Monday, August 1, 2011

Stop Forcing the Note

Yesterday I watched a show called “Sunday's Best”- a gospel version of American Idol. After a contestant sang a song that was clearly out of his range, one of the judges (whom he sounded exactly alike) made this comment about his rendition; “Make people believe that you can stay up there, don't prove that you can't.” - Donnie McClurkin. The comment was about this guy's singing ability or lack there of... however I want to “stretch it” as I often do... “Stop wearing your emotions on your shoulders.” Stop proving to people (family, friends, “enemies-if you want to call them that, co-workers, etc) that you can not handle what they already assumed you couldn't.

Now I've never been one to suggest that we hide the way we feel, or shun away from our true selves, however, I will say that there are MANY times that we should stop for just a second and recognize that our emotions are based on so many other historic happenings, therefore causing the current situation to be much more grandiose then it really is. Especially us as women, we tend to forget our focus at times allowing our every thought to be shown on our faces and eventually come out of our mouths at times when it shouldn't and in ways that “tells on us.” Sometimes we don't need “haters”... we hate on ourselves by telling on ourselves.

This week I hope we all can prove that we can handle anything that comes our way with grace and class. Make them believe you can sing... stop forcing the note.


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  1. I can so agree with this. However, i can not stand donnie mcclurkin.