Friday, August 13, 2010

I Am that I AM

There are a few quotes, stories, examples... whatever word you want to use, in the Bible that I really like, one of which is God response to Moses... "I AM that I AM" Powerful right? Just writing it makes me shiver. In my uncle's book "Go On!" He gives a thorough explanation of this statment, here is an excerpt;
"The name "I AM THAT I AM" reflects the nearness and availability of God, and that is the fact that it is spoken in what the Hebrews labeled the causative case. In the final analysis, the universe has only two kinds of existence: self-existence and created existence. It is, of course, the former by which God here portrays HImself, and it is not just self-existence but creative existence that is implied as well." - Calvin B. Rock

I am that I am always gave me power to be, simply BE who I AM, because He that lives in Us is greater, am I right?! This simplistically complex statement gives us the right to upfront and personal with Who and What we really are... and be OK with it. Ofcourse our daily journey is to grow and be better then we were yesterday... but you know what I'm saying. :0)


  1. Hi. I was wondering why you won't reply to my posts!

  2. OMG! I'm sorry. I don't have the alert properly installed on my phone. Let me get to it right away. Thank you. :0)