Friday, March 6, 2009


I received a phone call around 10:30pm last night from a faithful supporter of Walter Moore, about a radio broadcast from Kevin James, who announced that there are about 46,000 votes that still have not been counted in the Mayor election that just passed this last Tuesday.
I called Karen, the city controller this morning, and asked her how they plan to count these votes, being that they so conveniently are from the district that Walter Moore is most popular in. Her response was, “we are in what is called an Election Canvas and have until March 24th, by law, to get these votes accounted for and in. There are about 24,000 votes by mail and 12,000 provisional ballets that will be tallied up by that time. Once this is counted, the numbers will change.” Well, well, well… looks like the fat lady hasn’t even walked up to the mic.

I don’t have to regurgitate the personal feelings, or lack of, that I have for Mayor Antonio V., so I wont, but I would surely hope that everyone calls, writes and marches against these kinds of “slip ups”. How is it possible in this day and age, with all the vast technology at our finger-tips, that a simple 46,000 votes would take another 21 days to count?

All we need is a RUN-OFF. Make Antonio V. debate with Walter Moore, since he declined all his invitations to do so during the election. Let’s see if he can even articulate his ignorance in front of intelligent voters.

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