Friday, April 8, 2011

Keep It High

Remember when we were children and the things we did were because we wanted to... because of what we felt? Of course at that age we did not realize the purity of our action(s), we just did... we simply just did what we felt. Because of life, those days are pretty much over, we no longer just do, we usually think about everything beforehand. Now I'm not saying that's a bad thing, what I am saying is this; When we were children we did things based on our highest intention. (I'm not talking about those bad kids. LOL Seriously there really isn't any “bad” kids). I realized this last evening.

I found myself being insulted, which is not easy, by what someone was throwing in my face. That's not the point though. Here it is: I actually found myself wanting to succeed even more to throw that in their face. WRONG INTENT! I had to sit back and say, “Wait just one minute, chick!” See we've gotten this far in life because of the objectives, the reasons, the purest ideals... those initial passions. Not from jealousy, ill-mannered frustrations, and mis-guided anger.

It is not up to me to proof someone else's wrong... it is up to me to see why it upset me so much and to keep my energy at its highest good. I'm only responsible for myself.

TGIF! I'm doing my hair peoples...that's an all day thing. :0)

Have a blessed weekend LYL LYS!!!! MUAH, Megan


  1. It is the same thing when someone really bothers you and you cannot stand the person. There is something about them that you do not like about yourself and need to reconcile.

    Lyl lys!

  2. Let me first start off by saying hello to you Miss Megan. Also, I am so happy you have a blog. You are beautiful and bright and Im here because I love your light!

    Also, We must always realize that we can not please everyone. Some folks are going to be unsatisfied no matter what you do or how you do it. They are useless fires that like to be fed. If you smother it and give it no oxygen, the fire can not burn.

    Also, I have always thought that throwing things in someone's face is one of the worst things you could ever do to a person. Its so filthy most of the time when folks do it because they end up throwing things around that have absolutely nothing to do with the situation at hand.

    Thank You. Ive also subscribed. I will be reading and commenting more.


    P.S. i change my name like i change underwear so do not be surprised if you see me commenting multiple times under different names. lol

  3. Megan sweetie this post is the truth. I have found myself in the midst of conversations ( 2 to be exact) where the other person was trying to de-humanize, and belittle me for reasons I refused to believe. They were unhappy with their accomplishments and my drive and dedication to reach my goals intimidated them. I never wanted to think that I was intimidating, or someone would be jealous of me but as reality has shown me, that is exactly what is was.

    I also learned that I cannot change or help someone who is "broken". A broken person will continue to break others before they understand and acknowledge why they are behaving the way they are.

    But you know what, I had to keep moving because my life's accomplishments are not at the hands or the control of anyone else but me.

    With that said, I continue to do "me". I continue to do what makes me happy and that within itself shows those two individuals that they do not have the power or control to "stop" Shea. No indeed. My thrive and passion is stronger than anything they tried to impose on me.

    So keep it up Megan!