Tuesday, June 14, 2011


“Judge not, less you be judged” - Bible

Now we got that outta the way here's my take. LOL J/K I am actually more sympathetic to this issue then most may think. As most of the world may already know, Bishop Eddie Long was accused of mis-using his pastoral position and having contact of a sexual nature with 4 particular young men. Although it did not go to trail and Long denied the accusations, a settlement of $25 Million dollars was reached yesterday. As you may know by now, if you have been reading my blogs, I don't really enjoy speaking on the person directly, I try to look at the situation in a way that we can all get a lesson out of it. You know what I mean?

So let's talk about the closet. We've heard the saying, “What's in the closet will always come to light” and “Your skeletons will one day come out of the closet”... and so on. But we never really talk about the closet itself. This dark, usually very small, tight, uncomfortable, unforgiving box that holds what others and we deem as our most shameful secrets is in and of itself the shame that we try so desperately to hide. Shame (the closet), tells us daily that we don't deserve to be loved, that we will never be good enough, that we are forever “doomed”, that we are just so far off the mark. This shame keeps us from our true self, keeps us from our loved ones, and keeps us locked in the closet.

The closet to me is like a cult. It is usually a group of people who are so miserable within themselves that they will basically believe anything as long as it takes the pressure off the real issue. Instead of taking the time out to massage the soul that is You, they choose to drink the koolaid. So in the cases of these officials (Wiener, Schwartzneggar), pastors, and persons in leadership who are constantly stepping all over the principles and morals of marriage and these standards they “hold in such great esteem”, they rather force us in the closet with them instead of coming out and helping others come out as well.

It is not about your sexual preference or whether you cheat on your taxes, your diet, or you're a closet-eater... this is about LOVING YOU. Whoever you are, whatever your desires, whatever your issues you deserve to be loved and that love must first start with you. It has been said and is true, “People will treat you according to how you treat yourself.” Now I'm not saying tell all your business, I'm a private person, however I am saying deal with who you are... baggage and all... then embrace yourself. Because whatever you want to change you can, but Honey you can't do it while you're in the closet – there's simply not enough room.

It's Tuesday “and I'm feeling good.” - Jennifer Hudson


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Endings

This week is a week of NEW Endings. We've heard time and time again about New Beginnings, right? Of course... but how can we start anew when we're still “fooling-around” with the old? As you know, my birthday was Sunday (June 5th) and I realized I am able to move forward only by leaving behind that which is no longer apart of my life journey.

Now certainly we can carry baggage around as long as we'd like, God is not going to stop us, however when we do this it gets harder and harder to go through the new doors of opportunity... and perhaps one day we wont make it through at all. Some things in our lives are just no longer of any use to us; whether it be things, people, jobs, past emotionally justifications (uh oh)... whatever it is, its purpose has come and gone and is no longer servicing our destiny which awaits us.

So as I look towards the future, I pray you'll all join me in looking towards your's as well – then look in your suitcase and make sure you have what you need, because it cost when you overpack.

Let Go of the Old. Let's make this week ROCK! I'll be back in the “A” soon. :0)


Friday, June 3, 2011

Take a Step Towards Your Fear

The other side of fear is a beautiful place. Full of calming peace and gentle smiles. Surrounded by a wonderful sense of self. The grass is greener on the other side of that nightmare called fear.

This lack of self-worth, self-empowerment, self-KNOWING or fear, is the main reason, I believe, we don't excel in the areas we so passionately and desperately want to succeed in. For example, I've spoken to many of you about weight loss and the trails that come along with it. In some of these conversations I've heard a strong undertone of fear... fear that they will never loose the weight... for various reasons: they physically don't think they can; they've tried before; the addiction to food... etc etc. All of the reasons are wrapped up in this mind-controlling fright of thee “I can't” syndrome.

Take it from me, the first step to getting to that other side is TAKE A STEP. Whether it's weight, anxiety, crowded places, flying.... whatever it is, you must take a step towards that fear. Sounds crazy but it's the truth. As you began to step towards it, you will grow in yourself, (kinda like growing in God)... you become a stronger and more confident person. As you get bigger the fear becomes smaller and smaller until it no longer exist. You will find yourself hoovering over whatever it was that was holding you back... and in that moment you will experience real victory.

So don't be afraid of that bully... GET IN THE GYM. Workout your mind, build muscles in you Spirit, cardio the heck out of your confidence, (LOL I like that), push-up your self-esteem... eventually that bully will be afraid of you. :0)

LYL LYS! TGIF! I'm in Cali so thankful for that too. MUAH, Megan