Friday, April 15, 2011

It WILL Pass

I emailed this to a FB friend yesterday “Keep your head in the exercise (lol I like that) It reminds me when someone says, "Keep your head in the books"... keep it in the focus, keep it in the workout, keep it in the JOY! You have gotten this far by consistency, not by weekly ups and downs!”

I can say this from experience, sometimes life is hard, uncertain, backwards, and just a roller-coaster. But this too shall pass, it always does and it is that that keeps us going. For example, in the midst of an anxiety attack a person can feel like they're about to die, literally... but if they can just relax and KNOW that they are not going to die and remember that the last time they had an attack it felt just as bad... and suddenly ... it passed... the feeling went away as quickly as it came. The same can be sad about the daily, weekly, monthly ups and downs we go through. It will pass! Not that it makes it any easier, it just makes you more focused. I have to tell myself often, “Bigger Picture, Megan...Bigger Picture!”

So that's my word for today :0) Keep me lifted up in prayer and positive energy, please. I'm working on major projects over here and it is overwhelming... in a good way.

LYL LYS, I can't hear nobody! TGIF!



  1. Thank you , i look to you regular for uplifting words with a sense of humor and always spirit filled.

  2. I've had several anxiety attacks over the last few years. I had to diagnose myself. The ER charged me a large sum to tell me that all they new for sure was that I nearly fainted. :-p I have to tell you that each episode has been worse and lasted longer than the previous one! I held off calling 9-1-1 the second time for two hours, thinking it would pass like that first, half-hour episode. The pain and tears didn't drain away until the paramedics arrived and took my blood pressure. SIGHHHH It was a 1-1/2 years before another attack took me by surprise. Now, I have my daughter massage my feet and back with calming essential oil and pray for me. But if it's really, really bad and I'm about hysterical with pain and emotions, my chiropractor and his wife are willing to make house calls, and they will come to my aid with prayer and an adjustment. Whew! Gotta surround yourself with supportive people to make it through life sometimes!

  3. Funny, right now, I'm listing every few hours a new status update on facebook saying something I appreciate. I'm doing this because I'm trying very hard to understand the theory that without suffering we don't appreciate things. I had a hysterectomy nearly 4 weeks ago, and as I thought I was getting better, it turns out I had a post surgical issue that didn't show up until this week. Now I'm having to endure a pretty uncomfortable 3 week treatment. People keep saying "it could be worse". I understand that, but I think you say it much better by saying "it will pass"! You aren't diminishing the suffering someone may be going through by saying it could be worse, but you are emphisizing that it will pass and be better in the future! Thank you, once again, for words that inspire and uplift! God Bless!!

  4. Hi, Megan! I wanted to share with you that I'm not the most active person, but I have just finished Week 2 of the Couch to 5K running program! I am really proud of myself, because I don't particularly enjoy working out (I'm more of a bookworm) but I'm really giving it my all. It may seem silly that I wanted to tell you, but I know you'd be proud of me! :) LOL

    Thanks for being a light in faith and fitness!