Monday, April 13, 2009

Cowboys and Indians

The Bible tells us that children are a gift from God... but I thank God I don’t have any! This is harsh, right? Not when you live in Los Angeles and everyday, or at least every other week, there is a shooting at or nearby a school. What is the problem?!?! Our children are in the middle of a war without enlisting. Not only is the government making unreasonable budget cuts from the public school programs, not only are the schools overpopulated with children with questionable origins, but now we are overthrown with gang violence that doesn’t consist of logical gang concepts.

Gangs used to fight over territory, then it was “colors”, then drugs, well that was always the foundational reason, then it was race (African Americans vs. Mexicans), and now there is no rhyme or reason, they are literally playing Cowboys and Indians! At any moment any of us can be caught in the crossfire. I’m strongly considering joining, I need some protection, this is getting crazy.

If you have children, they are a blessing from God, cherish them, protect them…..overdo your parenting. They need it! We need it!

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