for the families who have lost love ones to constant gang violence by persons who have numerous arrest on record and are here illegally and a mayor who has proven that education for not only himself, but our children doesn’t hold a thumbnail to the monies stuffed in his back pocket.

I am saddened at the thought of what we will endure in the four years to come and can only hope no more children are shot, no more schools are closed and no more high-rise – underground living facilities are built in a city with its foundation on a earthquake fault line!

Friday, February 27, 2009

It's ok to be YOU

“The instinct of nearly all societies is to lock up anybody who is truly free. First, society begins by trying to beat you up. If this fails, they try to poison you. If this fails too, they finish by loading honors on your head.”
- Jean Cocteau
At the very moment we were conceived in the womb, we were given immunity to the inherited ghastly self-implemented self rejection—however, as we grow we put that generational shame on our children….simply, we are breeding slavery.

If you turn on the television at any give time and just about any given channel you will be placing your confidence in a hazardous position. Legalized prostitution being underrated as a simple dating show. Grueling competitions for fame and fortune being passed off as some kind of reality phenomenon. Pornographic music videos passing for culture, while four hour car chasings pass for “the news”
Truth is being substituted by ill-placed glory and our minds are bombarded with garbage, filled with nonsense and slaughtered by the remote control.
Life is not as it is displayed in magazines, flighty web pages and compost gossip shows. Life is a complex, yet beautiful chapter in earth’s existence and continuance and should be respected as such.
We will find ourselves grieving over the constant comparisons that we make with plastic surgery’s genius, we will forever be tormenting by the thoughts of not having enough and not being enough if we continue down this tremostrious path of media reliance.
It has already been said by so many that the models in magazines are not real, that no one is that thin, no one that gorgeous and no one shallow enough to really live like that. But this is not true and that is a shocking fact. This “reality show” movement has struck in millions of people around the world a ruthless amount of pressure to be the images we see on screen.
Neglect your children, forget who you are and most importantly devalue your own existence because you as you, simply isn’t good enough.
But when and how did it come to this? We were never designed to be a vacuumed society. We are to be a peculiar people, distinctive in differences and spectacular in uniqueness. Only when we know this will we grasp, that our souls are being run-a-mock by the doubt we place in and about ourselves. When you are not confident in who you are, anything will do, just as long as it’s not you.
Some will say, “No, I’m patterning my life after a pretty and very successful female.” Or, “I’m molding myself after a rich guy who is handsome and has a lot of women.” This is translated into; 1. I am starving to be the video tramp who could barely stand up because of all the ecstasy she took the night before. 2. I have no other education or way out so I want to sell drugs and make money just like this ignorant rapper who also can’t barely stand for all the drugs he smoked just before the director said “action”.
It’s not that there aren’t wonderful people who model, rap, play basketball and are on what I would call “questionable” television programs, it’s that when we blueprint our own survival on that image they portray we are falling far below the bar of standards in which we have been created.
Slavery is not just a physical state of confinement. It’s not just taking away your right to vote, or working for a unheard wage - Slavery is when your true spirit is in bondage. When our soul is placed involuntarily under subjection to outside stereo types and self afflicted anxieties.
When you degrade yourself, when you don’t live up to the person that you know you are, you LOOSE WHO YOU ARE and the purpose you and only you were appointed to live out goes unaccomplished. Not only is that blessing taken away from you, but from all the world who has a partnership in receiving. You are stealing form yourself when you don’t love yourself.
God would not have us question his greatness or assume he made a mistake when he created us individually, so stop slapping him in the face and embrace your beauty, your matchless supremacy, your size, your style, your YOU.
We are all connected to the wellspring of life. We are all connected to God, we just refuse to accept that responsibility that comes with that, so instead we reject the notion that such a thing is possible. We place all our energy and attention on being something that we are not, while wasting precious time in which we can learn, teach and evolve.
Why are we trying so desperately to be something or someone that we are not? Because we are afraid of the majesty that each and everyone of us holds in the bosom of our own truth. If allowed we can experience freedom of self in ways only our great grandparents dreamed of.
You are irreplaceable because you are YOU!

U R what U eat

Numbers 11:4“Soon those who had intermarried with Egyptians complained again. Then others began to complain, ‘If only we had some meat to eat.”

Fortunately I was raised a vegetarian and have been blessed to know what is good and not good for my body. However, unfortunately for so many of our American and non-American brothers and sisters this privilege was not granted. It breaks my heart to know that a simple change in diet can revolutionize not only the health status of so many of my people but will also bring about a spiritual pathway for the Holy Spirit to speak without the clouding of appetite and gluttony.

After many years of research and a toiling of the conscience, Scientists have proven, they should’ve just looked in the Bible, that food not only has a great deal to do with a child’s development, but also weighs heavily on the development of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and many other health struggles. In light of these new findings, we still are at the local meat market requesting our death sentence. Notwithstanding that some of us haven’t been told directly of the dangers of filling our bodies with dead waste and the backed up colons of dead animals which are stuffed to capacity of other dead animals with their colons also backed up with waste! We do not need to look in other directions for genocide, we are doing it to ourselves three times a day at the table. The diet not only controls the mind, but it will control your time. Observe the time spent on thinking about what you are going to eat or where and with whom, the wait to get and or prepare it and ultimately, the price. God set aside a specific diet for His children, because He knew that with the hardship of this life we would need the bodily strength to endure.

In the perfect Garden of Eden mankind was created in the image of God, (Genesis 1:26) don’t you find it interesting that in perfection the designated food for eating was fruits, most vegetables and water, I am also assuming juices made from the fruits (Genesis 1:28-30), and there were no animals bar-b-qued on the Holy grill? Review the life journey of the Israelite slaves in Egypt (Exodus – Numbers). They ate the trash and leftovers of the Egyptian kings, queens and even common citizens, (sound familiar?). They were in slavery and were lowered to eat the swine, rubbish and pure waste of what “better” people ate. Therefore their taste buds were accustomed to the flavorful meats that they had no choice but to learn to enjoy. My goodness does this sound familiar… Once the Lord freed them from many years (Four hundred and thirty years; Exodus 12:40-42) of down right despicable adversity, poverty and destitution they found themselves not missing the music, not missing the movie theatres, the resorts or golf clubs…. No, No it was the FOOD! Believe it or not the stomach weighs heavily on the psyche and is the source of nourishment to the entire body, not excluding our thoughts and decisions.Once they were freed, God sent them manna, basically heavenly food (Exodus16:4), every morning before they awakened. They baked it, pounded it into flour, and some ate it as cereal. They were not able to camp and plant fruit trees and farm vegetables, so God provided them cuisine from above on their way to Canaan, the land God promised them (Exodus 6:4-8). Can we not look at our lives in the same way? We are on a journey to the Promise Land, and God has vowed to give us all that we need. For He is the Vine and we are the branches that receive nourishment for our daily living (John 15:5), yet we find ourselves unsatisfied due to our shapened cravings for sin. After the Israelite’s much complaining, the Lord decided He would heed to the ungrateful pleas and sent meat, so much to last them an entire month. Biblical studies tell us that they ate so much meat that it was coming out of their mouths and noses. Our bodies just aren’t made for such strenuous eatery. Of course after several people died, they insisted that the manna sent from Heaven was truly the food designated by God and was more than enough to keep them happy and healthy. How many more of our people must die until we realize that the food, which God originally selected for us, is good enough!Let’s also explore the temptation Christ endured after His baptism. He went on a forty day fast, meaning no food or drink, so that He would be wholly dependant on the Holy Spirit to speak to and direct Him. While He was in the wilderness the very first temptation that Satan tried on Him was the enticement of appetite (Matthew 4:4), once Satan realized that wasn’t going to work, he moved onto other things. Jesus knew then that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and must be in its best condition to serve and spread the good news of His Second Advent. (ICorinthians 6:19,20).

Lastly, the Word says that all things were created by Him and for Him (Colossians 1:16,17); therefore we owe it to Him, amongst so many other things, to live for Him (Ephesians 4:23). He redeemed us not so we could live a life of disease and pain, but that we may through a life of longevity and strength glorify His name. Let us preserve our body temples and transform our appetites to likings of the Heavenly feast that we will partake of in Glory. Isn’t that what we should be doing with our character? Why not our desires as well?“We get our new life from the Holy Spirit, so let’s keep in step with the Spirit and live the way He wants us to.” Galatians 5:25