Monday, August 15, 2011

When Will Your Enoch Come?

First of all, how was your week last week? Did you make it MEAN SOMETHING? I hope so. Mine was very productive and for that I'm overjoyed. So let's get into today's blog.

Sometimes things must die in order for the replacement to come. This was the topic of yesterday's sermon given by the Bishop. He began with the text: Gen. 4:25 and 26 where Adam knew Eve and begat Seth and he begat Enoch... and it was then that people began to praise. (I paraphrased) I had never heard or even thought of the insight that was laid out so clearly about these simple two verses. He went on to teach us that the name Seth actually means “replacement”. He was born to replace Abel and through him (the process of), came the entirety of blessing(s) – Enoch. WOWzers that was powerful.

So I'm the little birdie who has come to whisper this in your ear... Let it go. Let it die. We hold on to things, people, situations that we just swear are good for us... and for a time perhaps they were. Then when we loose that which we held so dear, we take forever to let go of the grief. NOW, I'm not one to rush the grieving process (we're not talking about actual death here fyi), but we can sometimes find ourselves in a revolving slump and never push ourselves back into the world of happenstance(s). When we do that our Seth is never born and our Enoch never comes.

This week let us work on allowing that which should die, go. Let us work on releasing the grief that we've been holding onto for so long... this is the only way our Miracle(s) will be birthed.

Jill Scott says it this way (listen to the words):



  1. Very insightful, thanks! :-)

  2. Oh girl...did I ever need to hear that today. God was whispering to you and thus you whispered to me. This is a difficult thing to first acknowledge and even harder to do. This really is speaking to me today. Thank you for that timely blog!!