Friday, January 7, 2011

This might be your 40-Day Fast

When we’re in the midst of trials and tribulations, it can be very difficult to see the purpose and/or reason for them… especially the circumstances that cause us to be alone. You know what I mean? Those times in our lives when we feel and are completely alone – friends are gone, or can’t be counted on, family is gone, and you find yourself in tears more often then not, simply because you feel like you’re out there all by yourself.

A friend of mine called me for some Spiritual advice the other day about a guy that he like… and how much he didn’t understand why it’s taking sooooooo long, etc. My response, in short was; “Perhaps this is your 40-day fast”. When Jesus went into the mountains for 40 days/nights, he was there preparing Himself for Greatness, for His PURPOSE. If we look carefully at some of our situations we will realize the same thing… We’re preparing for our own greatness. 40-days may not be literal, your 40 days may be going on a year now – a year of celibacy, a year without work, a year without friends or family… it could be even longer then this… But just know that you’re going through the purification process to becoming the TRUE YOU!

You’re never alone because you’re always there. :0) I like that.

Have a Blessed Friday and Weekend. LOVE Ya!


  1. This is so me right now Megan~I am on Day 15 of my 21 day Daniel Fast...The Lord is so good....and He is preparing me for greatness...Thanks for this....such an inspiration to me....Be blessed always!~<3

  2. CONGRATULATINS! Keep going. Please keep me updated.

  3. Megan,
    I dont beleive in coincidences. Everything you are posting on is what I have been experiencing, (a healing in a wilderness). I know in my spirit that God is preparing me for leadership. My prayer has been "make me whole lord". I'd been developing my intellect and last year He kinda threw me into dealing with the emotional part and NOW its the physical Hallelujiah. Its great to find someone we can stay accountable with and who can motivate us.
    Coleen Johnson

  4. Thank you so very much for sharing your wisdom. I am in the midst of my 40 days (4yrs college + 4yrs medical school + 3yrs residency + 2.5 of 3yrs fellowship). The trials and tribulations have been many, but I know that I am being prepared for Greatness!!
    You are blessed and highly favored. Thank you for being such an inspiration.