Monday, August 8, 2011

“No man can run from his own story”

... This blog may hurt a little bit.

We've all heard the sayings, “Where ever you go, there you are again.” And, “You can't hide from your own shadow.” etc... But I have never heard it said quite this way, “No man can run from his own story.” That really struck a different cord in me. Not just because it presents a different way of saying “Stop hiding from yourself” but because it gives ownership to the Writer of that story.. You & Me! It brings the attention back to the author and takes it off of the characters (within and throughout the story). It also encourages us to remember that we can change and rearrange that which we don't like... in our story. Now here comes the pain...

How many of us are still living last year's.... and the years before story? How many of us still have not lost the 50 lbs we promised ourselves we would loose at the beginning of this year? How many of us are still in those loveless relationships, gossipy friendships, unbearable workplaces, and dysfunctional mindsets that we were so determined to rid ourselves of? How many of us are hiding from, running away – just trying so desperately to get out of our story? We have seen it time and time again, that the longer we wait... the longer we wait.

I had an incredible revelation of this very thing yesterday. I realized I now write the remaining chapters of my story AND (this is the “new” part that I got) I can and will BASE them off of whatever I choose. Therefore I no longer have to use the previous (past) experience(s) to be the foundation... I can build a new one. WOW that was an amazing change in my life... that just started yesterday :0)

So to all of You out there who are saying, “Wow it's the 8th month in the year and I haven't changed jack!”... You're right, you haven't. BUT YOU CAN! Just get up and do it. It's never too late, because it's always right now.

HAPPY MONDAY... let's make this week mean something!
LYL LYS, Megan


  1. Much needed at this time in my life! Thank you.. thank you...thank you!.

  2. I adore you Megan! Thank you for reminding me of what I know and giving me a kick to live it! - Cheryl

  3. I love that and it is so true I know I do it in my life. You are the only one who you can change ! I need to start writing my own book my way. Thanks Megan as usual you said just what we need to hear.

  4. Megan girl you know what, a wise man once said YOU CANT CONTROL HOW YOUR STORY BEGINS, BUT YOU CAN CONTROL HOW IT ENDS. This played through my mind as I read this lovely blog post.

  5. Yes. Nicely put. We write the stories we want to live and we even write the ones we don't. The choice is always ours...