Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't Shut Out Change

So in the midst of being completely frustrated with this unpredictable weather, I realized that this weather is LIFE. Yes we are in-charge of our own destiny, but can we really predict the weather? Do we know when we'll need an umbrella or sunscreen (not here in ATL, that's for sure)... all we can do is know that at some point we will be outside in the thick of it.

Life presents this same understanding, does it not? The trick is we must learn to dance in the rain and embrace the thunder. Once we do that, storms become the reason behind the Spring. Being from California, I've never endured a season with this much going on, however it has left me with a wonderful experience in change. After the turmoil there is nothing left but your perception, and how you perceive a flood depends on the size of your boat.

My windows are open enjoying the breeze... don't shut out change.

Happy Hump Day! MUAH, Megan

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  1. Thanks Megan!! As usual, you're right on time with your words of wisdom!!