Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Beautiful Surprise

Who remembers the rapid heartbeat, HUGE smile, and the beads of joy rolling down your face... as you walked through the door of your surprised birthday party? Or better yet, who remembers the day you walked into your master suit and found the person you love has placed rose petals all over the room... OH better still, who remembers the moment they experienced peace... true peace?

I'm sure when we review the thoughts that we had as children, we had no idea that as adults we would talk, think or even live as we do. We never envisioned such stress, misunderstanding, unpaid bills, and emotional unpleasantries. We hoped, if nothing else, that we would evolve into the fairy tales of “LaLa Land”... living happily ever after. However it seems like the moment that book closed, so did that fantastic resolve. BUT we can still anticipate the surprise.

See a surprise is something we don't know is coming. Well we can always feel it, someone always hints about it... sometimes people slip up and tell us of the surprise. But still, we're not completely sure, we just stay open to the idea.

I think that as we've gotten older we've outgrown the element of surprise; the blessing in the miracle, the hope in the faith. We've become too serious, too jaded, and way too controlling. Loosening up, live free, and relax... there might be a crowd of people on the other side and you don't want them to see you frowning.

The best gifts come as surprises... beautiful surprises, but we have to be open to receive them or they'll never be revealed.

Happy HUMP Evening! MUAH


  1. You could not have said it better than this. I too can say that I am a little uptight at times and a little too serious. Not all the time now, but sometimes. I want to live freer and more relaxed.

  2. Thanks for this one. It really is about allowing ourselves to believe in the magic. It is in this space that miracles (those wonderful surprises)occur.

  3. I take life and myself way too seriously. I need to loosen up, thank you for the message!