Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Be Quiet and Listen

I’ve only met him once, and he is a friend of a friend… therefore I don’t know him. I handed him my business card, which I graphically designed myself and he turned his face up so much, that he looked like another person, the words, “I’m not feel’in it” was all that came out of his mouth. From that moment I realized, he was yet another person placed in my life for a Divine Intervention/ Interaction. This acquaintance has turned into an advisor literally overnight and I’m more then merrier for it. The product is the proof in the pudding… remember I told you that.

There are times when we think… we just know that what we have is crim-dela-crumb… and at times it very well could be. But there are others when it is NOT! This was one of my times, and I pray God will continue to put people in my life that will fix those “NOT” moments. As much as I liked my cards, I was able to listen with an open and humble heart to what this man had to say. I was not ashamed that my feelings were hurt, nor were they hurt long. Again, when you’re on the path of your PURPOSE, your ego learns to take a back seat, if it wants to stay in the car. (OHHHH that sounds like a MLM quote!)

I’m a woman so I know we have a lot on our minds that we want to express, but when we listen, when we truly shut up and listen the goddess in us shines so fervently, that we no longer need to speak… our beauty makes the point! (another quote… I’m on FIRA!)

Let’s quiet our Spirits and listen today…. Shhhh “God is try’na tell you something.”


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