Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lies and Fairytales

There is a difference between lyinging to yourself and “hoping” for something that you're working towards. So when our mothers (not mine LOL) told us about the white-an-shinning armor that would come and sweep us off our feet they really meant that to become our reality... they really wanted that for us. Now the trick is that some of us are Cinderella and some of us are the Step-sisters. I'm sorry but my BLOG is the TRUTH. Some of us have done the work to acquire; peace, joy, love, eternal happiness, fun, and commitment... and simply some of us have been to scared to do the work. Let's remember that Cinderella had an enormous amount of growing to do. She had to develop patience, kindness, compassion, consideration, and LOVE... she had to go through the process. So do we.

See her sisters did not want to make themselves better... they wanted to follow in the foot-steps of their mother's lack... her selfish aspirations, and self-empowered dethronement. (wow that was deep). They didn't want to go through the pain to receive the gain. NOW let's be mindful that I don't really believe in pain... WOW THAT IS RADICAL... I believe in lessons. I believe in the learning. “Make a decision and then make that decision right” We learn when we grow... we learn because we're growing... we growing because we're learning.

Lies come about by happenstance.... fairytales come from practical acceptance.



  1. Very deep. We are living in a world that teaches us that we can have anything without working for it. Many people go astray because of this, work must be done for us to evolve. Thank you Megan!

  2. My knight-in-shining-armor got carried away by the enemy (speaking biblically), and so now Jesus is my knight, always ready to defend me, and destined to win the battle in the end. :-)

  3. WOW! I love this blog. This is one of points I try to get across. My life is my testimony and my testimony is part of my ministry. I have no regrets because past has matured me to the place I am in now. A lot of people tell me that my standards are too high but well......God and I have done too much work in me to allow any ole person to come and try to tear me down. So, I will keep my standards where they are.....