Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Be anxious for nothing…

Now I get it. I never really liked that verse when I was younger because I didn’t understand it. As I got older, I just ignored the verse because I didn’t like it. LOL Then this morning as I was meditating and being very honest with myself and God about a situation, I realized that because I was anxious to get something else, I wasn’t really able to be genuinely grateful for what I JUST RECEIVED YESTERDAY! See this is why God owns a cattle on a thousand hills, but He’s very cautious about spoiling His kids. I used the word able for a reason. It’s almost like a mathematical equation, you can not be grateful while desperately wanting something else, you will come up with a false answer. (I’m taking a math class in school and it’s consuming me. LOL).

This text is not about patience, it’s about standing in the midst of thankfulness at ALL TIMES. I’m receiving this teaching right now.

Be grateful Megan, even when you know more blessings are coming… let them come, but saturate yourself in the abundance of now.

HEY YOU, Have an AWESOME day!

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