Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reeclection of a Criminal

L. A. Mayor Reelection

Well yesterday around 11:00pm, the Los Angeles community lost yet another 4 years to greed and ignorance. Unfortunately Antonio V. was reelected into office so that he may continue his vengeance on this city, state and country.

It was astonishing to see how many people were unaware that yesterday was an election day, and how naive they were to the grave importance it held.

We must not continue this vague way of living, this apathetic way that we simply don’t get involved, this distain for responsibility. We have allowed the same man who has no regard for the lower income of this city, no respect for persons who’s bank accounts don’t compete, no concern of any kind for the families who have lost love ones to constant gang violence by persons who have numerous arrest on record and are here illegally and a mayor who has proven that education for not only himself, but our children doesn’t hold a thumbnail to the monies stuffed in his back pocket.

I am saddened at the thought of what we will endure in the four years to come and can only hope no more children are shot, no more schools are closed and no more high-rise – underground living facilities are built in a city with its foundation on a earthquake fault line!


  1. What proof do you have or can mention that he is a criminal? Yes, Los Angeles has many issues, including gang violence, taxes and a huge deficit, however is it his fault? Just want to understand why you feel so strongly against V.

    And by the way, I think you have a nice intelligent blog

  2. I personally do not have any proof, however if some digging is done, other then for monstrousities, it will be found that the kick backs he is receiving for allowing multi-billionaire developers to build in unsafe, un-cleared properties would be revealed and therefore deemed criminal. Antonio V. has shown that he does not care about the citizens of this great city, nor has he shown in the four years in office that he wants to take the necessary steps in fixing the problems you mentioned. That's why I don't care for him. Thanks for your comment and compliment. McGlover