Monday, July 18, 2011

Stand for You

Today I spoke in front of the Council of Commerce at the Atlanta Georgia City Hall, and am completely honored at the distinguished opportunity. I will say however that it was thee topic in which I was monopolized (I think I made that up :0) by, with, and/or beholden to is what made it all worth the while. As I went into a wonderful simplistic building in the downtown area of Atlanta, I felt the ambience of Truth, Progression, and Affirmative Action in my very bosom... I knew that I was doing the right thing. Rushed through security, then upstairs to sign-in as a speaker, then directed to my seat... the hustle, the bustle... felt too over-rated for someone like me – but then I thought of the cause.

So my thought for today is this... when you're in your purpose Glory comes. WOW let me say that again. When you're in purpose, living within your destiny, Glory, Praise, and Recognition comes, even when you don't want or feel that you deserve it. BE YOU... If you have heard nothing else from my blogs, if nothing else has stirred your Spirit, please remember these words.... BE YOU!

It is you that will fulfill the hopes and dreams of a masses you could never account for. It is YOU that will transform the thoughts of despair and guilt, fear and hopelessness into confidence and structured power! It is YOU the you that you're not sure about that will transcend a world of discouragement... it is YOU that we're waiting for.

TODAY BE YOU! STAND for YOU! Stand FOR YOU! Stand for You!

I LYL, I LYS..... Megan


  1. Amen, Sister.....Praise the Lord!!

  2. May I add STAND for those too who have no voice.
    Thanks Megan.

  3. I've started being myself only last year, Megan you are the TRUTH!! There can't be NO GLORY outside of our purpose, we have to follow our destiny and not hide from it, I think a lot of times we destroy ourselves because we fear success.