Friday, February 27, 2009

It's ok to be YOU

“The instinct of nearly all societies is to lock up anybody who is truly free. First, society begins by trying to beat you up. If this fails, they try to poison you. If this fails too, they finish by loading honors on your head.”
- Jean Cocteau
At the very moment we were conceived in the womb, we were given immunity to the inherited ghastly self-implemented self rejection—however, as we grow we put that generational shame on our children….simply, we are breeding slavery.

If you turn on the television at any give time and just about any given channel you will be placing your confidence in a hazardous position. Legalized prostitution being underrated as a simple dating show. Grueling competitions for fame and fortune being passed off as some kind of reality phenomenon. Pornographic music videos passing for culture, while four hour car chasings pass for “the news”
Truth is being substituted by ill-placed glory and our minds are bombarded with garbage, filled with nonsense and slaughtered by the remote control.
Life is not as it is displayed in magazines, flighty web pages and compost gossip shows. Life is a complex, yet beautiful chapter in earth’s existence and continuance and should be respected as such.
We will find ourselves grieving over the constant comparisons that we make with plastic surgery’s genius, we will forever be tormenting by the thoughts of not having enough and not being enough if we continue down this tremostrious path of media reliance.
It has already been said by so many that the models in magazines are not real, that no one is that thin, no one that gorgeous and no one shallow enough to really live like that. But this is not true and that is a shocking fact. This “reality show” movement has struck in millions of people around the world a ruthless amount of pressure to be the images we see on screen.
Neglect your children, forget who you are and most importantly devalue your own existence because you as you, simply isn’t good enough.
But when and how did it come to this? We were never designed to be a vacuumed society. We are to be a peculiar people, distinctive in differences and spectacular in uniqueness. Only when we know this will we grasp, that our souls are being run-a-mock by the doubt we place in and about ourselves. When you are not confident in who you are, anything will do, just as long as it’s not you.
Some will say, “No, I’m patterning my life after a pretty and very successful female.” Or, “I’m molding myself after a rich guy who is handsome and has a lot of women.” This is translated into; 1. I am starving to be the video tramp who could barely stand up because of all the ecstasy she took the night before. 2. I have no other education or way out so I want to sell drugs and make money just like this ignorant rapper who also can’t barely stand for all the drugs he smoked just before the director said “action”.
It’s not that there aren’t wonderful people who model, rap, play basketball and are on what I would call “questionable” television programs, it’s that when we blueprint our own survival on that image they portray we are falling far below the bar of standards in which we have been created.
Slavery is not just a physical state of confinement. It’s not just taking away your right to vote, or working for a unheard wage - Slavery is when your true spirit is in bondage. When our soul is placed involuntarily under subjection to outside stereo types and self afflicted anxieties.
When you degrade yourself, when you don’t live up to the person that you know you are, you LOOSE WHO YOU ARE and the purpose you and only you were appointed to live out goes unaccomplished. Not only is that blessing taken away from you, but from all the world who has a partnership in receiving. You are stealing form yourself when you don’t love yourself.
God would not have us question his greatness or assume he made a mistake when he created us individually, so stop slapping him in the face and embrace your beauty, your matchless supremacy, your size, your style, your YOU.
We are all connected to the wellspring of life. We are all connected to God, we just refuse to accept that responsibility that comes with that, so instead we reject the notion that such a thing is possible. We place all our energy and attention on being something that we are not, while wasting precious time in which we can learn, teach and evolve.
Why are we trying so desperately to be something or someone that we are not? Because we are afraid of the majesty that each and everyone of us holds in the bosom of our own truth. If allowed we can experience freedom of self in ways only our great grandparents dreamed of.
You are irreplaceable because you are YOU!

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