Friday, January 14, 2011

Do You Trust You?

I have yet another question… LOL I’m on a role. Do people influence you more then you influence them? What I mean by this is, when you have a thought particularly about yourself or something you’re going through, do you hold to that or allow other people’s perceptions change how and what you think about yourself?

I told someone this week, “The reason why your confused right now is because you have become detached from your Spirit and can not recognize your own voice.” This goes back to spending time alone, being honest with yourself and God and dealing directly with YOURSELF.

Someone once told me that I needed to learn to trust myself. I thought it was crazy at first, then I realized what they meant. 1. Do I have my best interest at heart? 2. Am I clear about my purpose and making decisions based on that purpose? 3. Do I honor and respect myself… treating myself as if in a relationship with myself? (that’s a deep one, think about it) 4. Would I place myself in harms way?

These questions sound crazy right? But they are serious. Once you trust yourself you will believe not only in yourself…. But you will BELIEVE YOU!

Take a moment and answer those questions let’s see what we accomplish this weekend. MUAH!

Blessed to be a Blessing :0)


  1. Megan,

    My friend found you on YouTube, and now I have found your blog. What insight you have. Thanks so much for your thoughts. They make me think.


  2. My dear Megan,

    A friend directed me to one of your weather reports (I'm STILL wiping tears of mirth from my eyes!) and we found your blog. I'm about to become a regular commenter, and I'm very much looking forward to being here.

  3. You got another regular here, my dear. Looking forward to it. btw, I'm am going in to work, today. But, I'm going to tell people not to schedule me anything 'til Easter!

    You're a funny lady. And, you're about to ROCK this diabetes thing. I'm sure of it.

    Sharon Waters

  4. Here's another one who stumbled upon your videos and now the blog. Delightfully reading and listening to you is a new~found joy! Thank you, Megan

  5. Like some others on here I saw your weather report video on the wall of a Facebook friend the other day. I've watched it about 10 times and forwarded to everyone I know. I then started searching and came across your blog. Look forward to reading more and appreciate how you're trying to motivate and give people a lift.

  6. I found myself going to YouTube to see if you posted another weather report today. Your video was a topic of conversation today at our quilt group as four out of five of us had seen your weather report for Friday. Most of us watched it several times and we are still laughing about it today. You have a great sense of humor and a wonderful wit. I'm looking forward to following your blog. You're awesome and yes, we are praying for you!

  7. Ok, your weather reports are killing me! So love your commentary. I told my friend that you had to be in media... and if you weren't...why don't you have your own show?? Keep the good words and reports coming.

  8. Debbie, ShaeShae, Martey, Miss Chilli, Jill and Dicienan, THANK YOU!

  9. This blog is so very true, love your questions to yourself. We don't value ourselves enough, and therefore do not trust ourselves either. We don't think we deserve to be protected from others who would take advantage of us. You have asked some very thought provoking questions here. Thanks! Angela

  10. Megan:
    Thank you SO MUCH! for this blog and your presence on youtube. You are a "spirit lifter" and I appreciate that truly.