Monday, April 4, 2011


Did I get caught up?! I think so, for just a brief moment. “Stoopid News” - one of the segments in my news broadcast on youtube, is a very funny and popular segment which brings attention to the “non-smart” :0) things that we can sometimes do and the consequences that follow. But that's the point, it brings attention to the negative. I realized this when I was receiving sooooo many emails pertaining to stoopid news and the “bad” things that people are doing, that I had to step back and take a prophetic look at this. Don't get me wrong they made my life easier by doing the research for me (I really don't enjoy watching the news AT ALL). However, I felt that I was asking people (subliminally) to LOOK for the negative. I would certainly prefer that people LOOK FOR THE POSITIVE. So on Saturday night I decided to add a “GOOD NEWS” segment to my broadcast on WMLM- we must always have balance. Because there are children that watch my youtube videos, I don't want them thinking that the only way to get on my show (by name) or be in the news, is to do something really ignorant. Gotta think about the babies.

What are we really doing with the influence that we have? Are we trying to make the world a better place? Or are we just going with whatever “fits”? I want to do my best at being my best. Ooooowweeeee I like that. I think I'll say it again. I want to do my best at being my best... I want to be proud of me. So let's think about the affect we have on people we may never meet; co-workers that live in other states, persons that read our blogs, people we talk to on the phone... etc. We may not have this on our minds 24-7, but our energy affects just about everyone we come in contact with one way or another... let's make it a good experience for them. :0)

This is a BIG WEEK! So fill it with confidence, high energy, focus, and discipline.

LYL LYS! Happy Monday!

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