Friday, March 30, 2012

Nothin’ But Love

Jill Scott said it best, “Hater’s, Hate on Me!”. She’s not asking for hate to come her way, rather she’s saying, “I’m doing awesome things with my life, I’m successful, prosperous and happy… and those that hate, don’t want that for anyone…” I paraphrase in my own words of course. ☺ That’s what WH is saying here. I’ve got nothing but Love for those who support me and those who don’t. For those who have given to me and those who have selfishly taken – I have nothing but Love for ya.

I recently had someone leave a ugly comment on my FaceBook Fan Page (Megan McGlover Fan Page), about the Trayvon Martin video response I uploaded. I realized while reading it, that opinions are like our waste outlet system (LOL like that don’t You?)… everyone has one. But it’s not just the opinion, it’s the process I’m either going to take that comment through or not! I chose to simply ignore it, because I must be on the right path if someone’s upset.

So to you who have someone or someones bothering you… keep going. Smile and bask in the Favor that is on Your Life.


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  1. I am with you Megan. You aren't here to make friendss. If you make some friends on the way then that is a Bonus but if you don't it is all good anyway. LYL LYS Diana (I am out!)