Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Expand Your Mind

I am committed to doing, being and becoming a better person, not only as I inner act with others, my physical body being better and healthy, or even my Spiritual life, I want to be better in my mind. What the heck does that mean? LOL I just love when folks ask me that. I mean READING and learning. When we were young(ER), we went to school, mostly because we had to, but we were constantly exercising our mind muscle and expanding our knowledge about things that we didn’t know and didn’t understand, until we figured it out and moved onto the next grade. Once we graduated and achieved the goals set before us, most of us just stopped right there, unless we are required to take classes for the companies we work for. When was the last time you read a book and finished it? A book about something you know nothing about, or about something you’d be interested in learning about? I’m shamed to say it’s been way too long for me. I recently read a book that I’d read before, so that doesn’t count. ☹ I am committed and I hope you will commit with me, to reading two to three books a month. Now that’s either a book every week and a half, OR a book every two weeks. This we can and should do. There is knowledge out there and without it we perish, that’s what Moses said not me. Those of you who are parents invite your kids to do this with you. Start your own FAMILY BOOK CLUB and discuss what you’ve read in a forum, have cheese and crackers, tea and crumpets… make life an experience. So now that I’ve opened my big mouth (LOL) I’m going to pick up a book right now! LYL LYS


  1. I agree with you....but what books? I'm interested in art (i.e., painting, drawing or anything that is hands-on). But reading about that is kind of boring...I want to DO! But I should also read. Can you recommend some good books?

  2. thanks for sharing such a nice post.....

  3. Happy New Year Megan. You have always made me smile and encouraged my heart. I appreciate you and why God placed you in the Earth. Through trial and tribilations of every kind you continue to overcome. I honor you and I receive your challenge. Keep smiling...