Friday, June 3, 2011

Take a Step Towards Your Fear

The other side of fear is a beautiful place. Full of calming peace and gentle smiles. Surrounded by a wonderful sense of self. The grass is greener on the other side of that nightmare called fear.

This lack of self-worth, self-empowerment, self-KNOWING or fear, is the main reason, I believe, we don't excel in the areas we so passionately and desperately want to succeed in. For example, I've spoken to many of you about weight loss and the trails that come along with it. In some of these conversations I've heard a strong undertone of fear... fear that they will never loose the weight... for various reasons: they physically don't think they can; they've tried before; the addiction to food... etc etc. All of the reasons are wrapped up in this mind-controlling fright of thee “I can't” syndrome.

Take it from me, the first step to getting to that other side is TAKE A STEP. Whether it's weight, anxiety, crowded places, flying.... whatever it is, you must take a step towards that fear. Sounds crazy but it's the truth. As you began to step towards it, you will grow in yourself, (kinda like growing in God)... you become a stronger and more confident person. As you get bigger the fear becomes smaller and smaller until it no longer exist. You will find yourself hoovering over whatever it was that was holding you back... and in that moment you will experience real victory.

So don't be afraid of that bully... GET IN THE GYM. Workout your mind, build muscles in you Spirit, cardio the heck out of your confidence, (LOL I like that), push-up your self-esteem... eventually that bully will be afraid of you. :0)

LYL LYS! TGIF! I'm in Cali so thankful for that too. MUAH, Megan


  1. Gosh i LOVE your words Megan, simple truth spoken eloquently! smooches, hattie

  2. "cardio the heck out of your confidence" i like that also. Welcome back to Cali.

  3. Thank you Megan. I have a bag of fears I carry around with me...sub-baggage if you will. We all have the baggage of the things we have done and things that were done to us. But those of us who have fears carry the fears around in an inner bag. Most of the fears are related to that baggage I bet. I know mine are! I have taken some steps and am terrified, but am faithfully believing that I will meet a better me on the other side!

  4. @Auntie Hattie Thank You! I'm blessed to be a blessing. :0) @Billy Thanks Loves. @Vyry give that confidence a good work out! HELLO. :0) @Tina, take it from me, it IS scary BUT the other side is so glorious that you would actually go through it again if need be. Just keep taking those steps and DO NOT GIVE UP. Just encourage yourself, be that hug that you need. I KNOW you can and WILL do it.