Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I am even more proud then I can stand!... The media is broadcasting the memorial service for Michael Jackson, as I write, it has not yet started. Nevertheless, the processional has.
I have never seen the LAPD so focused, organized and together. I have never seen in my life time, a BLACK MAN, an African American man honored in the way he should be. I am proud! I am excited! I am a fan.

As the processional begins, there are 6, yes… count’em SIX black ROLLS ROYCE’S and a fleet of Bentleys and Range Rovers, trucks etc., that are totting this remarkable black family to the Staples Center.

The media is complaining that this city can not afford this type of police presence, and to them I say… “figure it out!” As much money you and I pay in taxes, which by the way recently went up another quarter percent, as much money we pay for in fees, in dues etc…. This city can and should figure it out! This man, Michael Jackson has given more then anyone, even as much as his life!

As I’ve written before about Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry…. This is another Proud Black Moment for me.

Six Rolls Royce’s! YES