Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It’s such a coincidence that we’ve been speaking about being alone… we here in ATL are very alone. Some of us, like myself are in a house or apartment without any roommates or friends close by (walking distance). The airports are closed and so are most of the roads – we are basically alone. So what can we do with all this time on our hands and keep from developing cabin fever? Get to Know You.

Yesterday we talked about being what you need, but I suppose if we don’t know ourselves, we wont really know what we need. Silence is golden and we’re foced to have it right now. Those who are not in the South-Eastern states may not be snowed or iced-in however the value is the same. Spend some time getting to know you. Evaluate your transformation, has there been any? Have you evolved, your wants, desires, dreams? What has changed, are you the same? Write a letter to yourself, talk about those private topics that you never resolved… Be productively alone.

I have finals this week, so my alone time will be precious… :0)

Have a H;0)PPY Tuesday.

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