Monday, September 21, 2009

Why Isn't It God's Will?

To My Readers,

I must apologize for not posting anything for a couple of months, I've been studying for school, moving and a host of "life". But I have something I'd like to ask you all:

Why do you think it isn't God's Will?

WOW, after all this time I come back atcha with this! ;0)

I have been placed on a Women’s Prayer email list, where women place their prayer request and/or Praise Reports. Recently I read a prayer request that asked for healing… if it’s God’s will. I found that very interesting. Now I’m a strictly-raised Christian, so I’ve heard this a number of times, but for some reason it struck me today. Who is God?... Let me rephrase, What is God? He is Love, right? He wants and desires the best for us, so why do we ask for something to be His Will? “Things that make you go, hmmmm”

The masses preach about God being our Father, the father we never had. So would your father want you to have cancer and not be healed from it? Would he want you to suffer with a man that is no good, beating you and stealing from you every sense of confidence you can muster up day to day? Would your father want you to neglect yourself, harm yourself and mistreat your children? I think not.

My mother told me a story a while ago that says: When we get to Heaven there will be a large room full of presents, we will ask God what are these and why didn’t I get them on Earth when I needed them? He will answer, “because you weren’t ready to receive them.”

Think about this today, tomorrow and whenever you “ask” God for something. Why wouldn’t He want you to have whatever it is that you need? 1. Do you really need it? 2. Are you ready to receive it? 3. Are you praising Him in advance for what He’s already done before the asking?

O my, we have much work to do.