Thursday, April 7, 2011

Accept the Impossible

The good Bishop said something (well he said a lot of somethings) on Sunday that blew my dreads back. He said with confidence, “The things that God does in your life will be so BIG, that it's going to frighten you!” Well without giving all the details, I ended up on the floor that day, completely overwhelmed by that confirmation.

Just a few days prior I wrote here on the blog about NEW-ness. Being grateful for the newness of mind, understandings, peace, etc... I decided that what I see as being a wonderful, majestic life, is just the very tip of what is already Universally predestined... we just have to get out of our own way and allow God to have our backs. Don't allow fear of the unknown to hold you back from that pure greatness that is already YOU!

I've said aloud, “God I am grateful for what I don't even know, I just know You got m back.”

Today, is the day we no longer define our blessings by fear – Today we accept the impossible!

LYL LYS Tomorrow is FRIDAY, so let's ride today out with a smile. :0)


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