Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Worth Your Hope

Have you ever shared a dream with someone? I mean an aspiration, a vision, something that you want to accomplish... That you've wanted in your life, and to say it nicely they were completely uninterested. While you're almost in tears because of the pure joy you feel just by speaking on this dream, they are watching tv, or starring off into the distance.

Regardless of how strongly we feel about something, someone else's reaction can dim our shinning star... If we allow it. I just want to share two points: 1. Gaurd your passion. Everyone is not your "best Judy" and may not have the ability to support or encourage you. 2. Don't let anything make you doubt your dream. If its worth having... Its worth your hope. Don't give up and don't back down.

I made it through a crazy storm last night! So I'm ready for the glory that lies within this day... I hope you are too. MUAH!

Happy Tuesday LYL LYS
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  1. "Shoot for the moon, Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

  2. Always stay strong.. Nobody has more faith in yourself than you... Amen Megan!

  3. It's funny how you and I seem to share the same experiences. I have noticed this as I read your posts. I have come across this situation and it honestly made me feel a little down. I feel that if I am sharing my dreams and goals with a loved one with such happiness and great spirits then they should at least attempt to marvel in my happiness with me.

    For me, even if I am not in a "great" mood, if a loved one calls me in great spirits about something they've accomplished or something that makes them smile I am able to step outside of my "moment" to marvel in theirs because that's what you do when you care. That's what a TRUE and LOYAL friend does.

    You are absolutely correct, that type of energy can "dim your shinning star" if you allow it. I am glad you did not allow it to dim yours, as I did not allow it to dim mine....

    Let's keep shinning Megan:-)