Friday, June 26, 2009


It isn’t ironic that my last blog talked about having NO REGRETS. With so many people dieing all around us, we should love and love today. Now the world is feeling a sense of lose, of pain, of this eerie thing we call grief. We feel this way for a man that some say “they grew up with Michael” others say, “if it were not for his music…” and others even as far as, “I feel like I’ve lost a brother.”

So what do we take from this? So much can be said; 1. Stop being mean one to another. 2. We never really know what someone is going through. 3. Death, no matter how expected, is always a sudden shock (Farrah Faucett) 4. Pictures aren’t always worth anything…. The list could go on. But my words are these:

I miss you Michael and I know you’re somewhere that cameras can not flash, people can not harm and words are not heard. You can dance now, you can sing as loudly as you like, you can simply be you.

Love and do it TODAY.

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