Monday, September 17, 2012

Negative People

Hey hey now! So I wrote a comment on my twitter/FB about negative people. It’s a shame that the first day back to blogging we have to speak on this, but hey let’s get it out of the way now and move on. You know I’ve been doing these youtube videos (youtube: McGloverful for a minute now and have learned that people will actually go to MY facebook page, MY youtube channel and take the time to leave negative comments! At first I would try to respond and clarify things, I’ve even been brought to tears about something someone thought I said. Oh but then! I realized that not only do people have the right to be as negative as they want, but they also have the right to harass you. You say, what?! I say yep, it’s true. So what can we do about this, you ask? Recognize, remove, and release. Recognize who these people are, not just on fb, twitter, or social media… but in your life. Remove yourself from their presence, which can also be translated as remove them from your presence. Finally, release the stress of knowing them. I’m sure this is an ancient Chinese secret or an Egyptian philosophy that Iylana Vanzant found deep in a book when she said, “You have to teach people how to treat you.” Well I say for some people, class is over it is now time for you to go the “special class” and get the attention that you need, I’m no longer willing to go over the ABC’s of basic respect for other human beings. It’s Monday, I may not write every day but I’m here. Love and MISS You my readers. LYL LYS


  1. I couldn't agree with you more, especially the part where you are "no longer willing to go over the ABCs of basic respect." When did we lose that? In my blog, I seek to stay positive no matter what, but I will remove a nasty comment. Stay positive, stay strong, and stay away from the haters. Karen

  2. Blessings!
    I agree. It occurred to me, many years ago, that I cannot please everyone. Not only that, but I cannot walk on eggs every time I say something. I have found that those who protest the most are the ones that are being challenged by truth. :)

  3. Some people get their jollies by being negative and insulting to see if we'll respond in defense so they can keep the rude comments going. Oh, I respond, all right--by deleting and blocking them!