Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Affirm It!

I was wondering if you think it’s silly to write the words, “I am Beautiful” on the bathroom mirror. Or, place post-it notes throughout your house saying, I’m successful, I am prosperous…” How many of us really understand the power of affirmation? Affirmation is like driving a car, (just go with me here LOL). If you’re driving in the wrong direction, you simply turn – you may have to make several turns and u-turns, perhaps even drive into a parking lot and get your bearings, but eventually you’re back on track. So when you get up in the morning feeling not your best, go into the bathroom and see a note “I am beautiful” you’ve made a turn in your mind, by affirming that which is true in your reality. WOW that was deep.

Does this work in every aspect of life? I’d like to think so. Try telling yourself you WILL have a good day and then sit back and watch. The day’s activities may be no different then they were before, however you mindset has been altered to perceive everything in a more positive way. You know what I mean?

Last night before going to bed I certainly didn’t feel my best… then I realized I have the power to change this. I began affirming. Well when I got up this morning, I felt the same way :0) BUT I just began changing my thought patterns. ARGH it’s a journey, right? But we’re in it together.

So let’s think on those things which are good! MUAH


  1. Right on! My partner and I each have daily appfirmation reminders on our phones. Yeah, it seems corny and too easy to be true, but affirmation does work!

    Thanks Megan : )

  2. Yes,the power of postitve thinking!

  3. This is true and I do it daily. There is a sign just over my head that I read throughout the day that says "whatever you are thinking don't say a word, be positive regardless of how bad your day is; there's always tomorrow," and my favorite..."put the gun down, she's not worth the bullet." And these are the ones at work.

  4. I was dreading my Weight Watchers weigh-in after the holiday time. I knew I had eaten too much of the wrong things. I knew I had gained weight. I mostly dreaded facing the ladies at the scales and my perception of judgement from them. A friend asked me how God looked at me....I know that I am beautifully and wonderfully made and, even if I had failed miserably and gained 10 pounds,...there is therefor now no condemnation for those in Christ. After affirming myself with those truths, I was able to step up the scale with my head held high. Unbelievably, I had lost .6 pounds!!! I celebrated this on my Facebook page I also detail exactly what could have caused tremendous weight gain over the holidays.

  5. You are my new hero! My friend sent me a link to one of your weather updates, and then I saw your blog. Subscribing now. Thank you for being you!

  6. I absolutely believe in doing what you speak of in this writing. I love Joel Osteen and he taught on this very thing a few years ago. I am prosperous, I am annointed, I am loved, I am practicing self edification, one can gain the habit of edifying other. Some other good points to start each day:
    1. Speak good things about yourself
    2. Avoid comparing yourself with others
    3. Focus on your potential instead of your limiations
    4. Learn to cope with criticism

    The ONLY thing that stands between you & Victory is YOU!

    Have a great day....I LOVE what you do :)