Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Endings

This week is a week of NEW Endings. We've heard time and time again about New Beginnings, right? Of course... but how can we start anew when we're still “fooling-around” with the old? As you know, my birthday was Sunday (June 5th) and I realized I am able to move forward only by leaving behind that which is no longer apart of my life journey.

Now certainly we can carry baggage around as long as we'd like, God is not going to stop us, however when we do this it gets harder and harder to go through the new doors of opportunity... and perhaps one day we wont make it through at all. Some things in our lives are just no longer of any use to us; whether it be things, people, jobs, past emotionally justifications (uh oh)... whatever it is, its purpose has come and gone and is no longer servicing our destiny which awaits us.

So as I look towards the future, I pray you'll all join me in looking towards your's as well – then look in your suitcase and make sure you have what you need, because it cost when you overpack.

Let Go of the Old. Let's make this week ROCK! I'll be back in the “A” soon. :0)



  1. Thanks Megan!! I need this right now!!!!Dee Woodson

  2. Thanks Megan and happy late birthday! Hope to see you soon.

  3. "When you bring the past to the present, you make a future like the past."

    Good work, Megan.

  4. Yes, indeed. I had to let go of something that became old. It was my job. My position was "phased-out". But, I am not stressing. I learned a very valuable lesson in this short-lived position. That is, when someone or something gets on your nerves, go to the bathroom, take a smoke break, or ride the elevator to the lobby and back. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is not corporate attire.

  5. Hey Dee! You are welcome! @Andrew Thank You! @Dave thank you and that is so true! @Sugarfree absolutely. I love that last line. :0)
    Thank you all for reading and making LIFE worth living. Let's Go!