Monday, April 13, 2009

Cowboys and Indians

The Bible tells us that children are a gift from God... but I thank God I don’t have any! This is harsh, right? Not when you live in Los Angeles and everyday, or at least every other week, there is a shooting at or nearby a school. What is the problem?!?! Our children are in the middle of a war without enlisting. Not only is the government making unreasonable budget cuts from the public school programs, not only are the schools overpopulated with children with questionable origins, but now we are overthrown with gang violence that doesn’t consist of logical gang concepts.

Gangs used to fight over territory, then it was “colors”, then drugs, well that was always the foundational reason, then it was race (African Americans vs. Mexicans), and now there is no rhyme or reason, they are literally playing Cowboys and Indians! At any moment any of us can be caught in the crossfire. I’m strongly considering joining, I need some protection, this is getting crazy.

If you have children, they are a blessing from God, cherish them, protect them…..overdo your parenting. They need it! We need it!

Wasting Money…for no reason!

“If our coffee was any more expensive, you’d have to wait in line.”

I was in a 7-11 and read this quote from the coffee cups used for their coffee. Not only is it a good marketing quote, but more so it speaks volumes to the programming that we have undergone in this country. If we’re not spending money, ridiculous amounts of it, then it’s not worth it, or we are worth so much more, like a $4.00 cup of coffee when you can get it for $1.25.

Why do we feel this way? Well we can easily conclude that the media contributes greatly to these illusions of unfathomable wealth. We are in a recession and stretch to great lengths to buy Nikes for our children, scarfs from Bloomingdale’s and $4.00 coffee! We must realize and change the way we think. Stop comparing ourselves to the Jones, when the Jones have lost their money in the stock markets, their homes to foreclosure and are at 7-11 buying their morning cup of joe!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009



Why don’t you think you need it? Ohhhh, it’s only for “crazy people”. That’s right I forgot you felt that way. Well this just in… YOU ARE CRAZY, if you don’t think you need therapy.

Most of us have come from troubled homes; verbal and physical abuse, fatherless, motherless, drug and alcohol influences, battery, you’re the “dark” one in the family or the “light” one… and lets not go into sexual abuse. The list could go on and on as I’m sure you would agree. So, if you think these issues are not oozing into you daily life and relationships with others you have been more bamboozled then when the Plymouth Rock fell on us.

Life is a complex journey by itself and must be handled with intelligence and forethought. The wounds that we all have are not healed, simply covered with layers and layers of excuses and distraction. The root of what we feel is not cured, just sustained and not very well maintained.

The next time you have an argument with your love one, you yell at your children instead of talking to them, you complain about a person at work that you just can’t stand, you curse the driver in front of you… take a minute to consider, really consider what you’re feeling at the time, in your heart. I’m sure it will be a striking pain in your chest that you can’t explain. Your head may hurt or your stomach is somehow in knots. This is because the source of your anger, grief and short-temperedness has not been handled and resolved.

Therapy, life-coaching and counseling is not for crazy people, it’s for people conscious enough to know they need it.