Friday, March 6, 2009

Comfortably Rich

Oprah Winfrey, my Aunty “O”, as I like to call her, had the mogul Tyler Perry on her Friday LIVE show today. I don’t know when, except for the nomination of our President Obama, and the constant amazement of his wife Mrs. 1st Lady Michelle, that I have felt so proud of the heritage in which my cell make up is made of.

Oprah divulged a story or gift rather, that Tyler gave to her and her long time friend Gale. But before that, she mentioned that he told her that for his fortieth birthday he was purchasing an ISLAND! Moving on, yes there’s more… Oprah shared, what was to me, a very inspiring story about how Mr. Perry sent both her and Gale two bentleys, one each, as Christmas' gifts a couple of years back.

Now you maybe saying to yourselves, this is about money, but no no no! This is about the comfort of having money! Tyler Perry was once homeless, Oprah, “Aunty O”, was molested and rapped at a young age, and now they are exchanging BENTELY’S. This is a momentous occasion, not just for me but for the young people that think drug sales, prostitution and rap music are the only ways to conquer dreams. This has stated loud and clear, that through education, consistency and a love for all mankind anything is possible.

Thank You, both Oprah and Tyler for such a wonderful awakening and gift. See you both soon.
Donald Trump isn't the only one that can throw around Bentleys. HA HA

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