Monday, June 15, 2009

No Regrets!

In the last five months I have either known or knew of, through my family members of seventeen (17) people that have died. Let me say it another way... 17 people have died within five months all within a very close-net-circle! None through gang violence or a shooting or some act of violence, thank God. But because of elderliness or health issues (cancer of course). I am going to write something on cancer soon... just gotta let the anger settle first.

So what does this mean? Most are saying God is soon to return, some say that God is taking His saints so that they will not have to endure what is to come, and the list could go on and on I'm sure. But to me, not that I exclude the other reasons, 17 people dieing within five months says to me, don't waste time. Not the usual, "don't waste your life" speech. This is different. What I'm saying is tell your family members, friends, lovers whomever that YOU LOVE THEM.

I cringe to think of how many family members, (sisters, daughters, mothers, sons, brothers, husbands, wives) of the deceased, are unable to breathe because they didn't express their love and forgiveness with them.

Have no regrets. Don't allow pride to get a hold of your tongue and ego to tie your arms behind your back. Show that you care. Don't wait until the funeral and fall out all over the casket, screaming about how much you didn’t get to say. Because regardless of what you believe about the after-life, I think we can all agree that at that point they can't hear, nor will you get the satisfaction of being heard.

Don't waste another minute... Love and LOVE NOW!

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