Thursday, July 21, 2011

PC to a MAC

My dearest friend just purchased her first MACBOOK PRO!!!!!! YAY! Right... NOPE! All of you who jumped for joy were dead wrong, why? Because she couldn't transfer her music! OMG! This is one of the best machines (computers) that you can buy and you're upset because you can't transfer (readily) some music that's already on your ipod? WAIT.... ok so you can't hear music., at this moment .. Sometime Joy takes time.


#1We hang onto the past....way too much. I know this is a stretch but let's look at it slightly.
With the new operating system (new relationship, new job, new education, new computer (mac), new understanding, new awareness) you DO have the ability to transfer your music (joy, happiness, evolved peace, AND ALL), however it will take a little extra work. BUT once you do it, (LIFE) is much easier, much more secure, and much LOUDER. :0)

#2, ALL SHOULD NOT TRANSFER! Yep I said that and I meant every word. :0) Have you ever heard, “some things (people, places, and even things) are here for a reason, a season, and a lifetime? Same goes with change. Some changes are here to hurtle you into the movement of life.... some will remind you constantly of the JOY you once felt... and some go until Love fades.... which it never does.

As you make the exchange between hope and despair... between hope and faith.... between eternal joy and temporary ridiculousness.... remember YOU HAVE A CHOICEl

I LYL, LYS..... MUAH, Megan


  1. It can be a difficult task to transfer from one system to another, that is for sure. There will always be those things from your old system that you will miss terribly...things you thought you could never live without. Recently, I have come to understand that I am that old system. I am the piece that will not transfer for someone I loved very much...and always will.

  2. By the way, I know that this was not the point, but you can transfer the music that is already on you ipod to your mac, or to a pc, google just that and there are many ways for it to be done. lol

    I do enjoy your videos. I am from Savannah, Ga. and living in Los Angeles. So s we switched places.